29 Etsy Prints You Absolutely Need In Your Life


OK, OK, I admit it – I’m full-blown obsessed with prints. Mostly of the Etsy variety. I lose hours just to browsing through sweet thought-provoking quotes and neon pineapples and arty ways of saying NEW YORK, NEW YORK.

I also think Chris is getting a bit, ahem, overwhelmed by all the white Wilkinson’s (soz, I mean WILKO, as they’re currently trying to brand themselves…) frames cropping up all over the house. Like for real, I need to go on a vintage frame hunt pretty bad.

I love a print because it instantly injects a bit of a Pinterest feel into any room without, y’know, making you get in credit card trouble.

Some of the cutsie prints in my edit are the ones you print at home yourself (and I’ll be honest, I’m yet to do this because, well, girl ain’t got no access to a printer) and some of them cost a little tiny smidge more and come already printed – and framed if you so please.

The joyous thing is that some of them cost as little as £3, so even on pay days where all your money is already allocated to a Mykonos holiday fund or, ahem, veterinary bill, you can still afford to treat yourself without lying awake at night with spending guilt.

Cute, right?

Hang up on your wall or lean on a shelf and accessorize with a cute mini cactus. I hear Instagram basically pleading with you to buy one. Uh huh.

Which one’s your fave?

etsy prints

1. Flamingo print, £3.95

2. Watermelon print, £32.25

3. Nutella print, £5.27

4. Bacon print, £3.16

5. Eyelash print, £7.50

6. Envelope print, £32.25

7. Floral quote print, £6.58

8. Happy quote print, £4.79

9. Watercolour print quote, £6.58

10. Hawaii print, £7.90

11. Hooray print, £3.95

12. Lock and key print, £3.16

13. Abstract print, £3.95

14. Copenhagen print, £12.50

15. Floral initial print, £3.29

16. Donut print, £6.58

17. Do what you love print, £10

18. Gin print, £16.50

19. Polka dot quote print, £10.85

20. Cactus print, £3.95

21. Ice cream print, £3.95

22. Strong quote print, £16.58

23. Colourful quote print, £11.85

24. Mountain quote print, £11.85

25. New York print, £3.95

26. Haters watercolour print, £18.50

27. Pineapple print, £3.95

28. Single ladies lyrics print, £6.58

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