13 Things We Should All Do More Often


I guess this post was/is inspired by the events going on at home at the moment. That realisation that we have no idea how long we have left on this planet as living beings, and that anything and everything could change within a single blink.

We need to make the most of life a bit more, don’t we?

So here’s a list of things that we should make more time for. Some of them are about loving more, some of them are about being healthier and prolonging our lives, and some of them are just about gaining more control over ourselves and our lives so we can help minimise stress and be like this :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D for like, 300 days a year (sad face allowance for periods and heavy apocalyptic rains, obvs).

1. Buy bath bombs, without being all like omg no that’s £5 that could be spent on avocados and rice and falafel, oh no what a waste. Not a waste my dear gal, a very important spend when it comes to making sure you’re feeling as relaxed and floaty and mentally sound as you need to be to tackle your plans for world domination.

2. Book train fares in advance. A teeny tiny bit so that you can save yourself some dollar for staples like wine and stationery, but also, book train fares in advance to see people. Don’t do that thing that I do where I’m all like but yeah that’s £30 and like 4 hours combined of travelling and nah, could just sit at home in my pants and watch the same ol’ episodes of Big Bang Theory. Downtime is important, but socialising with your fave people is even more so.

3. Go for coffee alone with nothing but a notebook. I used to do this all the time when I first went freelance and even though it was just a pretty average Costa on an industrial estate in Ipswich, it was that peaceful hour without my to-do list staring at me that made me reflect on everything I had in life. It made me feel motivated and inspired and happy and there *might* have been one occasion where I actually welled up with pride for my life and my journey. Oh, and that clear, at-one mind is absolutely ace for making plans and jotting down ideas, just FYI – hence the notebook.

4. Call people. I go over my data every single month, but do I touch my minutes? Nuh uh. It’s not quite face to face interaction but hearing someone’s voice and hearing the emotions in the way they speak is so much better for your social happiness than sending iMessages or tweeting. It’ll instantly give your mood a little lift and make you feel more surrounded by people, even when physically, you’re not.

5. Floss. Boring. But damn that feeling after a brush, floss and mouth wash – ain’t it the mother flippin’ dream?

6. Print off photos. Imagine if the Millennium Bug had been a real thing and it’d happened at like, the beginning of 2015 and IMAGINE everything you’d have lost. How many memories (and selfies so perfect they basically look nothing like real-life you) you’d have lost. Print ’em off. I mean, you don’t have to plaster them all over your walls with Blue Tac like you’re at uni or anything – just shove them in an album so there’s something physical to hold onto.

7. Ask old people for stories. I mean, to be specific, old people related to you. Hear their tales of childhood and growing up and life, and write it all down. I regret not asking my granddad more and I fear it’s all lost forever – that I will never know more about where I came from and who I am. So go for tea and biscuits and quiz ’em – it’ll be worth it in the long run.

8. Make tea rounds, it’s the main thing I miss about working in an office. Sometimes you have no idea you need a cuppa as much as you do and then someone suggests it and OMG THAT’S THE BEST IDEA IN THE WORLD AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU WANT MORE. Everyone likes the gal that makes tea and lifts everyone’s moods in an instant. Be her.

9. Assess your finances with a cracking spreadsheet. Ya know the drill, write down your incomings and your outgoings and look at where your money’s going. Are you happy with where it’s going? Do you mind spending 78 sweet pounds a month on coffee? (I mean, I for one am very OK with that). See where you could cut out some spending so you can actually pay off your student overdraft or credit card or – and omg – actually start a real-life grown-up savings account.

10. Wash your make-up brushes. I think I do this weekly but aha, yeah sure, more like once a month. You’ll often know when you’re long overdue a meeting with your brush pot, the sink and some baby shampoo because there’ll be a blizzard of spots congregating on your face for no reason at all. Like what, I’m not even remotely due on my period and I haven’t even eaten a takeaway in 10 days, WHERE HAVE YOU ALL COME FROM? Your brushes, duh.

11. Send post because oh flippin’ nice it is to receive something that isn’t a bill? Go and do a sweet, sweet haul in Paperchase and then yeah, be nice. Surprise people. Maybe add in a bag of Percy Pigs. It’ll *probably* make people so happy that they do a little overwhelmed cry. Yep.

12. Teach yourself about the world – watch documentaries, read grown-up news stories about places and people far removed from your own life, and I mean, don’t judge me for saying this, but read Wikipedia. It’s not all like 100% or anything but it’s kinda there and sometimes I lose myself for a good hour just clicking between pages and teaching myself about like indigenous people and the history of the USA. It’s nice to be smart.

13. And the bloody damn obvious one – tell people you love them more. Sometimes the words are as hard to get out as like eating a whole lemon in one go, but you’ll feel mega pleased with yourself afterwards.



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