Friday Favourites: 14th August 2015


I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find enough goodness and light in this week to pull this together because it’s been a hard ol’ time. In fact it’s been one of the hardest weeks I’ve had in the last few years and admittedly my face sort of turned into a slightly puffy, blotchy pile of salted tears.

But then I remembered that SILLY HANNAH, there’s always things to be grateful for, things to be happy about, sparkly little gleams of light even in dark times.

I think Dumbledore said a quote about this at some point.

Oh wait, here it is: “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” .

Good work, Albus.

I bumped into Dumbledore this spring when I was on a stroll on a grey day in Aldeburgh for fish and chips and he smiled at me. I mean, that’s got nothing to do with my Friday Favourites but OMG CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW HAPPY IT MADE ME.

Anyway yeah, that list…


This heavenly little beverage reminds me of being about 15 and off school with a cold. I’m not sure who introduced it to me but it quickly became the thing I requested (alongside Glamour magazine) whenever I was feeling a bit blah.

Chris and I both struggled to eat over the weekend while we were suspended in a state of limbo waiting for the next vet phone call – so I took myself off to CO-OP for a bottle of the good stuff.

I *might* have had about 7 cupfuls since then. Not soz. Seriously Tesco, just think of the unnecessary pain you’ll inflict on people’s lives if you withdraw it from stores. It’s an instant healer and I recommend it for all your physical and emotional pains.



I’m currently working with Kaleidoscope on their new campaign and OMG LOOK AT THIS JACKET.

It was such an unexpected find. Such a true treasure. Something I’ll undoubtedly wear religiously until it’s so cold I can no longer get away with just layering underneath it.

I’ve been looking for my dream denim jacket whenever I pass a charity shop, and although that hunt has err, gone a little badly, this pink version has made up for it, mostly because I don’t feel like I’m copying anyone else – I’ve legit not seen another member of the Instagram club strutting about in this bad boy.

It’s £45 which makes it about on par with the rest of the high street, plus the quality feels pretty damn good. Expect to see a hell of a lot of this fella. (Shop here)



I couldn’t write this post without thanking the people who saved my little fur baby’s life. The people who kept her comfortable and out of pain, the people who took away her poorly leg and made sure she healed. The people who rung us about 754856 times just to keep us updated, and the people who cared as much about how we were holding up, as we cared about how Rudey was holding up.

Whilst we’re registered at the Ipswich branch, it was the Woodbridge surgery we had to rush our little pumpkin to at 3am. There’s a few different Ryder Davies & Partners branches in Suffolk and I legit could not recommend them enough or be thankful enough for everything they’ve done.

Without them I might not temporarily have stopped breathing because I left a sleeping Rudey on the sofa to go for a wee and found her 90 seconds later trying to jump out the upstairs bathroom window. Like seriously Rudey, you’re supposed to be on cage rest, stop giving me heart attacks you adrenaline junkie.



I’ve been on the hunt for the dream indigo girlfriend jeans for some time, and although I *thought* these ASOS chaps might be the real deal, they don’t actually look all that much like they did online, sob.

However, you were all pretty nice about them on Twitter, which made me reconsider my own fashion taste and question the world that we live in – so I’ve kept them. I’m pretty haps with them teamed with this £10 denim shirt from the Primark menswear section.

That’s another score for cheap men’s shirts. YES.

We’ll see whether or not they creep into my 6-items-of-clothing-I-wear-on-repeat capsule wardrobe.



With age has become this overwhelming fear of dying, of my loved ones dying and of being seriously ill. Coming to the realisation that you’re not actually invincible is pretty harrowing, and I feel like my pre-sleep thoughts are often crammed with BUT WHAT IF I HAVE CERVICAL CANCER AND MY SMEAR MISSED IT (I have no symptoms of this btw, it’s just my irrational worrisome mind being a little bitch).

And so this is a little side note to say that one of my favourite things right now is to appreciate life, appreciate happiness and appreciate good health.

I was sent an email from a reader named Alice who is 26 and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She wants to raise the awareness of the symptoms of breast cancer and get girls checking their boobies more often, hence the #CheckYourChebs.

You can read more about it here, but it’s stupidly important and her story stands as a reminder that we never know what the world has waiting for us next, we never know what the next chapter will be – but we can help ourselves by keeping in check with our bod-ays.




Last Friday (before all the Rudey drama really kicked off), Chris and I treated ourselves to a date night in Norwich. It’s a bit bigger than Ipswich and has a wider range of shops and restaurants, including Zara, Wagamama and of course – Yo Sushi.

Aside from helping ourselves to copious amounts of salmon, katsu and dumplings (all the main food groups), we also trialled out their new limited edition dessert – the Japple Pie.

It sounds confusing and mental but is a seriously sexy attack on the taste buds and I demand you all go and try it out – it’s basically a sesame seed ice cream in a cone with hot apple dumplings and a syringe full of actual salted caramel that you squeeze all over your cone. It’s like, new level heavenly.

Anyway, the nice people at Yo Sushi said I could give you all a voucher for a free bowl of miso soup when you next pop in – so it’s just below and all you sweet dreamboast have to do is print it off and take it in store.


IMG_0132Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 19.42.04


Give yourself a pat on the back, take yourself off for a chocolate bar walk, make yourself a big cup of tea or buy the damn shoes – you deserve it.

