My Week Of Only Eating Homemade Food (Plus 5 New Fave Recipes)


It’s not like I legit eat takeout curry and pizza and run off to Nando’s for chicken pitta and halloumi every time I get a bit hungry (although come to mumma, my belly is huuuungry rn), but I definitely feel like I could eat at home more. I could cook up real food with real ingredients more often than I do. I’m just, y’know, a bit lazy. Because aren’t we all?

When you spend every hour exhausting yourself with emails and meetings and Instagram comparison (admit it, it takes up at least an hour of your waking day), the idea of creating some healthy, gourmet, delicious dish over a hot stove is about as appealing as going in the garden and looking for slugs to just pop in your mouth.

Excuse me whilst I vom with that mental image.

Anyway, earlier this month Sure challenged me to see if I could last as long as a week with only eating homecooked food. As in, food, made in my home, by me. No mid afternoon saunters to the local shop for chocolate, no screw it let’s order in, and no shall we just pretend our bank balances don’t exist and go out for a nice meal?

So I did it.

To prove that basically I win at everything (honestly, it’s tiring constantly being in competition with yourself), so that I could learn a few new recipes along the way, and because it gave me the perfect opportunity to test out whether the new Sure compressed deodorants really last as long as the regular versions.

(Spoiler: They do).

I gave the Cotton Dry Motionsense variety a go (because damn I love that fresh scent that makes you smell a *bit* like you’ve come out of the washing machine, all dandy and new), and, despite being almost half the size, it did the exact same sterling job. It kept me dry and odour free alllll day long, even when I was getting flustered and overheated running round the Tesco aisles looking for cupcake ingredients, because girl gotta have her sweet fix, obvs.

So yeah, there’s that. Megz handy to throw in a tiny chain cross body bag (my current hand bag addiction), and pretty nifty for those holidays where there’s no way in hell you’re paying extra for checked in baggage. Nuh uh, that money’s for cocktails and new bikinis only.

I’ll put some of my stellar new recipes below (I mean they’re not all that healthy), but they’re all completely made from scratch – unless you expected me to ground flour by hand and make it into fresh pasta, which just FYI I never plan on doing.

So yeah, now I have dry, sweet, sweet smelling armpits and I’m loaded with a tonnes more classic recipes to whip up for my future children and house guests. It’s hard being this domesticated, honest.





OK, so I basically copied this recipe from a breakfast I’d had the week before in Marylebone High Street, AND AND AND I went out especially to buy a cute small frying pan that would be dreamy baked egg (and omelette size).

Essentially this is all that happened. I put two eggs into a pan, I added cherry tomatoes and chorizo. I put under grill for a few minutes. I grinded black pepper on said eggs. I ate said baked eggs with some toast (the toast was from Hovis – I thought homemade bread might be a *touch* out of my comfort zones.

All my pre-midday food dreams came true. (Serious though, this was amazing).



For some reason I assumed this would be drastically dificult, but alas not.

It involves you buying rolled oats (they were marginally more expensive than your standard porridge variety) and mixing them in a bowl with a couple of tablespoons of honey and maple syrup. Then adding in any nuts and seeds of choice and spreading out the mixture across a baking sheet and cooking for 25 minutes. Add in any dried fruit you fancy for the last 10 minutes and you’re laughing.

Easiest breakfast ever when paired with some vanilla yoghurt and fruit. Haps.

And it stores for a week or so in an air tight container.



I whipped up a curry paste, coconut milk, chicken and veg curry the night before I made this, so this was my way of using up the scraps.

I just popped it back on the hob with some added coconut milk and chicken stock and let it heat through for 5-10 minutes, then I served with instant noodles.

The actual lunch dream.




The one and only time i’ve eaten this spicy rice dish was when I was perched on the side of the Grand Canyon watching the sun set, so you can imagine eating it with a view of my cat’s cage instead wasn’t such a treat on the ol’ eyes.

We basically just added some garlic, chilli, peppers, diced chicken and sliced chorizo into our biggest pan and gave it a good stir around until everything was cooked through and then added a tin of chopped tomatoes, about 300ml of chicken stock and enough rice to serve 3/4.

We put a lid on the pan and cooked for another 20 minutes until there was hardly any liquid left and then served with sour cream, guac and alotta lot of Frank’s hot sauce.



To be fair, this is way more Chris’s speciality than mine, but it’s something we currently eat at least once a fortnight (and Rudey bloomin’ loves it because she gets a prawn or two – the little greedy goblin).

Stick some peas, onion, chorizo, garlic, oil and chilli into a pan and when it’s starting to cook through add in some tomato puree and half a can of chopped tomatoes. When the majority of the liquid has cooked away, add in some raw prawns and cook for five minutes.

Serve with spaghetti and a good hunk of grated parmesan. YUMMO.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 14.12.34

So, dya reckon you could last a week just eating the good stuff? And have you tried the cute new Sure Compressed deodorants? Pretty nifty, right?

This is a sponsored post but all views my own, obvs


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