The 7.30am Friday Morning Rave In London


There’s a lot of things I don’t miss about London in the summer – back sweat on the Central Line (the quickest way to make sure you feel as sexy as a squashed flea), the masses of tourists who fancy a quick pit-stop in the middle of the pavement by Oxford Circus, and the hammering that my credit card takes thanks to post-work drinks in the sunshine – but yesterday morning reminded me of everything that I absolutely bloody do miss.

Sob. Sob. Maybe another little sob for all the missed midweek picnics in the park.

Yesterday was invited down to Old Street Roundabout with Lipton Ice Tea as part of their string of free #BeADaybreaker events held across the capital this summer.

The aim was to get Londoners embracing the teeny tiny British summer for more than just the few hours between leaving the office and sundown – to get Londoners making the most of the unprecedented, glorious sunshine in the mornings as well as the evenings, to get them shaking up their every day routines.

And, aside from this tea-fuelled rave in east London, they’d also organised a break of dawn cruise down the Thames, an early morning openeing of the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A and – wait for it – a pre-work slide on the slip ‘n’ slide at King’s Cross. Omg.


Amazing, imagine shooting down a water slide before you’ve even checked your emails. Why isn’t this part of every daily routine, eh?

Maybe I’ll get one built as part of my future dream house. Yup, that’s the one.

Lipton had transformed the Magic Roundabout space into a party haven for those who wanted to start the weekend a little early – with Instagram-perfect jugs of ice tea with striped straws and fresh wedges of lemon, tunes by DJ Norman Jay and breakfast burgers by The Burger Bear that pretty much deserve an entire post to themselves.

Seriously though, new-level good. Hideously good. All the cheese and egg and pork and bacon and glazed bun happiness. Come to mumma.

The event kicked off at 7.30am and when I arrived, decked out in a new pair of culottes that erm, were more like cropped trousers in my stumpy little pins, the bash was already in full swing with people full on boogying down in the sunshine.

I’m talking like exotic rave moves and theatrical leaps and everything.

I normally don’t have the energy to walk down the stairs at that time of the morning, let alone break into abstract dance. People are impressive.

Just imagine the best rooftop bar you’ve ever been to on a Friday night and take away all the alcohol, add in some extra sunshine and the smell of freshly cooked burgers and you’ve got your set-up. So dreamy. So many happy people. Like, an unnerving amount of happy people.

Londoners are always so angsty and silent at that time of day, breathing in each other’s armpits on the Tube, whilst pleading that the last working day of the week goes by in a speedy blur.

But not these guys. These guys were loving life.


Jacket – Miss Selfridge (similar here) | Jumper – H&M, £8 | Necklace – Accessorize (similar here) | Trousers – Warehouse, £48 | Shoes – New Look (similar here) | Bag – H&M


I stayed for a couple of hours, necked a few little jugs of the good stuff (and stashed a bottle to take the edge off the train home, obvs), made pals with fellow blogger Milli Grace and took some cute outfit photos whilst posing against the sassy little back drops.

Then I headed into Dalston, picked up a vintage dress I’d been eyeing up since spying it earlier in the week and now I’m typing this from the comfort of my train home feeling utterly geared up to go conquer the day.

Except there’s an entire school class of under 11s singing and playing poker behind me and they’re *kind* of spoiling my happy, sunny Friday vibes.

But not quite, I’ve got too much iced tea and meat in my belly for my mood and cheeriness to be truly scuppered, however hard they try.

I can’t believe I’ve already been up 7 hours and my day’s been so productive. Maybe I really should embrace the day more and stop squirrelling away under my duvet for an unnecessary amount of time…

This is a sponsored post, but all views my own, obvs

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