11 Things To Buy From Primark’s Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection


Sadly, I couldn’t make Primark’s autumn winter 2015 press day because I was busy cramming frozen margaritas and nachos into my face in NYC. I know, it’s a hard life but someone’s gotta do it, right?

Last week I went for breakfast and a snoop round the Primark offices to get some alone time with the collection (or a large chunk of the collection – it’s already whizzing between magazine offices for next season’s shoots).

This post is mostly made up of the items I snapped whilst they were hanging up on rails in the showroom, but there’s also a few less-than-high-res campaign shot cut outs because sadly some of the best pieces were already long gone and busy gracing the feet/legs/arms/torsos of sassy models posing for the likes of Cosmo/Glamour, you get the idea.

I’m just hoping you’ll let the quality of some of the pics slide because it’s nice to be nice.

I’m pretty happy that the whole collection is still very much in-tune with that seventies vibe. There’s plenty of sheer winter maxi dresses, floppy hats, suedette, button-up skirts and lots of this season’s wet dream – the lace up shoe.

There’s also a ton of easy-to-layer up knitwear and a bag that *might* be inspired by Chloe. I need it. Now. Immediately.

OH, and some really good jeans. Like really good. Like bore off Topshop, ain’t nobody got time for your £38 jeans. Let’s just hope the ripped knees actually sit on my knees this time…

It’s real fun having the legs of an 8-year-old. Yep.

And one last FYI, these pieces will be dropping into stores across the country from August until November, roughly. And, as always, the best pieces are easier to find in big city stores because that’s just how the world works.



It has a shape that fits pretty much every single person and has that damn lace-up front that 98% of fashion bloggers have Instagrammed at some point this year. I mean I’d like to wear it now with a tan, sandals, beachy hair and a red lip, but I guess it’ll look just as chic with a big old faux fur gillet and heeled ankle boots when it’s chilly. Oh god, it feels weird talking about winter. Eww.




I don’t know what there is to say about these except that they look the perfect amount of ripped. Like, you can’t see chicken pox scars and my ample blonde thigh hair or what I had for breakfast yesterday in them.




Worn with said jeans above and your boyfriend’s white shirt when it’s September and you’re all like is it warm or cold I JUST CAN’T WORK IT OUT?

Or y’know, just add a few gallons of fake tan and a this-is-probably-too-short dress for Saturday night 241 cocktails that  you know, deep down, will never end well.




Just look at him sitting there in a slightly pixelated picture looking all effortless and charming and sexy.

It’s the bag that says wack me on with boyfriend jeans, sandals and a slouchy tee and watch me work magic and make you look like you have 100k on Instagram even when you’re hungover and feel like your organs might be failing you in a big way.

This is my favourite piece because I’m predictable like that.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 08.17.36



I picked out this little slip of a number for those of you who are just that – little cute slips of things.

Whilst it wouldn’t particurlarly suit me, I would love to be able to pull of a plain little cami dress like this, made just that smidge sexier by the lashings of lace.

It says 2015 Posh Spice and it’s basically pleading with tears in its eyes for strappy heels that basically lace-up up to your knees.




There’s nothing about this that makes you gasp in amazement but it’s one of those pieces you buy for lack of being able to find anything better and then end up wearing once every 2.7 days. It’s warm, it goes with everything from leggings for days curled up at home with the ironing pile and Netflix to skinny jeans and heels for a last-minute date night when it’s mildly cold.





It’s a similar shape to the one above, I know, but I love the way it looks like you’ve been galivanting around the world, just y’know, without spending thousands of pounds.

It’s great for that low-key boho vibe that seems like it’s going to remain massive next season – all vintage maxi dresses and faux fur gilets and floppy hats and what not.




How dreamboatin’ is the detail on this black lace maxi?

I want the confidence to be able to wear this with a black body and belt that cinches me in a la Beyonce. OMG if you do have a bangin’ body and feel sassy about it then you totally have to do that, for sure.

If, like me, you’re a bit of a fashion wimp then just wear it with a red lip and black strappy sandals to a Christmas party or summin’.




One of the only skirts in the world that can make black opaques feel good. Go you, camel skirt.

White shirt or polo neck tucked in and voila.




Because you know they’re the most-worn item in your wardrobe and also these have perfect knee rips that are way better than anything you’d be able to attempt at home, so there’s that.



