6 Destinations I’m Desperate To Visit Over The Next Year


There’s no denying I’ve ticked my fair share of OMFG I SERIOUSLY WANT TO GO THERE places off my list over the past 12 months. And I’ve been able to experience destinations that make my Instagram grid look way sassier than the inside of my Suffolk home ever could, bless it.

But I feel like I’m on a bit of a roll, I feel like I could keep on covering ground at this speed for a little longer, and, without writing down any words that’ll make me feel slightly nauseous about the place in my life that I’m currently at, I kinda want to get some holidays and travelling out of my system within the immediate future, before I, ahem, settle down.

So I’ve compiled a little list. A little checklist to aspire to that’ll hopefully remind me to keep working hard, because hard work and passion and positivity always brings good opportunities into your life.

It’s nice to have little reminders all around you of just how magical life can be if you just keep on pushing yourself and challenging yourself and staying motivated (no Friends re-runs, and just staring at the cat because n’awwwww cute cat).

So yeah, this is mine.



Apparently 92% of twenty-somethings visited the German capital this year, if my social media feeds are to be believed. So that’s nice.

I want to go for several reasons – firstly because everyone’s been harping on about how much of a damn perfect (and reasonably priced) city break it is and  I *guess* I should appreciate your recommendations.

And also because I’m despo to visit the Holocaust Memorial and the Jewish Museum as well as the Berlin Wall because I have a secret side passion in World War Two, like a 55-year-old man. No shame.

The final reason is because all my experiences of Germany are of autobahn service stations that smelt a LOT like sewage and only served 8743658 different types of sauerkraut and sausages.

Yeah, all those bi-annual drives to Poland as a kid were crammed full of intriguing lunch options…



San Diego and San Fransisco to be specific – not so much the bit in-between.

I’ve never really been swayed by the lure of LA and Hollywood mostly because I’ve only ever heard disappointing things and I quite like the magical, glamorous fantasy buried in my mind. It’d be like visiting the buildings Hogwarts was based on and filmed in, like nah, I prefer my version with Dumbledore pacing the hallways with Nearly Headless Nick and a scattering of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes merchandise just bobbing about.

I planned (and when I say planned, I mean I looked up the route once on Google Maps last September) to drive from San Diego right up to Seattle this autumn (with a cute little camping trip to Yosemite, which btw makes me feel like a right cultured bean now that I know how to pronounce it properly), but then Trek America came up and well, I sort of didn’t save any money because oooh, is that an ASOS sale I spy? So it hasn’t happened yet. Twenty 16 though, gonna happen. Yeeeeeep.



Because, well, this is embarrassing…

I’ve never been. Nope.

Chris made me go to Dublin last year (I wanted to go to Boston, not quite the same), so that we could tick Ireland off the list, and I’ve done Wales a few times, but I’ve never properly made it right up, up north.

I’m not sure where I’d like to visit. Probs somewhere beautiful and maybe a bit rural. Somewhere that looks different to all the places I’ve seen a bazillion hundred times (looking at you London, Sussex, Surrey and Suffolk).

I tried to make my friends come on a road trip up to Scotterz with me in my Vauxhall Corsa in the summer between sixth form and uni, but no-one seemed up for it. I mean, I’m not sure what wasn’t appealing about my death driving and Rihanna and JoJo mix CD tbh.



Alright, I admit it, I’ve fallen for the lure of all your stupid exotic white beaches and blue seas after years of having them burn my eyeballs daily on social media. THANKS YOU GAP YEAR WANKERS.

Soz, it’s the jealousy talking.

But serious, I’d love a little 10-day break exploring some of the islands and luxurious beach hotels and Instagram-porn cocktails.

I just want to lie somewhere and take in a really fucking amazing book whilst I fry in the sun and turn a nice golden colour (with factor 30 on, obvs) and take in surroundings that look exactly like paradise. Somewhere without WIFI and the lure of checking blog stats. somewhere that makes you realise how vast the world is, and how much it really doesn’t, in any shape or form, revolve around your social media presence.

That place seems like a deserted Thailand beach.



I’ve been once. I was about 7. My Dad drove us over via the Channel Tunnel and we ate lunch and then he dropped us off at the train station and we got some overnight train over to Italy to stay with my uncle. I legit don’t know why it was somehow cheaper for him to drop us off at a French train station and drive home rather than us just fly from London, but y’know, weird things people did in the nineties, eh?

I want to go for proper though, for longer than an afternoon, as an adult, and spy the Eiffel Tower and eat macarons and drink coffee.

I want to go to Sephora and pose in sexy little streets and feel as chic as Blair Waldorf.

Plz plz plz plz plz.



Because people rave on about it just as much as Mykonos, and I looooove Mykonos so maybe I’ll love Santorini too?

Basically, I just want to be able to Instagram that photo of my fruit breakfast (croissants and bacon and cheese out of shot) overlooking the sea from a height, the way every single bloody person has over the past 3 years. I’m getting serious FOMO over here.

I love Greece but I also feel like it can be pretty hit and miss – I haven’t adored the places in Crete I’ve visited, and although Halkidiki was pretty nice, it didn’t have the sexy vibe and beaches of Mykonos.

I’m hoping Santorini might be up to the challenge.

Tell me it is, tell me it is?


Where else should I add to my list? Canada? Vietnam? Copenhagen? Dubai?

Where do you rate and where are you like meh, slight, tiny waste of a holiday right there.



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