The Etsy Blogger Sleepover



That’s me trying to fake some Monday enthusiasm. Y’know when you’ve just had a really good weekend, jam-packed with superb food, drink and even more superb people and the reality of a Monday morning is just a bit harrowing?

Yeah, that.

So, last week I jetted off (I mean, there was no air travel involved, but there was a train, so erm yeah) with a group of bloggers and Team Etsy for a two-day stay in Brighton to meet some sellers, drink cocktails and take Instagram snaps of The Artist Residence from every angle possible.

Last Tuesday started off with me basically having an asthma attack in the first class carriage from Ipswich to London Liverpool Street because omg Ipswich traffic when it rains feels a bit like in one of those disaster movies when everyone packs up their car with all their belongings to escape a hurricane/flood/fake monster, and yeah, I nearly missed my train.

There was back sweat galore tbh.

I was really overly aware of the fact I didn’t look business-y enough to be sitting in first class so kept playing on my phone, which probably made me look more like a gangster teenager who was bunking, but whatevs. (It was cheaper to buy first class when booked in advance, for realz).

I actually bumped into Kate and Amy on the Oxford Circus platform on my way over to Victoria, and then Nat on the escalators, so there’s a short tale for ya.

We met the rest of team #EtsyBloggerSleepover and then proceeded to annoy every other person on the 11.09 train to Brighton with our whirlwind of coffee, chocolate croissants, vlogging and chatter about all things blogging.

I have a real ugly habit of meeting a fellow blogger and then two minutes later being knee-deep in gossips about affiliates, haters, agencies and sponsored posts.

It’s like I save it up inside my soul and try not to penetrate Rudey and Chris with all my business chat and then word vomit it all over a fellow blogger. I treat them like my work therapist. It’s cute. I like to think it bonds us together. Right, RIGHT?


We swung by SILO for lunch which is a short walk from the station and stopped to pose by every pastel coloured door on the way down like blogger clichΓ©s, because Instagram, before getting down to an afternoon of crafts, froyo and pink lemonade.

We got started with a workshop on producing flower dresses on paper run by Georgie St Clair and then we made cute little pieces of jewellery with laser cut dinosaurs on with another workshop run by Designosaur. I made a bracelet with cute pastel little babies on and added it to my wrist collection of Β£1 Turkish beaded bracelet, Monica Vinader friendship bracelet and Daniel Wellington watch because that’s just how Hannah Gale rolls. Yeah huh.

Etsy had organised for lots of Etsy sellers to all come down and recreate their desks in a space for us so we could see how they worked and also ask them a bazillion questions – naturally I honed in on the cat desk of dreams which belonged to Toby from I Like Cats. BEST. SHOP. NAME. EVER.

He basically produces 7834563478 different cat illustrated pieces – from cute postcards (I’ve got a couple that 100% will be framed and propped up on shelves around the house whether Chris likes it or not – tbh it’ll probs be Rudey who’s clawing them down with jealousy, the little pest), to brooches and t-shirts and tote bags.

I just had a little scroll through Toby’s shop after putting in the link there and omg, it’s better than my ASOS saved items page. And breathe. And breathe.

(BRB that just reminded me to check my ASOS saved items for any new sale items…)

After an afternoon of crafting and feeling a bit like I was back at school (in the best way possible – kinda like I was in activity week again, with less flirting) we headed on to our seriously sassy boutique hotel.

I just played that game where I rolled around my bed and listened to the radio for ages before I actually moved on to the whole showering/curling my hair/taking 37 different selfies game.

But seriously, having an excuse to do my make-up heavily enough for peak selfie game was a real delight. Y’know when you like use 4 different eye shadows, foundation, concealer, powder, contour powder, bronzer, blusher and 387674 different products and you’re like fuck I look like Kim Kardashian right now, my selfie game is well on point? Yeah, that.

I met the rest of the gals for cocktails in the hotel bar and we took turns arranging our drinks for bird’s-eye snaps for our Insta grid. Oh wait, what, you didn’t realise how much painstaking time and effort goes into getting the right snap? You is well wrong, babes.

