7 Tips To Help You Deal With Stressful Situations


I’m the worst for getting pre-out-of-my-comfort-zone jitters.

The type that float around your belly and make you anxious and unsettled and like a weak little version of the strong, independent, brave woman that you are.

You know the kind. The ones that creep up before a job interview or first date or weekend wedding with family members that you’d rather cut off your little toe than be stuck in the same room as for a WHOLE ENTIRE GOD DAMN FLIPPIN’ DAY.

The type that take away your appetite, give you a crampy unsure belly and make you as sweaty as a weightlifting champion during the olympics.

So, as someone who’s battled through my fair share of stressful situations (looking at you post-university-please-get-me-off-the-dole job interviews), I thought I’d share some of my fave little tips.

So you can stop wondering if you’re actually going to do a sick down the nice new dress you’re wearing.



It’s usually that you won’t get the job or the boy. Sounds hideous, but think about it. Think about the other guys or jobs you didn’t get and think about how OK you were afterwards, how you were still surviving and happy and you.

As long as the worst case situation isn’t you dying, then you’ll be OK. You’re stronger than you know and life moves forward, YOU move forward, something – or someone – else will come up. It may not be right away, but there’s something exciting and exhilarating in the unknown things waiting ahead.



I spent most of my teenage years with my arms pinned to my sides because I used to sweat through pretty much every damn t-shirt I wore (although tbf it was deodorant-smelling sweat rather than ogre-y BO). If I flirted with boys during lessons then my sweat levels would go through the roof and I’d basically have dripping arm pit patches in my blue polo t-shirt, I mean sure, it was an attractive look.

I’m currently using Sure’s new Maximum Protection deodorant which is a cream roll-on anti-perspirant with double the protection of your usual supermarket buy.

It’s formulated with TRIsolidâ„¢ innovative body responsive technology to stop your body going into a perspiration meltdown in the first sign of stress or nerves or awkwardness.

And it smells fresh and clean too which is always a damn sweet bonus and comes in 6 different varieties. It also apparently works best when applied before bed as it’s best activated by your body’s resting temperature – who knew, eh?





There’s something that makes you feel sassy and cool about wearing a new get-up to a big event like an interview or date, BUT, and hear me out because you know I only ever speak sense, there’s always the risk that it’ll do something hideously menacing like itch or ride up or make you self-conscious about a non-existent food baby.

Opt for an old favourite, a wardrobe classic, something which you know brings out the compliments, makes you feel confident and comfortable, and yet won’t irritate you the entire day. Ain’t nothing worse than a wardrobe malfunction, nuh uh.



In the lead up to your stressful situation distract, distract, distract.

I’m the worst for over-thinking things when I’ve got time on my hands to get distracted by my own erratic thoughts, but they’ll only make you feel more flustered and out of control.

Download a podcast if you’re driving (I obvs recommend Serial), or get stuck into a really, really good book if you’re on the tube/train/plane/camel – try The Opposite of Loneliness, Little Black Lies (if you want summin’ dark) or Finding Audrey (if you want a harmless but fun chick flick). I recommend them because they each took me less than a few days to finish, they were THAT good.




If you’ve got a day date then plan an evening sleepover with your gal pals, if you’ve got an interview then plan a trackies, cake and gossip evening with whoever you can fathom, and if you’ve got a stressful family situation then plan in some down time with a face mask and a whole lotta Netflix.

If you’ve got something good to pick yourself up with and look forward to you won’t put so much pressure on the actual event.



I like to have a well stocked handbag ahead of big events – carry things like plasters, chewing gum, hand cream, paracetamol, phone charger, water, lip balm and perfume. Things that are half there to make you feel your best and half there to act as little distractions to keep your hands busy when you’re getting flustered and on-edge.

You know when your hands and feet are getting all tapp-y and you’re basically doing a jig sitting down?

Oooh, or bring a notebook and write it out. Great way for distracting AND keeping yourself busy. Even if it’s for the 3 and a half minutes you’re in a waiting room or waiting to change trains.



In the scheme of life, whatever’s stressing you it is probably pretty damn tiny.

Tiny and insignificant and when you’re old and rocking back in your chair the chances are you won’t even remember it. So go easy on yourself, try not to place to much pressure on your shoulders and remember how great you are. Remember all the far greater things you’ve achieved and all the big ol’ things you’ve accomplished.

You got this girl, you totally, totally, 100% got this.

And if you need to whisper that to yourself that’s A-OK too.


This is a sponsored post, but all views my own obvs



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