Friday Favourites: 31st July 2015


I haven’t really left the house this week. There’s been no wild galavants into London, no trips to visit old friends and no spontaneous car rides to explore unknown corners of Suffolk.

I mean, I did go for a swim twice and go to Homebase to buy some plants AND go to Costa to drink iced coffee and write-up some master plans for world domination, but that’s about as hip and happening as fun as it gets.

Maybe I’ll film a new ‘day in the life of Hannah Gale’ video, so you can see me sat in my onesie eating ice cream whilst forcing Chris to endure episode after episode of 16 And Pregnant and Teen Mom. It’s a pretty sight. Oh and me sighing at the lack of petrol in the car (WHERE DOES IT GO). And Rudey attacking my ankles. And well yeah, you get the idea.

Here’s what’s been keeping me sane this week…



I had a bit of a Sunday afternoon lull last week and thought I’d crack open my favourite baking book. Admittedly, when I say ‘favourite’, I mean, a book from which I haven’t baked from since circa 2012, but whatevs.

The raspberry cheesecake brownie is my absolute jam of choice – it’s so naughty. Like, if sex were a food it would DEFINITELY be this. It’s three layers – one brownie, one baked vanilla cheesecake and one raspberry cream. Although according to the internet it’s at the top-level ability of baking, so that says a lot about my magic hands tbh.

I went for the coconut and pineapple cupcakes mostly because I’ve had this weird overwhelming obsession with coconut since the start of 2k15. Is this like some weird thing that happens in adulthood?

They were pretty easy – except, well I made the icing too runny and they were more like fairy cake size because Tesco Express had a limited cake case selection.

Between us (and Rudey – she snuck in a few licks when we weren’t looking. Who knew cats liked cake or coconut?!) we demolished 12 in 48 hours. So I reckon that says pretty good things about the cakes (and maybe some poor things about us).

Anyway, I found the recipe online here. Enjoy.



Now, I know what you’re thinking, Hannah, you got away a LOT. But this is different.

This is my first holiday without any work ties since I went away to Budapest with Chris in February and OMG I’M SO EXCITED.

I’m only going for three nights, but Mykonos is my favourite place of all time (after NYC obvs because y’know NYC is NYC).

I booked it stupidly spontaneously with one of my best gal pals, Tilly (you can follow her on Instagram here if ya fancy), and we’re going in September. I’m still in two minds if I want to have it as a laptop-camera-vlogging-social media free trip, or y’know, use it for content. We’ll see.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.49.07


Before any of you say ANYTHING, yes I know the last shelf on the bookcase on the left is the wrong way round. I made the shelves whilst drinking red wine on my own and now it’s nailed that way round and stuck that way forever. No biggie.

I got a bit bored and fed up with my office looking messy and all over the place on Monday and couldn’t focus, so thought I’d copy the likes of DizzyBrunette3 and Gh0stparties and give my shelves a little bit’a love.

It basically involved taking all the crappy things that aren’t useful or pleasing on the eye away, and straightening everything up. Easy peasy. And naturally a neat bookshelf = productive blogger brain. Right, right?

(Bookshelves, cactus, pink basket and boxes are all IKEA, sunglasses stand is Amazon).



The little tyke turned two on Sunday, which also happened to be exactly two years since I met Chris in a Shoreditch bar. We don’t count it as our anniversary, because y’know, we weren’t official then or whatever.

We celebrated by buying her a new name tag for her collar (she lost the last one along with her dreamy pink leather collar, FFS), some prawns and a catnip prawn from Cheshire & Wain. Which the neighbours cat stole the next day. As in, he came through our bathroom window, down the stairs, found the catnip prawn and then carried it back out. He’s such a creep. It’s the second time he’s stolen one from her. WHAT.

Anyway, I filmed the entire day, like a cat mum creep, so watch the video if you like cute things.



I mean, there’s nothing wild and out there about wearing a striped top, it’s basically the law for a twenty-something in 2k15, but I’VE WORN THIS 4 TIMES IN 10 DAYS.

It’s thicker than your average tee, but not quite like a sweatshirt, so it’s been pretty handy for this October weather we seem to be enjoying here in late July. Jolly good.

It’s from Petit Bateau and I’ve been teaming it mostly with boyfriend jeans, but also with my striped trews from Warehouse. It’s basically my downtime wardrobe saviour.

Oh and it comes in other colours and shapes and what not. So yup. Shop it here.



OMG this is making me so hungry and it’s not even 10am and I just ate pancakes and stomach just man the fuck up and stop pleading for a feeding.

This is one of those Italian recipes in Jamie Oliver’s 30-minute meal recipe book and something I cooked up once back when I lived at home like in 2012 or summin (what even is this 2013-15 recipe book lull in my life?) and then I kinda remembered it and then realised I needed it more than anything.

I whipped it up at the weekend with some dreamboatin’ sides and we ate in the garden like a civilised grown-up couple.

The pasta itself is chopped up fresh lasagne sheets with, and this does sound a bit mental – egg yolk, lemon and a truck load of parmesan (recipe here).

I’m going to go and make a cup of tea before I’ve got a pan of pasta on the hob for brunch…



After crushing one pair of sunnies during a nap on a sunlounger on a Turkish beach a mere six hours after buying them and crushing another pair with my back whilst sitting in the car eating cake, I felt it was only right I replaced them with newer, sparklier versions.

Because I have a teeny tiny feeling I’m a bit clumsy with sunglasses, I opted for cheap styles straight from eBay. Both cost just over a fiver each, with free P&P and arrived within 48 hours. Which let’s be honest, is just damn splendid in the realms of internet shopping (why you take 2 weeks H&M, why?).

The tortoiseshell pair can be bought here, and the green mirror lenses here. Next up on my list is to find a pair that are the same off-circle shape as the green pair but in a pale rose shade. Hook a girl up if you find any. THX. LUV U.


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