Outfit Of The Week: My Dream Vintage Dress


First off, it’s official, Chris can go back to being the Hannah Gale fashion photographer again.

He took these in about a 112 second slot yesterday evening on the beach before we headed out for a meal to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and I have to say it, and no-one judge me because the phrase gives me all the bad kind of feels – boy did good.

Voms down self.

He’ll hate that these came out pretty well and that I’ll beg him to take more of me next week, but that’s the sad, sad life of a blogger’s boyfriend for him. Maybe I’ll treat him to a Nando’s or a new episode of Pretty Little Liars or summin (he’s more obsessed with it than I am, honestly).

We drove down to Claygate Flower Show in Surrey on Saturday morning (journey took 3 and a half hours instead of two, because OBVIOUSLY everyone else was fleeing the comfort of their homes in a bid for sunshine-fuelled excitement too) and then snuck in a fleeting overnight visit to Sussex too.

We’ve been going to the flower show since I was born, it’s a family tradition because it’s where my grandparents lived and my dad and his brothers were brought up, so there’s a little bit of family history in case you’re desperately dull on this overcast Sunday.

The dress I’m spinning around in here is a new one from Beyond Retro, which yes, I’ve already worn one day this week, but whatcha gonna do, eh?

I love the fit. Shirt dresses never come up well on me because of my boobs, they’re always gappy and busy flaunting flashes of greying Primark bra to the world – even nicer when they unbutton without me noticing and then I’m literally flashing boob at strangers, FFS.



If you read my Friday favourites this week (here if you haven’t) then you’ll know that I got this dress as part of the #mydreamvintagedress campaign with Beyond Retro, which basically encourages you to snap yourself wearing a cutsie little vintage number and use the hashtag across social media – there’s a chance to win £250 to spend in-store AND an overnight stay at The Hoxton Hotel here.

I’ll be honest, this is the frock I was gifted as part of the campaign (although I tried on about 75846587 other styles too). I actually went back to buy another one two days later because I couldn’t stop looking at the changing room selfie I took of myself in this little red shift dress with a tie front.

FFS, I’m a loser. Does anyone else just stare longingly at photos with did-not-buy regret?

I’m basically already planning a bit of a Beyond Retro binge when I get paid at the end of this month (hurrah to the only upside of being paid quarterly being that you feel like an actual BAZILLIONAIRE when you do get paid).

I want a denim jacket and lots of pretty floaty dresses to see my through some upcoming trips that haven’t been confirmed yet AND my birthday, which is, OK like 2 months away, but y’know how it is with outfit planning.

I love the fit of vintage dresses and love that most of them don’t have size labels in so you don’t end up melting in the changing room in a sticky puddle of sweat, tears and self-pity because you can’t squeeze into a 10.

At the point of these beachy snaps being taken I’d had a cider Pimms, burger and ice cream and had spent a combined 4 hours in the car. There’s also what I suspect to be Jack George Gale dribble all down the front, so that’s a nice treat for you all to try and locate.

This dress, just as an FYI, is totally not something I’d ever pick just by looking at in on the hanger but as soon as I put it on I basically did a little jig over how light and floaty and comfortable it was, and how feminine and confident I felt in it.

So errr, yup. I don’t care if you don’t like it, it makes me feel like a My Little Pony and that’s all that matters.

For these photos I paired it with a few other favourites that you can’t actually buy either – so this is a really helpful outfit post. Good one, HG.

The shoes are old Office that I’m still wearing to death even 3 years on, the belt is vintage and the bag is made of camel leather and it’s from Marrakech, and it really, really smells quite horrendous.

The heart shape sunnies are New Look and available online here.




  • I saw some shirt dresses exactly like this in Spitalfields yesterday and was totally tempted! Looks lovely on you 🙂 x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • This looks so good on you! I don’t think I’d ever pull off the My Little Pony look


  • Lisa Bichard

    Beautiful dress!
    Is this Littlehampton seafront by any chance?

  • I LOVE these photos!! Makes me want to go to the beach next weekend! Love the dress too x

  • Amy

    I am in love with this dress! It wouldn’t be something that I would usually pick up off the rail in a shop but it looks so amazing! Also my boyfriend is exactly the same with blog photos – he purposefully tries to take bad ones so I won’t ask him to do them again but annoyingly for him they usually turn out ok!

    Amy x

  • LOVE these photos – you should definitely give Chris a full time contract… Pretty dress and the background is just perfect for those ice cream pastels!

    Sophie Cliff

  • Lauren

    That dress looks so pretty on you. Lovely photos x


  • Eve

    This dress is amazing, I’m in love!

    Eve xo | http://anorganisedscatterbrain.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1

  • I am simply in love with this dress. It looks great on you!

    Beka. xo

  • hannah

    SUCH a beautiful dress! So flattering too. I never ever wear dresses – i live in jeans and its kinda killing me in this weather – but i love the idea of this shirt dress! I definitely wanna give one a go. I remember seeing the red one on your instagram, and it’s super gorgeous!

    Hannah x hannatalks

  • It’s like this dress was made for you Hannah. Perfect length, super flattering and the colours are gorge too. I looked for evidence of dribble and I can’t spot it aha. Great photos, well done Chris! x


  • Love this dress so freaking much. It’s like My Little Pony meets Taylo Swift and I LOVE it. And am kinda gutted it’s nto a high street staple so I can go out and buy it myself. Sigh.

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • That dress looks incred on you. Shirt dresses on a busty gal done right are SO GOOD.

    Rachel | http://www.currentlyrachel.com

  • Chris did a FANTASTIC job of the photography. Snaps for Chris. Could we possibly share him on rotation? I promise I pay in chocolate bars and kindness. Sophie xxx

  • I love Beyond Retro and that dress looks gorgeous on you! xx

  • Beaut dress Hannah.

    Went to click on the link for Beyond Retro to bag myself some vintage goodies, but it goes through to the New Look website – just thought I’d let you know. It might just be my computer spazzing out, but might be worth checking.


  • I am always so scared of ‘vintage’ shopping because I’m convinced the clothes will be small and I’ll cry in the changing room… But the fact that you look so banging in this and are a pretty normal size gives me hope! Might have to pop in to a beyond retro shop when I’m back in the UK next month.

  • The dress suits you so much! I also really struggle with the button-up style and not showing everyone my goods.

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook

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