I hope you’ll excuse this tiny thumbnail of a photo but the shoes were too important to not include.

Admit it, you want them so badly your heart just did a little flutter and you thought it’d stopped working.

Every weekend outfit revolves around these handsome fellas. I picture them to make you feel as sexy and outgoing as a Playboy Bunny in the best possible way.


What are YOU going to be risking the depths of Saturday morning Primark for?

  • Eve

    I’m loving those yellow heels, can’t wait to find them in-store!!

    Eve xo | http://anorganisedscatterbrain.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Those two pairs of heels are all I need to get me through the awkward September sunshine to Christmas party transition (feels sooooo weird thinking about Christmas…)

    Sophie Cliff

  • I want, nay, NEED that black maxi in my life.
    My mission from now is to location and purchase it – I will own it.
    Also the black strappy heels are pretty cute too!

    Rach // illustrated-teacup.blogspot.co.uk

  • I didn’t think I’d ever want a turtle neck but I now need that sleeveless one. Those black jeans too, yes please!


  • I love all of these! I have just done a post on some recent Primarni buys I am loving right now, they really are on top of their game at the moment. x

  • That white maxi dress must be mine. I would even risk Primark at Tottenham Court Road for that (such courage). Sophie xxxx

    • Alice

      Sophie, do you know if the Tottenham court road one has more of this kind of stuff than the one near oxford circus?

      Trying to decide which one to go to, don’t think I can handle both!

  • In love with the sleeveless knit! Hoping it comes in more colours so I can buy them all. I imagine they’d also look good with a long sleeved top underneath for the colder months!

    Christie x

  • Loving the ripped jeans and the 7. Bag. But what on earth would you wear with the sleeveless jumper??

  • Lauren

    I’m loving both the jeans and the sleeveless knit. Such essentials x


  • I love that little black dress 🙂 Gorgeous!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  • The colours on that rail make me so happy – yay for fall colours!! I think that camel skirt will be on my to purchase list : )

    Kathryn | nimblenote.blogspot.com

  • That black maxi dress and the camel skirt are just wow. I love them!

  • I feel so behind, there is still so much that I feel I need to pick up from Primark currently but I love so many of these pieces. I’m so excited!

    Beka. xo

  • em
  • Love the little black dress!


  • hannah

    The LBD, ripped blue jeans & yellow stroppy heels. Swoon! Want them all *love heart emojii*

    Hannah x hannatalks

  • I WANT ALL OF THIS! Seriously, those black heels with the jeans and that sleeveless jumper HAVE to be in my wardrobe as a killer outfit ASAP. I absolutely love reading your blog, the way you write is so approachable and real! x

  • probably will have to go to primark tomorrow and see if there is something nice to find in the local one these days… love the black maxi dress!!

  • I neeeed that camel skirt. And that white maxi dress looks gorgeous but it’s probably way too long for me 🙁

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  • Really not sure about that button up skirt, firstly because I’m fairly sure the trends gonna fade away with the first breath of cold weather and secondly because the fabric looks ghastly. I mean, I know it’s primark but come on. It’s a shade to dark and looks like it’d pill after five minutes.

    Sorry, I have a grudge against primark, I never find anything good in there!

  • Nat

    I won’t lie, I’m not a massive fan of Primark anymore. Everything just feels cheap and I’d prefer to pay more for better quality elsewhere. I’m really only feeling one of the pieces you showed and that’s the white maxi dress. That would be ideal to wear now! Not in autumn and winter.

    I’d rock it with some Dr Martens boots, a pleather jacket and some sunnies. ^_^


  • Tassel Shoulder Bag is very beautiful..I want my wardrobe just like that full of amazing dresses.Black maxi dress is really hot
    I would like to have the same
    To know more about fashion visit

  • Gah! Now just comes the mission of locating some of these amazing pieces! Always the way. Seriously loving Primark’s upped game at the moment!

    North of London

  • Love those yellow strappy heels <3

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  • I’m in LOVE with that slip dress! It’s gorgeous. Need to go to Primark and find this little beauty.

  • Primark is waaaay too tempting at the moment! Want to buy everything 🙁 Love the jeans, black slip dress, shoes and sleeveless jumper.

    Pippa | LittleLifestyle

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