3 Ways To Wear Your Fave Summer Skirt Even When it’s Cold

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The current grey, windy, rainy and actually – downright chilly – weather at the moment is making getting dressed a right ol’ palava.

Like, I want to wear my summer clothes, I do. But as I’m typing this I’m wearing one of my fave winter jumpers and a skirt and OMG MY TOES ARE COLD. Like, what’s happened, what did us good people of the UK do to deserve this sweet hell inflicted upon us for the last handful of weeks of summer?


Anyway, I was playing around in front of the mirror with an old New Look skirt I bought from Bluewater way back when (it used to sit on my hips and now sits on my waist  – definitely shrunk in the wash, yup, that’s it) and it got me thinking that it might be fun to spice up the ‘ol outfit of the week with some ‘wear 3 ways posts’.

I mean sure, they involve a little more getting sweaty and tripping over my lounge rug – but what’s blogging without a little hard graft and perspiration, eh?

The skirt I’ve styled up is obviously all soft and flowy and of a midi length, but any of these outfit ideas would equally work with a pretty little short A-line number too. What joy.

But seriously, these posts are definitely the easiest way to work out what looks flattering on me (and therefore probs you) and what, ahem, maybe shouldn’t be worn out the house.



First off I forgot how utterly dreamboatin’ these Office leopard pumps are, even if they are stained with a lot of my blood. Sadly, they’re megz old. Soz.

Secondly, this is my fave look of the three – it’s perfect for a Saturday stroll around the shops (and spending an accidental £129 in H&M and buying ice cream, because always ice cream), followed by dinner and drinks in a low-key restaurant.

Tuck a plain cami or men’s fitted white t-shirt into your skirt, team with a biker jacket and flats and HELLO EASY DAY OUTFIT. You’ve still got your legs out but because of the leather you’re nice and toasty too. Win, win.

hat 2IMGP5891hat 1


I think this look would definitely work better with a shorter skirt so you can really show off your slim pins and bring a bit more balance to the look.

I love layering up thin tops when it gets a bit nippy in-between seasons rather than just jumping straight back on the winter coat bandwagon.

I won’t lie, this was megz comfy. Almost better than wearing my onesie.

IMGP5909striped top



This is an instant evening winner for one big huge massive reason, the knit is thin and yet snug enough that you get to keep it on when in a restaurant rather than have an aggressive air con making you want to weep for eternity (have they SEEN the weather outside?).

Choose a lightweight jumper with a snug fit (like this one, which is from a charity shop) so that it clings to your body shape rather than drowns you. I’m wearing a cami underneath for extra layering and in case y’know, the sun suddenly comes out all guns blazing like HEY GUYS, LET’S PARTAY.

You could also whack on a trench if you’re worried about getting chilly.

jumper 1IMGP5899jumper 2


Shoppable items from photographs: Warehouse black cami, £12 / Petit Bateau striped Breton tee, £58 / Primark gold sandals, £4 (in store only) / Primark white shirt, £5 (in store only – men’s department)

Similar items from photographs: Accessorize long pendant necklace, £19 / Matalan grey fedora, £10 / eBay gold tip heels, £8.49 / ASOS leopard shoes, £22


NOW, should I do more of these posts or nah?

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