6 Face Products That Totally Transform My Skin



And then remember how spotty and hideous I got? I looked a lot like a boil-infested creature of the swamp. (That full post is here)

Since then I’ve too-ed and frow-ed over different products and different approaches to my skincare. A lot made me extra crusty and pimply, like a 15-year-old school boy about to go to prom. And some, the really damn special ones, made my skin look like a happy glow-y rainbow.

I’m still suffering with excess oil and some cheeky t-zone blackheads, but y’know what? You can’t change your genes.

skin picIMGP6708

Overall I’m pretty damn haps with where my skin is at, even if it does give me the odd period spot that looks like a robust, sunburnt mountain just chilling on my chin, like hey guys, let’s all hang out together and have fun.

No bae, just no.

One of the comments I get most on my Instagram (aside from ‘dem eye brows gurl’), is about how glow-y I always look. Now, let’s be honest here, a good Instagram filter basically hides all my skincare sins. I’m not one to edit out spots or eye wrinkles, or my cheeky purple bags, which I’m pretty sure are just one of those things that’ll always be there, but using a good filter does help my skin look more polished than it is in real life.

That aside, I thought I’d throw up a post about my fave face products. The ones that take me from make-up removal to Instagram selfies. The cleansers to the concealers. The creme de la cremes of my beauty and make-up regimes.

These guys though <3

We’ve been through a lot together and I love them so much I would 100% panic stick them on my credit card when they ran out. I’m dreading that day already. ‘Cos knowing life as well as I do, they’ll all run out within the same week.




It look me a little while to come round to this, I’ll be honest.

Whilst the rest of the world was loving this seemingly plain and innocent budget make-up remover, I was pining for my beloved Johnson’s make-up wipes.

Micellar water is not a cleanse. For me it’s a pre-make-up remover before the water, flannel and the big guns get involved. It’s my way of taking off the thickest bits of mascara and foundation and grime clogging up my face before I go in for a proper cleanse.

I basically drench two cotton pads in it and then go to town on my face, and somehow, it feels like like I’m rubbing and irritating my skin way less than when I use make-up wipes.

I like it because it’s easy to use and mega affordable (and it lasts way, way longer than a pack wipes, so there’s that).

Shop it here for £4.99



To sum this up simply, it’s like putting melted Turkish delight on your face in the best possible way.


It’s basically a beautiful, beautiful baby pink rose-scented balm cleanser you massage into your skin whilst dry. I tend to go for a few minutes so I feel like it’s really getting into my skin and also because people always go on about getting your stimulating blood flow or whatever.

Then I wash it off with a fresh flannel that’s been soaked under the warm tap. I go in for a few washes to make sure it’s not skulking about in the lines of my face.

It makes me glowy, feel fresh, and gently exfoliates because of the flannel action. SUCH A DAMN BABE. (I prefer it to Liz Earle, for real).

Shop it here for £28



For me a face moisturiser needs to be several things. It needs to feel totally non-greasy and light because that HG skin is already greasy and reflective enough on its own accord, and it needs to not have a statement smell about it.

I love a No7 moisturiser because it lasts a long while, has a classic formula and because the Early Defence variety is specially formulated for gals in their twenties which makes me feel all special.

No, but for real, if you just want a fuss-free daily moisturiser that works for all skin types and doesn’t have any wild surprises about it (and stops wrinkles setting in early), this one’s ya guy.

Shop it here for £19.50



After spending a good half an hour pumped up with a Leon coffee and egg pot at Gatwick Airport’s duty-free shop earlier this year, I settled on this heavenly slice of perfection.

I tried about 7 different foundations on the back of my hand – looking for something that was kinda heavy-duty and mattifying without making my skin look like a crumbling piece of plaster.

And then I landed on this gem.

It has a dewy look about it. Dewy but not shiny. Dewy as in healthy and fresh and pretty. It’s got a medium coverage and I adore it. It stays on all day, and is by far one of my favourite foundations I’ve stumbled upon in recent years.

I apply in a circular motion with this bareMinerals brush. Happy days.

I can’t believe I just wrote happy days, I feel a bit embarassed.

Shop it here for £32.50



This beaut is so well used that the packaging no longer really explains what it is. This is probably the point where magazines and websites would tell me to bin it because it’s bad for my skin, but I’m determined to use up every last drop.

I tend to not really squirt much out of the bottle when I use it, preferring instead to get that slightly thick and sticky bit from around the lid with my finger and dabbing it under my eyes and on any HI, WE LIVE HERE spots lurking on my face.

I’ve made that sound a bit sexy and eww, but I hope I’m making sense. That tacky bit of concealer is always the best at covering up naughty bits of skin.

This is still one of my fave concealers about two years after discovering it because it dabs in and blends really well and is really easy to build up over problem areas, whereas a lot of others don’t feel any thicker or offer anymore coverage than foundation. Idiots.

Shop it here for £21.50



A perfect gold tinted liquid highlighter that you can pick up at Tesco and stick in your trolley and pretend never happened. What’s better than that, eh?

I tend to dab this onto my cheekbones and under my brows to give my skin a I’ve just been on holiday, can’t you tell? kinda look.

It’s dreamy, affordable and isn’t OTT with dazzle, giving just a natural, pretty glow instead. Perfs.

Shop it here for £7.99


What are your dreamy faves that I need to know about right this minute or the world will explore?


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