Then we headed on round the corner for the most divine dinner I’ve had in ages. Let me just throw a few food groups at you. Macaroni cheese. Chips. Fried chicken. Bread. Seafood. Chocolate cake. Like come to mumma. Every day. All day.

We ate at The New Club, and despite arriving a teeny tiny bit late because cocktails, the chef was amazing and made tailored meals for the girls with allergies and food preferences. Next time I’m back in sunny ol’ Sussex to see my family and pals, I am 100% heading back. It was like, really good quality comfort food and that’s my favourite every damn time.

P.S. I’m soz I keep saying 100%. It’s my new favourite word if it even counts as a word and I know it’s incredibly dull, I wish I was saying wizard or magic or something clever instead :(:(:(

We stayed up late having a pyjama party with a liiiiiittle bit of vodka for company in Dunya’s room, whilst Liv took a midnight bath.

I was really annoyed at myself because I wanted to be fun and cool and hip and happening but I had the worst headache, it like, took over my brain. I get them sometimes on full on days, or days where my adrenaline levels are up and down, and once they hit me they won’t go away until I’ve slept them off. The absolute ogres.

So yeah, I wasn’t as hip as I’d hoped. Although I was wearing pyjamas with foxes on, so swings and roundabouts.

I think I fell asleep at about 1am, after Sarah had to call the night staff up to help me turn my lights off like a small child on holiday without her parents, FFS. I’m such an embarrassment, no-one take me away again.

We woke up to sunshine, coffee and some seriously good homemade baked beans before a morning of exploring local shops that stocked Etsy produce (including Snooper’s Paradise where we crammed into a photo booth and took some hideous photos that only proved I should wear my full on Kim K make-up all day every day, and that maybe I shoulda washed my hair, but whatcha gonna do).

Before finishing off our trip with lunch boxes from Eat Naked crammed with vegan goodness (not vegan, just FYI in case anyone was concerned for my well being) on the beach.

And then I had to drag my stupidly heavy overnight bag back to London for meetings and evening events and omg my back hurt and my bag’s handle snapped as I ran for the train back to Victoria and I swore loudly and it was a hideous moment for all involved.

So yeah, that was the Etsy Blogger Sleepover summarised in a sweet 1300 words, no biggie.

I feel on a bit of a come down writing this. It’s hard to get my mojo back with the cat crying at me every couple of seconds because she’s bored af and because of the ridiculous loneliness that engulfs you when you work from home.

When you’re surrounded by people just like you that get what you do and then you’re taken away from them, even if you’ve never met them in real life before, there’s this real feeling of maybe missing a few toes. It doesn’t feel quite right and it’s hideous to get used to again.

So yeah that. Here’s a little high five to new online friends I’m already despo to have sleepovers with again. You is all aces.

And another high five to Etsy, for giving me two days away that have resulted in a comdown, they were THAT good.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 09.24.42

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IMGP6433Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 09.24.12IMGP6487

  • Lauren

    Brighton is so cute! I can’t wait to visit next month. I’m definitely going to hit up that vegan place x

  • Flo

    It looks like you an an awesome time Hannah! And lovely to see some amazing fellow etsy shop owners on the # on insta! πŸ™‚ must say I may have to purchase a few cat related items in the near future. Like in 5 mins kinda near future.

    I can really sympathise on the working from home front, after taking nearly 3 months off work to concentrate on my vintage shop and blog I’m actually looking forward to going back to work just so that I can speak to real human beings in real life. I love my cats and all but there’s only so much I can get from a “meow” . Maybe you could organise a blogger day once a fortnight with bloggers and youtubers who live close to you? At someone’s house or meeting up at a cafe and work together that day? I don’t even know if that could be a thing? Is it already a thing?!
    Have a great day Hannah!

    • That sounds like my absolute dream – but sadly I’m not sure there’s that many people close by and I do everything on a desktop computer, but might be worth just borrowing the bf’s laptop and even just going into London and having a proper work day with some blogger pals. Great shout! x

  • This looks the ultimate dreamiest couple of days away. I love me some crafting!

