26 Super Duper Online Buys Under £20


I pulled together this edit for every gal who panicked about the lack of UK summer and spent the last few dregs of her bank account booking a trip to a beach somewhere.

I mean, OK, that was me. But like, I’m sure I’m not the only one was all FUCK I NEED A BEACH AND I NEED HIM NOW AND OK I’LL GO TO MYKONOS, whilst throwing Monopoly money in the air.

So now I’m broke but the internet is too cute a place to not treat yo self all day every day. So erm yeah, here’s some seriously sassy perfect pieces that are dead budget and that.

Nah but serious now, if I don’t get that H&M striped dress to wear on the plane to ol’ Mykkie, plus the New Look beach bag to tote about for the rest of the summer, I’ll probably do a little cry.

Oh and that striped H&M t-shirt too. Because those 7 other striped tees in my wardrobe just ain’t cutting it. Lolz.

BRB off to find more things to sell at a boot sale to fund my lace-up slogan stripe wardrobe overhaul…

under 20 2

1. H&M slogan sequin jumper, £14.99

2. Amara Kate Spade notebook set, £12

3. New Look raw edge denim skirt, £19.99

4. H&M copper wire basket, £12.99

5. Skinny Dip phone case, £16

6. Pink pattern scarf, £10

7. H&M floral playsuit, £12

8. Accessorize ‘Precious Little Things’ notebook, £6

9. H&M striped slogan t-shirt, £9.99

10. New Look faux fur bag pom pom (more colours), £3.99

11. New Look striped beach bag, £15.99

12. Amara airplane cosmetic pouch, £18

13. Topshop tortoisehsell earrings, £10

14. H&M floral playsuit (again – seriously, why do I find numbering so damn hard?), £12

15. H&M pouch, £3.99

16. New Look denim lace up top, £17.99

17. H&M lace up dress, £14.99

18. Amara slogan mug, £12.50

19. Z for Accessorize gold-plated bracelet, £12

20. La La Land Harry Potter pencils, £4

21. Boohoo lace blouse, £20

22. Missguided navy lace up flats, £18

23. Missguided shearling jacket, £20

24. ASOS leopard flats, £18

25. ASOS slogan t-shirt, £14

26. Missguided striped dress, £20

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