Friday Favourites: 21st August 2015


I’m writing this post while a really, really old episode of The Simpsons whirrs in the background and I’m like HOW DID WE USED TO WATCH SUCH BAD QUALITY TV and not even realise? Like, the graphics are so basic.

Rudey’s napping in her cage, even though I’ve left the door open for her to have a wander around the lounge and stretch out her legs (all three lickle ones). I think she’s become strangely attached to it and will still want to have little lie downs in it forevermore, despite the fact her cage rest ends this weekend. Woo to the bloody hoo. It’s been mega hard to remain motivated whilst she’s been crying at me to let her out of her dungeon of misery. Poor gal.

It’s currently Thursday lunchtime and I’ve just drunk a coffee and my head feels all floaty, and the past few weeks have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and I just feel like I could nap forever. Y’know that feeling? Maybe I should just become a cat. I feel like it would megz suit me. My legs are currently displaying several weeks worth of fur, so I’m heading in the right direction.

I feel a bit light-headed and like I might just comically fall to one side and start snoring whilst sleeping in a pile on the floor like a neglected Sim, so erm, bear with me. I got this. You got this. We all got this.



When Kate revealed she was launching her own little pop-up shop of cute notebooks and prints we all knew it was going to be serious Instagram porn, because well, Kate is Instagram porn.


If you haven’t already had an accidental nothin’-to-see-here-kids spree on Nouvelle Daily (Kate’s lifestyle site that houses her shop) than girl, you better go treat yo self.

There’s marble notebooks, pastel planners and sweet little postcards that you can give to your friends or do a Hannah Gale and frame and prop up in your house because you can never have too many motivational slogans forcing you into being happy. Am’I right?

She’ll be re-stocking some of the most popular sold-out pieces ASAP, plus launching new pieces from independent designers regularly.

Like seriously, Paperchase better watch its damn back. All I’m saying.



Unless you’re blind or taking a social media hiatus because you still haven’t found out who A is, then you’ll have seen the whole world and his wife of the bloggersphere were in Brighton this week for an Etsy sleepover. It was fun and that.

The full post is coming next week, but I had to include it in my faves too because it made me so megz haps this week. I got to meet so many new blogger pals IRL finally, and drink cocktails and eat mac n cheese and have people take outfit photos without huffing over it. The actual dream.

We also got to meet some Etsy sellers and go insane taking photos of The Artist Residency for Instagram because we’re internet clichés and that.

You can search the hashtag if you’re bored and fancy seeing what the dream team got up to.



If you’re looking for sign number 547564376 that I’ve become a mature old lady, here it is.

Y’know when you’re younger local events seem like the most dull waste of time ever? Like, why head down and go for a stroll to some stalls in the sunshine when you could be watching 10 Things I Hate About You whilst planning house party outfits and trying to find someone to buy you a litre of vodka?

But now I kinda like them. They’re an excuse to escape the house and get fresh air and get the ol’ joints a-moving without spending half my blog earnings or destroying the insides of my bod-ay.

We headed down to the Maritime Festival twice over the weekend – once just for strolls and sunshine and happiness and the other for fireworks with Chris’s family. And yeah, it was pretty damn lovely.



Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this beaded little angel face?

Look at her. All vintage vibes and glimmering in the light and flowers and gracefulness and that.

It’s from House of Fraser and is the perfect little piece to instantly make outfits look a little bit less basic – you know what I mean? As much as I love a good pair of jeans and strappy flats and a plain tee, sometimes you need a little summin’ summin’ to take your outfit up a notch and make you look a little bit different to all the clones trotting about around you.

This is the piece. Somehow the colours work really damn well with denim and monochrome, which is nice because that’s exactly the colour scheme my grown-up wardrobe seems to fit in to…



I’ve been doing this week of only eating home cooked food as part of a Sure campaign (it ended on Monday – so I basically went to town during my Brighton trip with cramming all of the everything in my mouth, no regrets), and it really made me branch out with recipe ideas.

I whipped up these bad boys as a weekend sweet treat (omg they’re so naughty and sexy and melt-in-the-mouth) and they came from the Hannah Gale bible – AKA The Hummingbird Bakery book.

The bottom level is chocolate sponge and the top is level baked vanilla cheesecake with chocolate chips. Yeah huh. All the important food groups, minus y’know, Camembert and double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s.

Here’s a link to the recipe in case ya fancy having a baking Sunday (or need something ready for next week’s GBBO episode).



Yeah alright this is embarrassing but whatever.

The new season of one of my all time fave ever TV shows started this week on MTV and I just watched it whilst lounged across the sofa with Rudey, a peppermint tea and my emails. It was an enjoyable 44 minutes I tell ya.

If you like car crash TV and watching other people’s lives that make you realise that actually, you’ve got your shit together in a really serious, mature way, this is the gem for you.

Chelsea’s ma fave. <3<3<3<3



Me and Chris are off tonight (Friday night) to the Chelmsford V and I’ve only just got round to ordering a tent, my bad.

We’re going with Sure, and tbh I’m all megz excited because I’ve never been to an event that’s so close to Ipswich before. It’s so nice to not have hours of travelling. We’re planning on bulk buying cider like the wonderful basic people we are, and meeting up with lots of blogger pals.

So if any of you are there, hit a girl up and say hi. I have no outfits planned yet, but I assume my gold sequin kimono will make an appearance because I love an opportunity to drag it out of the wardrobe. Yeaaaah.

Maybe a flower crown and a biker jacket and pretty white dresses and ankle boots and glitter too.

(Hope Rudey’s OK without us. Eeek).

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