The Blogging Rut Of 2015


I’ve seen this littering my Twitter feed, I’ve read the texts from blogger pals making their way onto my phone, and I’ve felt it myself – there’s a blogging rut in the air and it’s highly infectious.

It feels a *little* bit like everything’s been done, like we’ve hit peak blog – peak glossiness, peak content on par with a magazine, and well, it kinda feels like there’s no-where new to go. Like, what, where do we go from here?

Aside from *maybe* getting a touch better at photography (looking at you, HG) or tweaking a blog design to make it look a bit more Pinterest, it feels like we’re fast approaching the peak of what we can do for our blogs.

Go back a decade, or go back two, and consuming content could really only be done in one way – print, either magazines or newspapers. Or, y’know, reading your friend’s MySpace page, or reading news on NeoPets, but kinda not really the same.

Magazine content has always had crossover in the women’s lifestyle sector because when it comes down to it, the people behind those magazines, the people writing the content – women in their 20s, 30s and 40s – well, they live similar lives, they experience the same things, they have the same ideas.

Things that were exciting and interesting and groundbreaking to one woman working on one magazine was pretty likely to be the same for another woman working on another magazine.

You could read a piece on speed dating in one mag one week, and then, well whattya know, there’s a piece on speed dating the next week in a different title. It was, and still is, impossible to not have content overlap.

So think about blogs – blogs which in 2015 are more like the magazine of an era than ever before – there are hundreds and thousands and millions of them.

That’s hundreds and thousands and millions of people who might have similar ideas, similar inspirations and aspirations and thoughts and blog post plans.

Back in the day of peak magazine, there was probably about 10 decent women’s magazines – monthly and weekly – that were in competition and creating similar content, albeit some were glossier and some were aimed more at the ahem, sex-orientated gals, but at the core there were the same features, the same fashion, the same beauty, the same celebrities.

And now with blogging? There’s 7853662567 of us trying to be unique and creative and popular in the same women’s lifestyle bracket. It’s near impossible to not overlap with people and have the same kinds of posts.

I read Bloglovin every single day. Heck I probably check it hourly when I’ve got a strong WIFI connection and there’s no doubt that people – myself included – have latched on to certain themes that perform well.

How many times have you seen ‘xx tips to improve your Instagram?’ and ‘xx blog post ideas’ and ‘xx ways to be happier’ and ‘the perfect green smoothie recipe’?

I mean, for me personally, it’s definitely in the 3 figure mark.

But where else is there for us to go? What new thing is there that we can latch onto before anyone else? What can we do to break the mould? To be original? To be the one that readers like best?

Blogging has come a long way from posting a few beauty reviews and outfits snapped by your mum every week, now it’s about creating content that wouldn’t be out of place in one of the magazines we used to spend all our Saturday job money on BECAUSE OMG YOU GET FREE BENEFIT THINGS WITH GLAMOUR THIS MONTH.

There’s a general feeling in the bloggersphere at the moment that I guess is pretty similar to writer’s block. We’re lacking original ideas and that rush of excitement that I sometimes get when I look at my blogging schedule for the week and think fuck yes, I’m owning this.

(Disclaimer: I make a blogging schedule about once every two months, it’s normally a fortnight long, and only EVER happens when I’m screaming ‘you got this’ to myself. I’m not for realz that organised and on-it all the time. Nah, babes.)

In a bid to be the best, to be the biggest, to make this full-time thing actually work for us (because contrary to popular belief, a lot of us aren’t sat around surrounded with buckets of gold whilst chuckling and being fed peeled grapes) we’re constantly putting this pressure on ourselves to better ourselves and our blogs and brands.

Sometimes it’s exciting, sometimes I can’t sleep for all the ideas whizzing about my brain like fireworks, and sometimes it’s pretty dull and foggy and I’m just like ‘shall I write about my Essie nail polish and make a fashion edit?’.

I have no idea where blogging is going to go from here. In a world where most bloggers read blogs for fun rather than the magazines lining up our local Tesco Express’s shelves, it’s hard not to be inspired by each other and to take in from each post what we like and dislike. And it’s even harder, when looking out at the rest of the bloggersphere and seeing what people are saving, what people are talking about on Twitter and sharing on Facebook, to not look at that post or content and wonder how you could utilise the success of that in your own content.

I’m so intrigued to see what comes next. Where blogging will be in a year or five. What will happen. How we will differentiate between our favourite bloggers and how we will make ourselves stand out. How we will make our content unique and how we will adapt our content to the changes in reader needs.

I was having a foggy, uninspired morning before I wrote this. Hormones will aid writer’s block and a lust for life, won’t they?

But, after a coffee and a drive and a chat with a friend, this post came about and now it’s like I’ve put a swab of aloe vera gel on a mosquito bite and the horrible itchy, annoyingess has gone and now I’m back to peace and normal. I’m back to me and I’m ready to tackle the day and brainstorm and listen to Neyo and write some content that I’m pretty proud of.


Anyway, what would you like to see more of? What sort of content do you think is missing? And what would you like to see from me? I’m so intrigued and also, want to make my number 1 gals happy, obvs.

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