    Sophie Cliff

  • Ellie

    Hannah- I absolutely LOVE your blog! I first started reading it a year ago when I moved to London and was so stupidly lonely and you made me feel like I had a bit of a friend down here. I can relate to so many of the things you talk about with anxiety and loneliness through working from home, and i just think you’re ace! loved this post (you’re hilar). Keep up the GREAT work- can’t wait to read more


    • Awww Ellie this is so lovely to read! I’m in one of those moods where I’m like EVERYTHING I WRITE IS DULL and maybe I’ve run out of blog post ideas and this is it, this is the end. Goodbye blogging world.

      Which is stuuuuuupid, but it’s so nice to hear that I’m still making someone smile :):):) xx

  • This honestly looks like the most fun gal-time ever. Brighton is definitely my second-home and I love when people have a good time there. I saw all the girls on Saturday at The Bloggers Market and I completely know what you mean about the comedown. It’s so weird actually seeing people IRL when you feel like you already know them so well. #21stcenturyprobs. Sophie xxx

    P.S. I love Flo’s idea above about little weekly meets – such a great idea! I guess sadly, as we have tested and failed, everyone is such little busy munchkins that it’s hard to keep up!

    • I know, weekly meets are such a good idea but you’re right, so hard to get everyone nailed to one day. But let’s do colchester next week and I’ll bring my tiny, stupidly slow laptop and we can do work as well as gossips and photos πŸ™‚ x

  • Hi i’m new reader of your blog and a new viewer of your videos because Lily Melrose sent me and i can’t wait to see a new blog post and watch more of your video’s!

  • OMG that bloody light switch! HAHAHA – this is basically the best blog post ever. Lets DO IT ALL AGAIN! xxx

    • Shall we just go tomorrow? Don’t forget your swimmin costume. Aha lolz.

  • Laura

    Must suck to be the largest girl in that group. I haven’t read your blog in a while – last I heard you were going to try and lose the weight? Surprised you’re still so chunky.

    • Lizzie

      Must suck to be a jealous nobody too. Pity.

      • Lizzie

        Clearly meant Laura, not you Hannah, you’re awesome!

        Just to clarify! Darn internet!

    • If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

      Low blow Laura, your not very nice..

    • There’s no need for that kind of comment. We should empower each other, not tear each other down. Our bodies are our own, and its not for others to comment on…

      Hannah, you’re lovely!

  • I was in Brighton at the same time as you and very secretly wished I bumped into you and the other bloggers for a really awkward fangirl moment, ha! It looks like I was heading to all the wrong places though, The New Club looks flipping amazing. AND how did I miss Eat Naked?! Wah. The I Like Cats shop is literally one of the best things I have seen in a long time. Seriously.

    She’s So Lucy

  • Eve

    Sounds and looks like you had the best weekend ever! Brighton looks like such a cute place!

    Eve xo |

  • It looks like you had such a fab time and it looks like Etsy really put together some fun activities for you. I’m keen to go to Brighton, I’ve heard lots of good things about it.

  • Haha I do the exact same thing at blogger events! Like I just can’t shut up about geeky blogger things because nobody at my ‘real job’ or my boyfriend will get it. How good is being among your own kind??

    Looks like you had a class time, I’m off to check out all the bloggers you mentioned xx

  • Love the photos!! Looks like you all had a brilliant time! Living in Brighton is great πŸ˜€ x

  • Olivia

    OH WELL WASN’T THIS A BLOODY LOVELY READ. It was so, SO lovely to meet you last week- I can only apologise for the fact I probably didn’t stop laughing/trying to impress you with my poor puns and jokes 24/7 but I wish we could share sleepovers more <3 I will gladly take on role of your blogger therapist and am always at the other end for a rant/chatter (add me on Facey B, GWARN. #toosoon? ; )) in all seriousness though, it was such a lovely few days with some top galz and i am deadly serious about recreating it on our 1 year etsyversary xxxx

    • You’re far too adorable for your own good, and your jokes were on point GAL. You is way funnier than you give yourself credit for. Absolutely let’s do something soon, but only if we can have one of those joint baths where you both where swimming constumes like you’re 7.

