Your First Look At New Look’s Sassy New Homeware Range


Yeah you heard that right.

New Look aka the queens of high street shoes because seriously omg how do they manage to get footwear so on point every damn season? Are launching their first ever homeware collection.

Watch ya back H&M home, you got serious competition.

I headed into London earlier this week to get a sneak peek of the first few bits of the range (which will be dropping into stores at the end of September) and to y’know, drink tea, perve on the seriously sexy river view from the Mondrian hotel, and customise my own photo frame. Now a whizz at gold leaf in case anyone was wondering and have just used said customised frame to put a picture of a cat on my bedroom wall. Who said I was predictable, eh?

Anyway, back to New Look.



The collection is everything you’d want and expect from the high street brand – it’s crammed full of cute copper pieces from tea light holders to photo frames, as well as pastel pink crockery, fairy lights and the current creme de la creme of the interior world – novelty shaped lights. Dun dun dun.

I’m not sure on actual price points, but I’m about 98% sure it won’t be dissimilar to New Look’s usual set-up, there’ll probably be pieces starting at a few quid and maybe going up towards the £20 mark for bigger, snazzier pieces like the heart and star-shaped lights which OMG I NEED RIGHT NOW, LIKE IMMEDIATELY.

I’m also – and this is quite bland and old woman-y of me – quite excited by the simple metal photo frames that come in copper, gold and silver. Our house is currently inundated with white frames from Wilko and I’m in the market for this kind of style to spice things up without adding screaming clashes of colour everywhere.

I haven’t got much to add here, I just thought it was of vital importance you see the collection and start collating a wish list ready for next month.

Good day.

And here’s a link to New Look just as an FYI (in case you suddenly remembered that yes, yes you should definitely look at the shoes again).



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