Friday Favourites: 11th September 2015


I just went to write the date as 2016 lol. That’s me prepping myself for saying HELLO HUNS, I’M 26 as of next week.

Freakin’ out.



Sometimes life leaves me utterly in awe at how nice people are. People that don’t know you. Internet people. Strangers. And Amanda is one of those people.

She’s recently started a little mission to send deserving bloggers little parcels of goodness as a surprise – and mine and Rudey’s came this week, crammed with toys, treats, and a self-warming cat sleeping bag home (and a sneaky can of the good stuff – Diet Coke – and a bar of chocolate for me).

She didn’t want publicity for it, she just wanted to do something nice for someone and I think sometimes we forget that that’s a thing we can do, especially in this industry.

I always have these wild intentions to send my friends flowers or random little notes or birthday bundles and then I’m like HEY LOOK, A NEW EMAIL and the thought flies out of my brain as quickly as it whizzed in.

Week made. Although Rudey things her cat nip bubbles *might* be the devil.



It happened again and I’m not even sorry.


I decided earlier this week just to open my laptop and have a peek at Theme Hospital again. You might remember that I downloaded it earlier this year and got OMG WHO NEEDS A BLOG OR MONEY obsessed with it. Then I got stuck on a level and it got banished into history.

I’m still stuck on that level two failed attempts later and have racked up about 15 hours of playing time this week alone. I’ve forgotten what Chris’s face looks like tbh.

But, here’s the link if you fancy downloading it (it’s no longer free but you can hardly feel sad at £4) and losing your life for the next week or two.




It comes in two different shade selections (one nude and one smokey) and has the perfect combination of metallic shades and matte shades. Although tbh I’m a massive shimmer whore, so there’s that.

Aside from these dreamy eye shadow palettes, SEVENTEEN have also just launched lip and face ones too – which, and this is gunna be groundbreaking for ya – include lip shades and dun, dun, dun everything you need to touch up your face on the go, so concealers, powder and blush.

They’re on sale in Boots now and are as pretty as they are practical.



I’m a broken record today getting back on old bandwagons that have already been mentioned in my weekly favourites way back when. Soz and that.

I hate being like I’M ON A DIET KIDS, because that’s not what it is. Although no, I’m lying, that’s kind of what it is.

I’m back on the calorie-counting app of dreams (if that’s even a thing because calorie counting is not the dream). I’m two days in and two pounds lighter and busy cramming my body with blended fruit and spinach, Tesco’s entire sweet potato stock and a lot of egg.

I hate me a lot. But seriously, if you are thinking about shedding any weight – for health purposes and not because you want to look hella hot (although that too…), MyFitnessPal is the best thing IN THE WORLD.

I lose half a stone in two weeks everytime I re-use it. And it tends to stay off, pretty much.



I’ve been in two minds about including this in my favourites because you know what? I DON’T love it.

Everyone raves and wanks on about how good it is, but it took me about 8 episodes before I was actually looking forward to episodes and now that I’m about 14 in, I’ve got kinda bored again.

It’s on Netflix and focuses on murders and serial killers and the police and all the good stuff, but a lot of the characters make me want to punch myself in the face like a lotta lot.

If you’ve run out of decent snuggling up autumn TV, then this might be your fella. Althought it’s not Broadchurch or even Whitechapel or The Missing tbh.



Has it just been me or have iPhone 6 phone covers been kinda hard to find since they launched an entire year ago?

I mean, if you seek them out online then sure, you’re fine. But like, whenever I’m waiting at a till and see a sassy little number just hanging there, all bright colours and glitter and happiness, they’re always, ALWAYS for iPhone 5. Sob.

Anyway, my new boo is from Case Station and makes me feel a bit more fly than I usually do – it also stops my phone sliding out of my hands because it’s so flippin’ slippery – does anyone else get that with the six? It’s a right little nipper.

They have a bazillion bright fun prints (or you can upload a photo or pattern or whatevs you fancy), and I’ve got another one to try out next week. It’s leopard print because always leopard print.



Chris forced me to our local park last weekend because I was moping about the house asking him to take outfit photos, and actually it was pretty much one of the best bits of the entire weekend.

There were conkers on the trees and it was kinda sunny but with a bit of an autumnal breeze in the air and it was just, well, lovely.

I think sometimes you forget how nice just walking is, when the surroundings aren’t busy roads, concrete, tarmac and ALL the people trying to get somewhere.

Walking without a destination, that’s the one.

It’s good on your mood too and it’s something I’m definitely going to try to make more of an effort with. ESPECIALLY when there’s red and brown leaves to march through. Yeah huh.

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