      K THX BBZ xxxxxxxxx

  • Bronwen

    What a lovely time it looked like you had, makes me want to go to Brighton even more than I already did. I love reading your blog, it’s always something nice to read before I go to work. I though you looked brilliant in all those photos, wouldn’t have commented on your weight at all, you look happy and confident which is always good to see. Don’t listen to people commenting on your weight, you look fab and as always love the blog. xxxx

  • I totally understand how you feel about ‘lost toes’ – any friends I do have that understand and get blogging all live too far away, and then I’m locked in a cave for days on end trying to make content and be positive all day. It’s hard, and I would love just a little blog house or to live nearer people so I can make tea and brownies and just talk blogging and social media whilst doing all those other cliches. The times!

    Anyway, the sleepover looked so much fun, all my favourite ladies and what an etsy paradise!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

    • Yes, it’s like we all need to hire out little houses up and down the country to meet up in and bake and drink tea and get down to work and chat social media and strategy with. Why isn’t this a thing yet! x

  • (Just want to start by saying I’m a different Laura, not that horrible Laura above)

    Because you look freaking AWESOME in these photos, I have serious, genuine hair and makeup envy.

    I don’t know how anyone manages working from home. I worked from home for a week a while back and it was so lonely and so difficult to stay motivated. Even though I had a messenger window open all day to the girls in work, it wasn’t the same as being able to meet up for lunch or a quick cup of tea when the afternoon was dragging. Not to mention the difficulty in switching off at 5:00pm, especially when you know you haven’t completed half of the tasks you planned.

    I hope you get over your come down soon! (and I’m delighted to hear that Rudey is feeling well enough to cry at you because she’s bored)

  • This sounds basically just fab! Probably every bloggers dream weekend. And all the little stories had me cracking up, like the light switch and run for the train – definitely experienced that one too many times.

    I love your writing so darn much

    p.s. Laura is a big poo (is that childish? oh well)

  • I totally have Blogger Wordvomit to. I believe it’s actually a recognised illness. If it isn’t it should be. People should get shots to have to deal with them….actual shots….of vodka…not jabs.

    B x

  • This sounds like so much fun! I’d lovee to visit Brighton one day and it seems like the perfect place for a blogger sleepover πŸ™‚

    Thank you for always writing such lovely blog posts, and helping to inspire me to create posts that readers can take something from. If my blog is anywhere near as lovely and inspiring as yours, Hannah, I’ll be happy xoxo

  • Oh my god this looks like the most amazing day, heavenly!! I love Brighton as well, it’s so beautiful and quirky. After how many months of reading your blog I still get excited over the way you write, when I’m reading your posts it’s like I read them at 100 miles an hour because I imagine that’s how you’d say it all haha x

  • I’m so jealous! This looked like the best trip ever!!

  • Oh wow, so many awesome bloggers in one place! This looks like so much fun πŸ™‚ And your photos make me really want to head down to Brighton (as if I didn’t want to already!)

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  • Your weekend sounded amazing, I seriously wish I was part of your blogger friendship group!

    Aimee x

  • This post was so wonderful & I LOVED your vlog! Fun times! πŸ™‚
    I hope one day to be able to meet up with fellow bloggers & have an amazing time together!
    And how nice is it to have someone to chit chat to about those affiliates, haters and other current happenings πŸ˜‰ LOVE the flower skirts – I have never seen anything like this. So Pinterest worthy! <3
    xox Nadia

  • This is the dream! Looks like so much fun!
    Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination

  • Kayleigh

    Hannah – the way you write literally cracks me up – proper emoji with the laughing tears crack up!! “There was back sweat galore tbh” !!!
    Sounds like an awesome weekend. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now and am very rarely disappointed – and if I am, it’s usually because what you’ve written isn’t specific to me (but I don’t expect you to be specific to everyone 100% of the time!). Ignore what horrid people like Laura have to say – it says more about who she is than it’ll ever say about you! Please keep up the great work πŸ™‚

  • Ahhh this looks like so much fun – so jealous that I wasn’t invited…

    Your photos are so blog worthy Hannah!

  • Tasha

    Hi Hannah,
    I absolutely love your blog, discovered it about a month ago and ended up reading every post in an afternoon! Now I look forward to a new post every day.
    Keep being as awesome and hilarious as you are! And ignore the haters, you look great!

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