3 Ways To Wear: The Denim Shirt


Like most of the best things in my wardrobe – my denim shirt of choice is from Primark’s menswear section.

The place all of my wildest t-shirt and shirt dreams come true. Like fo’ real, I know I preach that at you about once a week, but it just makes me heart so happy – so many slouchy tees and jumpers for autumn just waiting to be discovered.

I like my denim guy (he was a tenner and I bought him towards the end of July – so he might still be lingering on the rails somewhere) is pretty thick and therefore is the perfect layering up piece as we creep towards chilly weather central.

I mean tbh, I’m gonna do that thing where I wear like, this denim shirt and a dress and a sleeveless jacket and a scarf and 76356275 coats and then bare legs for as long as possible and maintain that I’m not cold. Not one bit. Don’t need tights. Nope. Not Hannah.

Anyway, here’s how I’ve styled the fella up.

(Also: you should set your camera to self-timer and take photos of yourself because it makes you realise a LOT of things about your shape and general appearance. For example, I should really get friendlier with mattyfying powder, and maybe not get too chummy with my fave AW midi skirt because HELLO LOOKING DOUBLE MY SIZE. I should, however, start wearing more dresses and pinafores. So that’s that. Luv u bye.)



This is one of those things that fashion magazines always harp on about and I’m all cool story bro, no-one really does that.

Turns out, it looks kinda cute when you do pay attention.

I love this little set up. I’d like it on Instagram if it came from someone that wasn’t me. In fact, I reckon I’m going to make it my birthday DAY outfit. For lunching and whatever other exciting things happen on your birthday when your bf takes the day off work to spend it with you.

Good styling, HG.

Dress – Beyond Retro (similar here) / Shirt – Primark mens (current-ish) / Bag – Primark (old) / Bag charm – River Island (similar one here) / Shoes – Office (old – but these are WAY nicer)





I thought I’d love this on me, but alas no.

I think if I’d have opted for a floatier midi skirt rather than a structured one which adds additional curves I’d have been a bit more hubba, hubba.

However a denim shirt and midi combo is still a match made in heaven because it kinda toughens up the skirt a little and makes the skirt more wearable for daytime. So yup, that.

I’m all about a knee-high boot, but for me the skirt needs to be midi or knee-length because as a girl with a lot of Big Macs hiding in her thighs I don’t want to have an awkward squat bit of flesh on show.

Shirt – Primark mens (current-ish) / Skirt – ASOS (old but this one’s cute as) / Boots – Ted & Muffy / Bag – Etsy



This outfit is basically the story of my life at the moment.


I wore it for girls’ night with Chris’s family last Friday night when we had gossips, salt and vinegar crisps and wine (BEST Friday set-up known to woman), and then again on the Sunday because I’d liked it so much the first time.

I like that it’s easy. It’s got that kinda dressy vibe about it despite not having heels or a blazer or a dress involved and it’s ALL kinds of comfortable. It feels like pyjamas, except y’know, a tiny bit more appropriate for leaving the house and keeping warm with that September chill that’s suddenly been like HI, GANG out of no-where. Weirdo.

Jacket – eBay (sad face – is sold out, but this is similar) / Shirt – Primark mens (current-ish) / Trousers – Warehouse (now in the sale) / Bag – People Tree at House Of Fraser / Shoes – New Look (old but similar here)


And here’s a few more denim shirts that look hella hot on the high street. One. Two. Three.

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