7 Things You Should Always Have Scheduled In Your Diary


I spend most of my life looking forward to things. Whether that means I don’t appreciate things in the moment, I dunno.

Like right now I’ve got TWO bunches of flowers on my desk (bought ’em both myself because that’s how I’m rolling), it’s Friday, there’s a Pina Colada candle flickering away, I got me a mug of coffee in an initial mug (makes all the difference), the sun is shining, Spotify is trilling along and I’ve just been sent a case of booze from Midori. ALL THE YESES.

Life is good.

I am literally buzzing.

I mean, not literally. I’m not a bee. But I’m so happy and I basically skipped down to the kettle to make my please-stifle-my-hunger hot beverage. The reason? Because I have so many damn perfect things lined up for the next few weeks. I mean yeah, it’s my birthday which is probably like the little gold glittery star at the top of tree, and yeah, everyone always has a birthday scheduled in the diary, but you get what I’m saying, having things to look forward to makes you feel eternally warm and fuzzy.

Sometimes it’s so easy to get stuck in routine and forget to make plans that push you and make you feel your OMFG I’M SO HAPPY I COULD EXPLODE best. So this post is your reminder to go out there and get cramming your cut lil Paperchase diary with all the things.



Probably the peak of life, these bad boys are. At a time in our lives when friends are often scattered across the country (if not the globe), it can feel like an absolute mission (a bit like planning a rescue mission for the impending apocalypse) to get all your gal pals together.

I can easily go months or ahem, a year, without seeing some of my favourite faces properly, so for me it’s all about one big weekend rather than just a night out so that you’ve got enough time to get through 75756478 different stories and copious bottles of wine.

They key is to plan well in advance (I planned my birthday weekend way back when in June) and to have a set plan when you message everyone. ARE YOU FREE ON XX TO COME TO XX rather than a floaty we should do something soon message always works best.

Cottages are mega cheap to book (Sykes is good for this) so you can always up the excitement levels and meet in the middle on neutral territory if it’s easier.



Maybe it’s just the industry I work in, but there’s always things going on. When I’m at a work event it gives me an excuse to get all my BLOGGING JOURNALISM INTERNET WRITING blahs out of my mouth with people who understand, and I adore that.

There’s also something that makes you feel like such a sassy power house when you’re doing something work-related out of hours. It makes you feel in control and like a success who’s absolutely nailing it, and it motivates me to keep going.

Even if there’s not things like awards and dinners and conferences to get involved in, there’s no reason you can’t organise some sneaky team-bonding drinks. Honestly, they were the very reason working at JJB Sports back in 2008 was such a bloody dream.



This is Thursday night territory, ready to make you look a *bit* like Kendall Jenner.

It’s the night when all your beauty products come out to play – even the ones that you have legit no idea what they do. Hair cream cleanser volumising body bath boost mist. You WHAT?

It’s a night to make you feel glossy and preened and ready to take on the world before a weekend crammed of social events – night’s out, parties, dinners, brunches, lunches and everything else that the world throws at you.

Schedule this in so you can take time and not do that thing where you smudge your nails two minutes after painting them because oh fuck you really need to go to Tesco for washing up liquid and a birthday card. Do ya nails, do ya fake tan and your shaving and your moisturising and your hair and face masks. Do it all, and do it all with a long bath and a sneaky portion of Galaxy thrown in too.



I mean, this one’s obvious.

We can’t all afford to have a plethora of tropical holidays booked up in advance, but it’s never a bad idea to have realistic goals of where you’d like to go so you have something to save for, even if you can’t risk putting down the deposit just yet.

I’ll be honest, I’m the worst at this kinda thing. Once an idea gets in my head I’m all about booking it and finding the money later (not exactly the strongest example of how to be a sensible adult but whatcha gonna do – least I’ve been to New York and Mykonos. Am I right, sisters?)

So yeah, do whatever you feel comfortable with – start saving for your dream summer 2016 vacay or be all YOLO and book a long winter weekend away to somewhere that’s just come into your head. (Looking at you, Chicago).



First off, you do not need a boy (or lady) for this, you can just do it with a bezzie pal.

We have phone-free date nights quite a lot at home and it’s so nice to have time that isn’t interrupted by checking Instagram for the 37th time that hour, but I’d like to allow myself to eat out more. It just feels like such a luxurious expenditure, especially when we don’t have all that many cool and delicious independent restaurants over in ol’ Ipperz.

I just want to get dressed up, whack on those heels that are lying all sad and souless under the bed and drink ALL the wine wit ma boo. To feel like I’m living.

It’s the same with a best friend. Just having an excuse to practice your smokey eye and wear 7 eye shadows at once – everyone needs that. We should all look at spending money on experiences and relationships (of the romantic, friend and family variteties) as a necessity we deserve. New dress you’ll wear twice or drunk story-telling and steak you’ll remember forever?



Someone come and punch a girl in the face. You know I only pretend to like exercise (although yeah yeah, swimming is the champion of the world so long as the pool’s empty and it fits in with my hair-washing schedule). But with Pilates, it does a little more than just stretch and tone ya muscles. It clears your mind.

I’ve spoken about this with various people and we’ve all said the same thing: you just come out of a Pilates session feeling like the best version of yourself. Like, you just have this renewed motivation for life, like you can tackle and achieve anything, and I think we could all do with a little more of that feeling because it’s bloody well aces.

So do a little bit of Pilates. Do it once a week or once a month, and then be prepared to feel like an absolute queen afterwards.



Omg people seriously underrate a nothing day. One of those Saturdays or Sundays when you have nothing, nada, in the calendar. One of those days when you can sleep in late and stay wrapped up in the duvets for as long as your brain and body needs. One of those days where everything is up to you. Wanna binge watch Netflix all day? YEAH YOU CAN? Wanna go to the gym and then bake a large selection of brownies? YEAH YOU CAN.

Sometimes it’s nice to just do whatever takes your fancy, to have spontaneous adventures or to legit, do nothing and not feel guilty about it.

I like to make sure I’ve got one of these days factored in at least once a month, because eurgh the world is kinda stressful and full-on, ain’t it?

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