22 Things You Should Absolutely Add To Your ASOS Saved Items List


Y’know the best bit about scrolling through ASOS’s new in section and randomly saving anything that takes your fancy? Being able to see when it goes in the sale. Oh mumma.

In the past few weeks I’ve started adding in a two-minute ASOS browse as part of my morning routine – along with WHERE THE MOTHER FLIPPIN COFFEE AT and a lengthy 27-minute trawl through every Instagram upload since I went to bed the night before.

I like just staring at my saved items and mulling them over, wondering if today is going to be the day I go wild and buy something (it never is because have you seen vet bills? HAVE YOU? They’re a *bit* hideous) and putting outfits together like I’m playing that Mary-Kate and Ashley shopping game on the Playstation One.

Honestly, it’s a riveting existence I lead.

I thought I’d show you my current ASOS faves. Some of them are snuggly and perfect for autumn, some of them look good with tanned pins as well as with opaques and ankle boots come the chilly November breezes, and some of them were made for last-minute September beach holidays and strolls on the beach with frozen margaritas and fresh seafood.

Oh gawd get me on a beach right now. I’m not cut out for August drizzle, I tell ya.

Anyway, what are you currently eyeing up from the online fashion kingdom?

asos wish list

  1. Denim patchwork pinafore, £38
  2. Faux fur trim cross body bag, £35
  3. Camo clutch bag, £15
  4. Camo shirt, £32
  5. Tan lace up platform heels, £31.50
  6. Mint cropped trousers, £28
  7. Floral dress, £25
  8. Snake embellished boots, £55
  9. Pink bow jumpsuit, £45
  10. Printed boho midi dress, £50
  11. Striped sleeveless top, £32
  12. Blue pea coat, £70
  13. Black chunky heels, £35
  14. Floral maxi dress, £58
  15. Jersey jumpsuit, £35
  16. Denim lace up dress, £35
  17. White embroidered dress, £45
  18. Blue suede skirt, £55
  19. Navy pom pom heels, £40 (currently sold out but they keep on coming back in)
  20. Cream fringed jumper, £45
  21. Suede midi pinafore, £95
  22. Grey slogan tee, £14

And the khaki suede fringed bag which doesn’t have a number because duh, I’m useless at numbering is here. Poor left-out mite.

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