Friday Favourites: 18th September 2015

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Well, well, well.

The morning after your birthday is always a bit of a come down, and I’m trying to party on in a slur of my favourite nostalgic music, candles and sunshine. I’ve got all my gal pals from Sussex coming up tomorrow for a sleepover of the mammoth variety. Ipswich ain’t got no idea what it’s in for. Think nachos, wine, all the games and all the cruel, cruel gossip. I’m all for extending my birthday for as long as possible because why the flip not.

I’m currently sitting in my pants and this post is half written on my laptop, so I’m going to quickly whittle off the last few faves and then crawl back into bed to eat Turkish delight and maybe play Theme Hospital or watch Netflix or do something entirely non-work related because I’m treating myself with some time away from my computer and emails and social media at the moment and it feels so flippin’ damn good.

Anyway, let’s get on with it, shall we?



Autumn is all about dat dreamy dark purple-y maroon nail colour. It is the colour of the season (aside from y’know, maybe black, or adding a lil’ bit of glitter because WOO FIREWORKS AND WOO CHRISTMAS). But here’s the thing – I’m not so big on it. Like, it’s not my fave. And alright, I’ll have it on for a week but then I’ve got to mix it up, I absolutely hate being a broken record when it comes to my mani.

Anyway, I’m always looking for superb new autumn shades for my nails and this little hunny is my new BFF. I love the dusky shade of it that makes it way more AW than hey boos, it’s spring.

I love that it looks simple and low-key like a nude but still has a little flush of colour about it. Basically, don’t expect it to not be on my nails for at least a quarter of the rest of 2015. K, bye. (Shop it here for a fiver)



Well hello most Instagrammable-thing since well, ever. The marketing team over at Starbucks basically deserve trips to the moon each.

Anyway yeah, I left the house on Wednesday purely so I could get my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season in one of the pretty new fall cups coated in a cute little leaf design.

It tasted marvellous, it looked YEY YEY YEY and it made me feel good. Sometimes it’s the little £3 things that pick you up the most.

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First up, this was so good that I ended up having to get the last train home to Ipswich at 11.30pm (despite telling Chris I’d be ‘home about 10’) and didn’t end up getting in til 1.30am because a) there was some trespasser on the tracks and b) my taxi driver told me his entire life story whilst pulled up outside my house and wouldn’t let me get a word in edgeways to say I NEED TO GO TO BED, MAN.

Anyway, it was Birchbox’s 5th birthday this week and to celebrate they invited a handful of Duck & Waffle (AKA my fave place in the world aside from like, New York) for the dinner of dreams.

I drank a lot of wine, I ate a lot of duck and crispy pigs ears and figs wrapped in bacon and squid and I was pretty happy about the whole set-up.




I swear my shopping life has been dedicated to the quest of the perfect chain cross body bag since about 2012. They’re rife in the designer world but AHAHAH I don’t have like a spare sneaky grand just lurking under my bed like plz spend me.

I found this pale camel guy in New Look this week and hello sexy little sweet thing. It costs £15.99 and is the perfect size to cram last-minute make-up in as well as like my sunglasses, purse, phone charger and general life.

It also comes in black and red and I want them all. I’m lacking in words as to why this bag, but I just find it so rare to find a genuinely easy-on-the-bank-account bag in this style that’s a) big enough for more than one lonely lippy and b) doesn’t look like it legit costs you £2.


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Alongside my cutsie new bag I also treated myself to a new plant this week as part of the IT’S MA BIRTHDAY AND I’M GONNA SPEND ALL DA MONEYZ thing.

I actually think I might prefer Hydrangeas to Peonies. I hope the blogging world doesn’t like, throw me out or whatevs.

I’m planning on attempting to look after it indoors (apparently I just need to water it ALL.THE.DAMN.TIME and it might work) because it just looks so damn sassy and pretty lurking in my living room.

I snapped this green-hued one from B&Q and bought the white plant pot from there too. I’m hoping next spring we can transform the garden into an Instagram wonderland and cram it with all the pink Hydrangeas.



It’s a rare old thing for me to come into London on a Saturday because normally I’m lazing about on the sofa under a blanket moaning about the bad weekend TV line-up, debating a nap and trying to make Chris take outfit photos for me.

But I did, I did, I did last weekend because Yorkshire’s finest cake-makers headed down for a blogger afternoon tea workshop in Angel.

I got to spend three hours alongside my boo Josie, decorating fondant fancies, drinking champagne, designing dream flat lays and well, drowning my belly in seriously good cake.

So thanks Betty’s, I’m already planning my weekend escape oop north to sample more of your sweet, sweet cake-y goodness.



Hey hun.

I bought this megz affordable £25 dress to wear for my birthday dinner because hello, how damn hot and perfect is that green print? I love the kimonos sleeves too.

My only issue is that it IS insanely low-cut, which would work on some girls, but alas my boobs are too busy being like COO-EY, WE’RE OVER HERE to slink away quietly, and I didn’t want to have them actually on my dinner plate so I had to tuck them away into a bandeau under the dress.

It’s also kinda clingy on your belly area, like, there’s actually one photo where I’m pretty sure you can make out my belly button.

Anyway, I’m excited to wear it with a pair of black ankle boots and a grey roller neck later on this season. Cute. (Shop here)


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