A Much-Needed London Date Night With My Best Friend


Admittedly, I was in two minds about heading into London this week.

I didn’t want to leave my poorly baby (if you haven’t heard about my cat’s adventures – here’s that post), and I was scared that being away from her would make me all weepy and too fragile for London. That my wandering mind would make me fail to notice an angsty cyclist and I’d wade into his path and he’d shout at me and I’d end up a sobbing mess on the pavement – y’know how it is.

But actually, it was everything I needed – distraction, wine, an excuse to wear my new MAC Morange, and a fair few Instagram snaps to woo you all with over the next few days.

Earlier this month I was invited to take part in a Uniqlo holiday campaign where I’d have to style up a couple of their summer pieces and then take them on a test run to a London restaurant as part of Virgin Experience Days.

I know right, poor me, how hideous.

But seriously, it couldn’t have come at a better time – sitting at home in my see-through leggings covered in cat hair and tears was fast-becoming my go-to look, and I kinda needed to escape and become pre-cat-getting-leg-amputated Hannah.

So, that’s exactly what I did.

Outfit-wise, I opted for the Uniqlo striped dress as I’m a long time Breton tee fan and wanted to y’know, expand on that and not just get a 675th striped top. I also went for a classic light grey jumper that’ll be perfect for between-season layering, but alas London was too much of a muggy mess for me to wear it out for dinner. Standard.

I headed straight to Pinterest for the dress. That’s my new thing, just FYI, to just search for an item of clothing and see how people are styling it up. I feel like it’s really upped my outfits, which in turn, makes me way smilier when I’m uploading #OOTD to Instagram, like, LOOK AT ME LOOKING ALL FLY AND STYLISH.

The striped dress *seems* to be worn in two ways by those sassy street style queens – either in a low-key sporty way with white pumps and a denim jacket (a look that I totes imagine my gal Corrie rocking), or, with a flash of khaki jacket – which is what I went for (my flash of khaki being an old Primark sale buy which I’ve snipped the sleeves off and I’m pretty haps with the results myself…).





I took my little Pinterest combo over to Camden with my long-time uni friend Hannah Rance (she doesn’t have Instagram or use Twitter or blog – who knew there were people still out there whose lives don’t revolve around the internet, eh?) and we headed for champagne coktails, red wine, steak and coconut panna cotta at Shaka Zulu.

It’s London’s largest South African restuarant and you have to go down an escalator to get in and omg so much fun. There’s faux zebra skin booths and giant elephants coming out of the walls and it’s a real experience. I’d been before, but only for a night out – kitted out in a bodycon dress and a blonde bob – way back before my permanent old lady bloat and blogger cliche ombre waves appeared.

Hannah and I chatted boys, careers and life plans over three courses of sweet, sweet heaven accompanied by a bottle of good, solid red, and then rolled into a taxi back to hers in south east London for my favourite ever thing – a sleepover.

I lived with Hannah at uni and we spent about 75% of our time whipping up late night roast potatoes and pancakes whilst playing Nintendo 64 decked out in fancy dress because we were just so darn fed up of staring at shorthand symbols and journalism law books.

So you can probs imagine we actually had quite a lot of fun shooting these sneaky little outfit shots down a colourful side road in Camden in the pouring rain. No really. I mean, it *might* of had something to do with the sly pre-drink at an Oxford Street bar, but whatevs.

I’m a big fan of this dress – the large came up as the perfect fit on me, it’s oversized enough that it doesn’t cling to my belly post-Tuesday night banquet, but doesn’t drown me, and it’s megz comfy too.

I’m already planning on teaming it with my new pink denim jacket and some sandals at the weekend. Expect to never see me out of it for the next two months. Soz, not soz.

K, bye.

P.S. Rudey’s doing MUCH better. She just leaped over me and ran into the kitcen. Not ideal for a 3-legged babe who’s supposed to be on cage rest…

Jacket – Primark (old)

Dress – Uniqlo, £14.90

Belt – New Look (old)

Shoes – New Look (similar here)

Bag – Biba at House of Fraser (similar here)


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