Turning Twenty Six


Twenty six. Oh you.

I desperately Googled to make sure this was very much still mid-twenties and not part of the scarier, SHIT WHY ISN’T MY LIFE TOGETHER, late-twenties. (Google assured me that nah, 27 is that age, so I got a whole 361 days to pull myself together and pay off my credit card and stop sobbing myself to sleep for no reason and y’know all that stuff. Cool.)

I had such a big build up to this birthday, and when I say that I mean I put a lot of pressure on it. It’s the first year I’ve had off work for a few years and the first year that I’ve attempted to jam-pack it with as many plans as I have for a little while.

I had this moment on Wednesday (the day before) where I was just driving through Ipswich in the rain on the hunt for a gold polka dot trinket tray and a Starbucks autumn cup and I just felt this electrifying happiness surge through my veins.

Neyo and Pitbull came on and I had to refrain myself from doing all the happy weeps into my steering wheel. Overwhelming happiness and pride at your own life and your own life adventure into adulthood can really catch you in the most mundane of moments.

I often find that real contentment, that real FLIPPIN’ HECK LIFE IS GOLD AND RAINBOWS AND GLITTER contentment never comes to me when it should – when I’m out for expensive meals or with all my favourite people. They come to me when I am alone with my thoughts, when I am driving or drinking coffee on my own or flying thousands of miles up in the air. Those moments when you have time to reflect without Instagram’s overwhelming fashion week FOMO aggressively beating you down.

I love those moments, those are the moments that truly take my breath away.


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I had a good birthday. Nope, a great birthday tbh.

We spent the eve before getting dressed up and battling an apocalyptic storm to drinking cocktails and champagne and red wine and eat all the beef and cod cheeks and chicken liver parfait and creme brulee, and the actual morning getting massages and drinking tea in bed.

I like doing proper grown-up civilised couple stuff like this with just Chris. Because life has this horrendous habit for flying past in the blink of an eye and although I know it feels like we’ve got ages to enjoy each other before like, my fertility darts off a cliff and all that blah blah blah I’m freaking myself out stuff, we probably don’t.

It’ll feel like a few months and then OMG HOW AM I THIRTY.

Y’know how life does that?

Anyway, yeah, birthday.

For lunch we ate all the macaroni cheese, sweet potato fries and burgers washed down with pints of Diet Coke because duh, gal pals. Then spent the afternoon weighing up whether we should drive 50 miles to look at some kittens that looked like they *could* have been Rudey’s (we decided that nah, we’ll wait until after my mini sunshine break to Mykonos this week) and instead watched Teen Mom 2 and drove to the RSPCA to cure my kitten broodiness temporarily.

THEN we had a surprise birthday dinner with Chris’s family at his mum’s and I basically thought I might explode with calories at this point, but y’know, no regrets. AND instead of a cake because I’m not that big on birthday cake (no-one unfollow me on Twitter, I’m so soz) Chris had basically done a haul on everything from Patisserie Valerie, so yeah, I ate Mille Feuillee, lemon cheesecake and fruit tart for pudding.

Growing lass and that.

I spent Friday feeling like I should do something wild and spontaneous and grown-up and ground-breaking.

I watched American Horror Story in bed and wrote 1,000 words of book-y stuff.

You know me, groundbreaking.

And then spent Saturday drinking Midori cocktails and champagne* and eating pizza with my Sussex home girls in our pyjamas whilst listening to KISSTORY and discussing gossip about people we haven’t seen in NEARLY A WHOLE ENTIRE DECADE.

(*Prosecco. Aside from the one bottle of Moet that Chris had stashed in the shed along with popcorn, chocolate, party hats and cider as a surprise for us. I know, he’s a hideous boyfriend).

And now it’s over and I feel a little bit out of the working loop. I have 57385637856 emails to reply to and slightly fewer blog posts that need to be written before I head off to Mykonos for my last getaway of 2015.

I’m still undecided as to whether I’ll vlog it or nah. I’m taking my laptop for plane writing but then I’m switching off. I’m going to read and look at that brilliant blue sea that never ends and continue to reflect on life. Reflect on how far I’ve come and what I want from the future and what’s really important to me.

I’m excited for 26, growing up is all kinds of fun.


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  • Claire

    This makes me excited for my birthday tomorrow, although I’ll be 25 so I have another year to try and get my life a bit more together-ish…?

  • This sounds like such a nice birthday!! Nothing too out there or crazy, just the best time with the best people.

    Happy belated birthday!


  • Birthday outfits were on point, HG. Happy Belated Birthday you twenty something extraordinaire.

  • Glad you had a fabulous birthday celebration!

    Rachel | http://www.currentlyrachel.com

  • Happy birthday Hannah, you absolute babe.
    Your blog is amazing and I love getting new post emails from your page.. enjoy 26. It’s a pretty damn good age πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Happy Birthday girl! I remember allll the panic I had at 26 (swiftly followed by a career change and total life overhaul) and I was literally just sitting with a friend last night musing over the fact that we’re 27, in our late twenties (the horror) and supposed to be ‘adults’ when we still feel like we just graduated and have all the time in the world to do everything we want to.

