30 Budget Home Buys That Look Like They’ve Come Straight Off Pinterest


For those of you who don’t know – I get paid quarterly, which means by the time that pay day rolls around I’m basically smothered in open tabs of wish lists and saved items and bursting digital shopping baskets.

It also means I tend to mentally roll around in my lump sum of money like I’m a bazillionaire or small child playing with Monopoly money and then there’s a flurry of prosecco, shoes and spontaneous trips booked and then whaddya know, Hannah ain’t got no money left.

It’s a fun little cycle of online banking self-destruction. But hey, gurl likes enjoying life and there ain’t nothing wrong with that, right?

This little edit is some of my favourite home-y pieces taking up my saved items on the interweb right now, inspired by the classic home Pinterest boards we’re all busy making when we should be at the gym/at work/doing summin’.

The ones that are littered with white walls and neat monochrome accessories and gold touches and then cute little prints and pops of colour. I admit it, I’m a twenty-something blogger cliché when it comes to homeware and I couldn’t be more proud.

Although tbh if Chris comes home to anymore print deliveries he might throw me out of the house. I LOVE PRINTS. PRINTS. PRINTS <3

The three featured in this round-up are all from a fave new Etsy shop which I’ve only just discovered, and I think it’s *probably* up most of your streets too.

Go fly my pretties and make your homes look as sassy and perfect at the unattainable photos on the internet. It’s what your disposable income is for, aside from y’know beach and cocktail holidays and things from the ASOS sale.

pinterest buys

1. Amara fringed cushion, £38

2. La La Land slogan banner, £10

3. Oliver Bonas pineapple candle, £12

4. H&M large wire basket, £17.99

5. Amara diamond lamp, £60

6. Amara trinket tray, £20

7. Marks & Spencer tropical plastic glass, £2.80

8. Marks & Spencer copper cosmetic mirror, £23.60

9. H&M marble plant pot, £9.99

10. Paperchase pineapple writing set, £10

11. George at Asda whale cushion, £7

12. TK Maxx printed pouffe, £39.99

13. H&M marble chopping board, £9.99

14. Marks & Spencer cocktail stirrers, £4

15. Amara bee trinket tray, £25

16. Marks & Spencer palm tree print, £39.60

17. Monsoon coasters, £6 each

18. Oliver Bonas recipe book holder, £22

19. George at Asda flamingo cushion, £2.50

20. Oliver Bonas pom pom garland, £17.50

21. Paperchase perfume print wash bag, £22

22. Kate Spade trinket tray, £42 (Not budget but hey, whatcha gonna do)

23. Marks & Spencer pom pom cushion, £15.60

24. Marks & Spencer print bowl, £3.20

25. H&M home candle stick, £9.99

26. Oliver Bonas candle, £20

27. Etsy Diet Coke print, £3.30

28. Etsy doughnut print, £3.30

29. Etsy floral print, £3.30

30. (the notebook with no number because silly, silly Hannah) Amara leather notebook, £18

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