Outfit Of The Week: THAT Denim Jacket


My biker jacket is silently weeping in the hallway. It hasn’t been my number one OH HELLO IT FEELS LIKE THE MIDDLE OF WINTER jacket for the past few weeks and it’s sad, having been my girl since way back when in 2013, bless.

I’m currently living in this baby pink dreamboat from Kaleidoscope, and because it’s not from your average high street jaunt, the rest of the blogging world didn’t get its mitts on it first.

I win.

Kaleidoscope actually invited me to be part of their #NewMe campaign which basically involves me wearing an outfit that takes me a little bit out of my comfort zone – hence the COOEE, WE’RE OVER HERE trousers I’m striding about in in these snaps.



I’ll be honest, I used to be a bit of a loud, cigarette pants kinda girl when they first started creeping into Topshop a few years back, but then well, my legs exploded thanks to a sneaky bit of new-relationship weight gain and now they kinda scare me. They’re the part of my body I’m most self-conscious about, so I tend to hide them under midi skirts, dark jeans or black tights.

I quite like these monochrome ones, they’re easy to style because of the simple palette and from what I can tell (I banned Chris from taking any shots from behind because I didn’t want to spend the evening sobbing into my ice cream), they don’t make me look bigger than I am.

I also feel pretty smug about the fact I ordered them in a normal leg length and they look pretty damn nifty just rolled up to make them the right length for my stumpy little pins.

When I dragged Chris out to snap these photos during the only sunny half an hour this week, a teenage yob rode by on his bike and shouted ‘SELFIE’ at us, so that was nice. I’m slightly worried that he doesn’t understand what a selfie is though. Kids these days, are they not learning anything in school?

I love the monochrome vibes and I love the pink jacket, but y’know what? I think I like them more not together. The jacket was made to be worn over whimsical vintage-inspired dresses and ankle boots come September, and the trousers were made for heels and a classic white shirt and red lips for utter sass in the office.

Whaddya reckon?

Sunglasses – New Look (sold out – similar here)

Jacket –Kaleidoscope, £45

Top – Warehouse (sold out – similar here)

Trousers – Kaleidoscope, £35

Shoes – Stylistpick (sold out – similar here)

Necklace – Accessorize, £17

Bag – New Look (sold out – similar here)




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