Seriously though, I fear I *might* have fallen apart and never got put back together again if it hadn’t been for you guys holding me up this week by way of the internet. I was inundated with emails, tweets, Instagram comments, DMs and texts from the world and his wife with support for me, Chris and Rudey.

It blew my mind and made me well up on repeat as I tried to work out what I’d done to deserve such nice people wishing me happy thoughts and healing. We’re all recovering well and feeling in a much better place a week on so thank you for placing loads of soft velvet cushions underneath me to soften my fall, you’re all such shiny diamonds.


  • Syd

    Morning ,

    Bless little Rudey. Where where where is your leopard print body from ??? X

    • it’s a swimming costume from Bras and Honey!

  • I think this is my most favourite ‘favourites’ post I have ever read Hannah. Such genuine things that you have loved and things that are close to your heart. I’m so glad your cat is on the mend, I love my pets and cannot imagine what you went through, vets are amazing people!

    I cannot wait for the winter months in the UK when I can try hot Ribena!

    Lots of love xx

    Rebecca – RebeccaClaire’sBlog

  • Hannah Grant

    Hi Hannah! Obsessed with the blog it makes me feel not so alone in this crazy world so thanks for being honest and awesome about all things!

    What size did you order in the jeans – I would love to order them but waaaahh no idea which side to get?

    Thanks lovely,


    • I have 12 and 14 and the fit was pretty similar in both of them, kept the 14 because they were ever so slightly roomier. I’d say they’re pretty true to size!

      • Hannah Grant

        Do you know the waist size for the 14?

        Also thank you so much for the response.

  • Love all of this. Hard times can help us realise how bloody lucky we all are. Also you look FAF in those jeans! x

    Sophie Cliff

  • Well done for staying so positive this week, life is tough – and so many people dwell on the bad stuff, and forget to appreciate the good! Glad to hear little Rudey is back on the mend!

    P.S you look GREAT in those jeans – ASOS model’s ain’t got nothin’ on you gurl!

  • Lauren

    I’m glad to hear Rudey is on the mend and you’re feeling a bit better. I want some hot Ribena now haha x

  • It is all about hot ribena! So many memories, I’m so glad Rudy is ok! was so worried when you posted on social media. That pink denim jacket is soo dreamy x

  • I’m currently watching harry potter as I’m reading this, Albus is a babe!

    Hope your all holding up well, love this post!!

    Also where is your card from “You have so got this”?

    • it was sent to me by the lovely people at The Full Agenda but I believe it’s from Lovely Post!

  • Love your blog, glad Rudey is on the mend! This post made me think of things that have made me feel good this week and cheered me up so thanks! x

  • Ahh Hannah I absolutely love this weeks list of favourites, sometimes its the small things that get us through, and although you’ve had a horrible time, at least you’ve still managed to see the positives and realise that sometimes it’s worth curling up with a cup of hot ribena! Plus its funny how we see ourselves compared to how other people see us – and I’m going to get myself into the Men’s shirt section of Primark this weekend for definites! 😀 Alice xxx

  • Despite your bad week, this was a really uplifting Friday Favourites. I love it. 🙂

  • Awh I’m glad Rudey is on the mend lovely. I would seriously kill for a chilled out day today watching HP, damn work. I will HAVE to wait until tomorrow, humph. Have a great weekend! xx

    Abby | Eärendil

  • Emily Alsop

    Your blog is my go to blog for any wise words or advice, the fact that your so honest and simply such a genuine person makes you relatable! Hope Rudey is on the mend, I recently lost my cat of 15 years, Mr Daisy, was heartbroken! Looking forward to checking my emails for yet another brilliant post!:)

  • Colette

    I’m glad that you seem to be cheering up again Hannah. And from the sound of things Rudey seems to be doing well. Hope you have a lovely weekend with plenty of kitty snuggles and boy cuddles xx

  • Ah Ribena is definirtely the soother of souls! I’ve been sick all week and it’s been getting me through…!

    Frankie x

  • Aww, little Rudey looks so sweet! Silently plotting her escape plan for when you left the room. Such a typical cat move. Your jeans look looovely though!


  • Sarah

    Hadn’t even heard of uniqlo before apart from winning a competition they ran to get a free top a few months ago.

    Just looked at their website and it’s full of bargins!
    They also have some super cute baby clothes, not that I’m feeling broody or anything…

    Sarah x

  • Oh my goodness HOT RIBENA! I thought this was just me 😛 Along with green tea and iced coffee it is a daily feature in my life – so amazing to find someone else who shares the love.

    Sending big cuddles to your cat – my pet dog Millie is my life so I know how hard it can be xx

  • Zen

    Keep your chin up girl 🙂 Haven’t had ribena in AGES 🙂

  • Aww Hannah. This post is lovely. Glad you’re all doing much better. Xo

  • Flo

    So glad to hear Rudey is on the mend. May be following the Rudey Insta just to keep up to date with progress. (God i’m such a cat lady) Sending you all lots of love and hugs and big get well wishes.

    You look lovely in those jeans Hannah and I can’t wait to see what you team the pink denim jacket with.
    Flo x

  • Horribly Concerned Human

    How can a journalist from birthplace of the English language butcher it like you do? Also, you must hate sex and give awful advice concerning it.


    Eat Shit

  • So glad Rudey is doing ok and we have the same vet 🙂

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