8 Beauty Secrets I Wish I’d Known Sooner


I’m not a beauty buff. I keep things simple. I like a good bright lippy and a solid medium coverage foundation that won’t make me look oilier than a frying pan after I’ve whipped up some sneaky bacon to top my avo on toast.

I’m the girl who only stopped using face wipes last year, and the girl who owns about 47 times more pastel nail varnishes than skincare or pamper products. But I thought I’d share with you what I have learnt in my rollercoaster 25 years on this planet (ahem, 25 years and 11 months, sob).

Because being surrounded by sparkly beauty journos and bloggers over my short but sweet professional career in the media industry has taught me a thing or two about not looking like an ogre. Yup.

I’ve teemed up with Aveeno for this post, to celebrate the launch of their #AveenoSkincareSecrets campaign.

I’ve been giving their Daily Moisturising Lotion a whirl over the past few weeks – having already been an avid user of their Restore & Protect Hand Cream, which sits snuggly next to my sippy cup and Paperchase postcard stash on my desk. With age has apparently become an addiction to hydrated skin, who’da known, eh?

I love that the products are unfragranced rather than sickly sweet, and that you can still feel a hefty layer of moisture even an hour after use.

They contain oats (don’t worry gal pals, they will not leave you smelling like a fresh batch of porridge, promise) which helps give the skin a protective barrier and adds a cleansing element, which is a seriously sassy touch.

But y’know what makes me sure the moisturiser will be a firm bathroom cabinet favourite for a while to come? The fact it doesn’t agitate my skin post leg shave. I can slap on a layer and hello, no shaving rash. It’s a dream.

Anyway, onto those crafty beauty secrets..

1. Red lipstick will instantly distract from tired (or hideously hungover) eyes. They make you look like you’ve made an effort, when realistically you’ve only slept four hours and you feel like your soul has been shattered into a bazillion pieces.

2. Removing your make-up in two stages – the first with micellar water and cotton wool, and the second with a good, hearty cleanser and a hot flannel. It’s the best thing for your skin. That warm flannel feeling though basically feels like you’re having a facial and it gently exfoliates too.

3. Mix primer with foundation on the back of your hand before applying it with a brush. It’ll not only make application even silkier, but it’ll help keep your foundation glued firmly to your face even when you’re stuck on a sweaty Tube.

4. Dry shampoo is a saviour not just for greasy hair that’s screaming WASH ME, I PLEAD WITH YOU, WASH ME, but for flat hair that just needs a little lift. I spray a little bit into my roots even after it’s freshly washed to give it a bit of volume (and obvs stop my front bits of hair splitting and sticking to my head in greasy strands).

5. Wash make-up brushes with warm water and baby shampoo. Just foam the brush up and rub it in circular motions on the palm of your hand under the tap until the water runs clear – it might take two washes for a well-used foundation brush just FYI (like mine LOLZ).

6. Regularly exfoliating your skin with an exfoliating glove and keeping it well-moisturised will help your fake tan go on more smoothly and stop it clinging to dry skin patches.

7. Never leave the house without a good lip balm and hand cream. Even when you’re getting hot and flustered and stressed out, they’re instant pick-me-ups that instantly make you feel more comfortable.

8. Only use heated hair appliances where you really, really need to. Without them your hair will grow quicker and you won’t have as many dry, damaged split ends making your life a misery.

So, erm yeah, that’s how I stop myself scaring children in the street.

No but for real, I want to hear your beauty and skincare secrets. What little tips do you have for me?

Aveeno have asked me to tag a blogger gal pal to reveal her #AveenoSkincareSecret, so I’m choosing you, Miss Corrie Swaffield– what’ya got for me?

For more info on the campaign, check out this Facebook page.

Oh and you can pick up Aveeno Daily Moisturing Lotion for less than a tenner at your local Boots store. Enjoy having sexy smooth skin like a VS model. no biggie.

This is a sponsored post but all views are my own, obvs


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