Friday Favourites: 4th September 2015


I’m writing this in a blurry coffee-fuelled stupor because my little angel of a cat woke me up at 5.30am following a 15-hour working day in London and now I’m like, but am I still a person?

I dunno.

I’m quite sweaty. I’m still in my pyjamas and *maybe* wearing a fleecy floral two-piece from Primark was a bit ambitious in September. I mean, it’s getting chilly, but it’s not full on WHACK OUT THE ELECTRIC BLANKET AND FIRE AND MULLED CIDER AND SING AWAY IN A MANGER cold. So maybe that was my first mistake on this overcast Friday morning.

I’m overly aware that I need to shower. Like when you have to go into work hungover and you shower and get ready and think about what sort of beige-carb slice of goodness you can pick up en-route to the office to make yourself feel kinda sane and normal again, and like, by the time you get to work you can feel the wine sweats clustering on your back again already.


So yeah, i feel that kind of sweaty. Ewww.

Anyway, moving swiftly on. (I’m not hungover btw, unless you can be hungover from too many prawn dumplings…)



Another week, another purple lipstick. What an autumn cliché I am.

I bloody love a MAC lipstick me, especially when it’s one of those sassy little matte numbers.

I picked up the rich purple Heroine shade after a brunch date with Chris over the Bank Holiday weekend and I’m only mildly sorry about the savage attack my MAC haul had on my bank account.

I love this shade because it’s so bright and happy for a plummy shade and I reckon I’ll get as much wear with it for sunny seafood dinners and cocktails in Mykonos later this month as I will with pale skin and a pom-pom hat come the midst of winter.

I basically don’t think my life will be complete until I own every matte MAC lip shade, I’m a basic kinda gal.



If you watched my new YouTube upload (a 2 minute haul video, which, according to the comments is too short for a video – my bad, just trying something new and experimenting around a little), you’ll know we picked up Jamie Oliver’s new healthy eating recipe book at the weekend.

To begin with I was all a bit like naaaaaah but Jamie’s 30-minute meals is as healthy as we’ll ever need (because I like to live in a world where parmesan and pasta count as one of your five a day), but y’know what, it’s been pretty damn tasty so far.

We made this salad with 756236 different ingredients (mango, corn on the cob, bacon, tomatoes, avocado, quinoa, feta and lime to be specific) earlier in the week and it was legit like a mouth orgasm and I’m already planning family events where I can whip it up and make people think I’m really culinarly blessed.

Here’s hoping the other recipes are as good (and as easy).

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I met Josie at a Sure event a few weeks ago after a short while of flirting over social media. This sounds like some terribly brilliant dating story, my bad for my use of the word flirting. I should probably start again, but I’ve got going now so meh.

Anyway, we pitched up our tents next to each other at V Festival and spent the weekend drinking Pimms, eating chips and exchanging blogging notes whilst our boyfriends delighted in having each other to discuss their internet boyfriend woes with.

Since then we’ve enjoyed a delightful Bank Holiday barbecue together (crammed with prosecco and Cards Against Humanity because duh, duh, duh) and a London coffee date, and I just thought I’d give her a little shout out.

It’s so nice to have someone to bounce ideas and emails and thoughts off, especially in an industry where this is no right answer or definite way to approach things.

So HI JOSIE, YOU’RE A BABE (and Dexter’s alright too).



Remember like, a lifetime ago when I was Tweeting all the LOLZ because I’d ordered a lil summin’ summin’ from the Next sale and it was gonna take 8-12 weeks to arrive? LIKE WHAT EVER. Well it arrived, within a month I’d like you all to know.

And this is it, this little white boho tassel blouse of dreams.

I can’t lie, I spied it on some of my fave blogger gals when they took a trip to Osea Island with Next earlier this summer and I was like guuuuuuurl gotta get her mitts on this little guy.

So yeah, he’s a firm member of my wardrobe now. I wore it into London with rolled up jeans, ankle boots and a faux fur sleeveless jacket and I love that combo as an autumn outfit before it gets so cold you basically feel like your nose has frost bite and oh good you’re going to be a girl without a nose.