    But yeah, enjoy all the 26 buzz πŸ™‚ you deserve it!
    Laura x

  • Clara

    Happy Birthday πŸ™‚ Oh my God. Kisstory. Did you have the same horrible realisation as me? I was sitting on the sofa watching TV when a CD ad popped up and all these great songs started playing. I thought “now this is what we’re talking about” (all the songs I used to dance to in clubs.) When they announced “Kisstory” and something about “old school music”. Old school??? Excuse me? When did that happen? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • Happy Birthday! I turn 26 Thursday and I agree. For some reason this birthday feels a whole lot different! The first quarter of our life is done. Ahh!

  • You actually make it all sound alright, you know. I’m currently worrying my brain out at the thought of turning 25 next month and not knowing where my life is heading at all. I feel like I’m going through a second puberty, because OMG I’M NEARLY 25 AND I *SHOULD* BE A GROWN-UP BUT I STILL FEEL (and look) 18 :O All the worries, but your 26 sounds great!

    Lisa x

  • Sam

    Happy birthday! Looks like you had a great few days. I turned 27 last week, and now it’s time for me to panic that Google thinks I should have my s**t together by now… epp! x

  • Looks like you have had a lovely birthday! Happy belated birthday!
    – Paperblooming Prints

  • Lauren

    Looks like you had an amazing birthday. I love that red biker jacket x


  • Looks like you had an amazing birthday, Hannah! You’re a lucky gal πŸ˜‰ Have fun in Mykonos too! xxx

  • This sounds like the perfect birthday! Gals, food, drinks and chilling out with people and things you love, so glad to hear you’ve had a nice time off and the Patisserie Valerie haul sounds like something the internet needs more of. Move over Lush.

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • It actually looks like you had an amazing 26th birthday! Food, presents, gals, boyfriend. What more could you need? So pleased you had an awesome time xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  • Happy belated birthday! Looks/sounds like you had an amazing day. I also really want Harry Potter trivial pursuit in my life now haha.


  • Allie

    You are so spoilt and demanding and self centred. Not to mention out of touch with reality. Such a fake little blogger cliche. Surprised you’re not embarrassed to be gloating and posting about revelling in material goods instead of actually doing good; I guess that would require some basic manners, intelligence and humanity though. Happy birthday, brat!

    • Sophie

      What on earth is wrong with you?!?!? Are you doing any good on your keyboard writing vile messages??? How bitter are you, you must have so little good going on in your life!!

    • C

      Omg that post is horrendous and shows a complete lack of empathy that is just so sad.

      Hannah I love your blog and to me you seem to be a hugely caring person. I’m glad you had a brilliant birthday.


  • Aww literally sounds and looks like the perfect birthday – food, friends and funnnn!!!

    Happy belated birthday!

    SinΓ©ad xo β™₯ fabuleuse, toujours β™₯

  • You’re birthday looks like it was all the funs – well done all involved. I’m gonna need a slice of that when my birthday swings around (in 6 months but you know, no harm in planning ahead!). Good to see you had a fab day!

    She’s So Lucy

  • hannah

    Sounds like you had such a lovely couple of days! all the foooooooood. how cute is that shed packed with goodies! xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

  • Amy

    I really enjoyed reading your birthday post and enjoy reading all your posts actually. It’s lovely to read that someone is happy with their life and content and stopping to appreciate how far they’ve come.
    Your birthday sounded a ball and it also sounds like you enjoyed it a lot a lot, so that’s great:)
    I think you’re blog is brilliant and I’m an avid reader and vlog watcher! You go girl and don’t let anyone bring you down!

    I hope you have a legit spesh holiday ☺️

    Amy ? x

  • Laura

    Happy belated birthday Hannah! Your birthday sounded just pure and simple and lovely! Hope you had a very special day! It’s so nice of you to share what you got up to with us! Happy birthday!

  • Everything that a birthday should involve – friends, cake, more eating and harry potter – why not?! Alice xx


  • Looks like you had an amazing birthday! Chris seems like a total sweetheart! His surprise in your shed on your latest video was too cute!! Nice to see you happy Hannah!


  • Adrienne

    The thing I’m most fearful of is ‘going up a box’, it doesn’t have a specific age attached to it but it’s that harrowing moment where you’re filling in a form and they want to know your age. You’ve spent many years casually filling in the 16 – 25 box then all of the sudden you’re getting lumped in with the 26 – 35’s. I went up another box this year. Not funny.

  • I love this post. looks like you had a lovely birthday.

    I’m 25 in a month and 2 days.. (not that I’m counting ) and I’m in panic mode at the same time I’m ok, 20 something is YOUNG we have so much time do what we want to do, have fun, explore, learn new things whilst trying to be a little bit of an adult, I love the fact we are young enough to go out to bars and socialise, get drunk and do all that but mature enough not to have ( as many) mood swings and confusion.

    Like you mentioned Hannah, how quick has time gone?! its SO scary how quick life flashes us by it seems like yesterday that I was 19 ( it was nearly 6 years ago?!?!). Its funny also when I was 15 I never had one think about turning 20.. because you just don’t think bout the future at that age.. I would love to be in that mind set partly of the living for the now but at the same time having some idea about the future.. I believe that our age 24-26 is a world away from how we will feel at 30 πŸ™‚ just enjoy the rest of your twenties πŸ™‚

  • Glad you had a lovely time

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  • Happy belated birthday! I’ve only recently found your blog and I love it. Can’t believe you live in Ipswich though, I used to date a guy who lived there so have spent a fair bit of time in that town! Small world hey? x

  • Can’t beat thoughtful birthdays and i love that Chris got you an array of puds instead of cake! xo

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