Nice work, Next.

(It’s sold out now, so soz you guys).



So here’s summin a bit of exciting, I’VE BEEN NOMINATED FOR AN ACTUAL AWARD.

The last time I won something (aside from New York) was when I was 9 and won an Easter egg decorating competition at school. Mine was really good tbh, I think I themed it on Prince Leia because Star Wars fo lyf.

Anyway, I’ve been nominated for Best Long-Standing Lifestyle Blog at the Blogger’s Blog Awards (a new annual set-up by fellow blogger Hayley from Tea Party Beauty to replace the Cosmopolitan ones, which are still going ahead apaz, but there’s no lifestyle category so that’s pretty balls).

So yeah, I’m pretty touched because I didn’t nominate myself which means some of you pretty little petals did. You guys are well ace. I’ll be at the awards ceremony in Leeds next month and if you fancy voting for me because you think I’m kinda swell, here’s where you can.




One of my online content whizz friends (Jessica Vince of Grazia Digital Editor fame) has launched her new website and it makes me so excited about the future of women ruling the world.

We went for coffee to discuss all things industry gossip, starting our own businesses and being ace last week and it gave me that uplifting spring in my step that I kinda needed.

Her website Dressr will launch later this month and solves Instagram’s most asked question: Where did she get that? A destination to basically shop all the deliciously perfect fashion buys uploaded by the Instagram elite – plus there’ll be some editorial and fun stuff to read to go along with the whole shopping thing.

So yeah, keep your eyes peeled. It’s gonna be a goodun’.



At about 10am on Thursday morning I got to combine three of my favourite things: coffee, smashed avocado on toast and heated debates about the blogging industry that accidentally turn a breakfast date into a lunchtime date. Lolz.

I headed into London for Motel’s launch event to celebrate their first ever designer collective with print whizz kid Rhianna Ellington.

It launches on 14th September to coincide with London Fashion Week and features a totally dreamy, dark and whimsical floral print. Which, let’s be honest here, is always a damn good idea for autumn/winter.

So err yeah, take a peek when it’s online.

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  • Loving the purple lippy, it suits you so much!

    Sophie Cliff

  • Congratulations on the Bloggers Blog nomination! I am absolutely delighted for you and cannot think of a more deserving gal to win it. I’m going to vote right now!

    Laura x

  • Chloe marie

    Congratulations on the Bloggers Blog nomination! I love your photos and the food looks good in your photos!

  • Why have I never had smashed avocado on toast for breakfast? My only issue with a recipe which contains a million and one things is when there is only me in the house I then have to end up binning stuff when it goes off or living off the same food for a week – it means I have gotten into a routine of not knowing what to cook and mainly living off pasta with something quick thrown on it! 🙁

  • Josie is such a nice lady, definitely a true blogging babe! And congrats again on the nomination, see you in Leeds for the ceremony 🙂

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Sam

    That salad looks so tasty ?

    Samantha from

  • Lauren

    You always have the yummiest foods on show! Definitely going to vote for you, good luck x

  • Hooray for autumn and the return of the purple lipstick!
    Makes the year flying by just that bit more bearable!
    Ooh, and congrats on the blogger award nomination, lovely! Very well earned!
    Abel x

  • This sounds like such a happy week, I love it!!


  • Kerry

    Good luck on your nomination :o) I also bought the same top in the Next sale and waited aaaaaaages to get it!!! What’s the deal with that always have to wait weeks for stuff from the next sale!! Anyway I’ve not worn it yet as I’m saving it for my late holiday in October but I was wondering how I could wear it for autumn/winter, so thanks for the tip :o) x

  • Lauren

    Wow you look HUGE compared to that other blogger Josie … Literally over twice her size. How embarrassing.

    • Mel

      ^^^ wow somebody forgot to take their anti-bitch pills this morning!!!

  • nueyork

    Heroine is such a stunning shade and it looks amazing on you! x

  • Flo

    Fab favourites! 🙂 That top is so lovely, I may have possibly already mentioned this on instagram! Congratulations on the blogger awards, I’m sure so many people nominated you and have their fingers crossed for you!
    Flo x

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