Friday Favourites: 10th July 2015


Oh hi everyone, how’s it going?

I *think* you’ve got me on the good old Friday favourites for a solid few weeks as I’ve no plans to jaunt off around the globe just yet, so this should be a nice little regular slot for you compared to the dry Fridays my blog has been giving you over the past few months, soz about that.

AND, I didn’t even have to really think about my favourites this week it was all just bam, bam, bam with things I’ve loved, moments that have made me smile and lots of newness.

I’ve been feeling really weighed down with hormones for the past few days, so have been feeling a little uninspired with life, it’s taken a tiny bit more effort to get out of bed and not cry at social media and not go out and eat a family size chocolate pudding, but hey, that’s the joy of having a functioning womb for ya.

Spoiler: I did just eat a chocolate pudding and I’m not even slightly sorry. I needed something to take the edge off the quaint little feeling that my ovaries *might* have a tin of beans attached to each of them. Does anyone else ever get that, like, ovary heaviness? It’s a weird old pain.

Anyway, on to less over-sharey things and that.


1. New jewels from Turkey

I’ve got a full post on my galavants to Izmir coming up next week, but for now here’s a sneak look at what I bought from the bazaars out there (along with a giant coconut ice cream, some sunglasses I broke after 5 hours, and a whole chain of dried chillies WHICH, just FYI, were no problem at customs in case you were wondering).

Dainty jewellery of the highly Pinterest-worthy variety are everywhere in Turkey, and it’s megz cheap. Whilst the most of it is silver, some of it’s plated in rose gold and gold (i’m still unsure as to whether it’s real, but so far no green fingers here…).

I bought a plain gold coloured band and a rose gold ring version of the evil eye in gems. I also snapped up a plain white beaded bracelet and this cute little clover inspired bracelet which is megz pretty.

All together? About £25. Although I definitely could have upped my haggling game, I was just getting a bit flakey and overwhelmed in the heat.


2. OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel

This is one of those skincare products that the bloggersphere has a problem with calming down over, and tbh I can kinda see why.

My skincare routine revolves around twice a day rubbing in a nice balmy cleanser on dry skin and then cleaning off with a warm flannel. It’s been a complete gamechanger after a decade of cheap make-up wipes from Tesco, I tell ya.

I love the rose smell of this one. It reminds me of Turkish delight and I’ll be honest, I bloody love Turkish delight which I know is controversial. Mmm, come to mumma.

It’s also seriously kind to my skin and makes it feel really hydrated, AND, aside from 3 hideous period spots (which were nicely timed for no make-up days around Turkey, thanks for that one, skin) there’s been not a single breakout on my skin since I started using this a couple of weeks back.

IT’S SO GOOD. I *might* prefer it to Liz Earle, soz. Although tbh it is DEFINITELY a pay day/birthday/Christmas/fuck it I deserve good skin splurge at £28. Eeek.

You can snap it up here.


3. Vintage dresses

Beyond Retro are currently running a campaign using the hashtag #MyDreamVintageDress which encourages gals to upload snaps of themselves to Insta using the hashtag with the opportunity to win £250 to spend at one of their stores.

To help spread the word I was invited down to find my dream vintage dress (I know, bet you didn’t see that one coming). The one I actually went for will be my outfit of the week this weekend, but the dress I’m including in this post is another one I hunted out.

I spent about 12 hours just staring at the photo of me in it and then one thing led to another and I had to contact the store to get them to find it and hold it for me until I’m back in London today and can come and buy it.

I used to wear a lot of second hand clothes from charity shops and eBay before I started working at and I guess I’ve kind of been sucked into the high street fashion bubble, but this pay day I’m marching straight back to Beyond Retro and treating myself to a denim jacket and MAYBE another dress.

I feel like I’ve uncovered the real me hidden under a pile of throwaway fashion that bores me after two wears. I’m excited, watch this space.


4. Little Black Lies

I read the first chapter of this book whilst enjoying the Suffolk sunshine on a beach in Southwold with Chris a couple of weekends ago, and it kind of stuck with me, I knew I wanted more.

And then what happened was, I did that thing where I read it during any fleeting moment I had in Turkey – on the plane, in the mini bus, on the beach, in bed before sleeping – and finished it in about 3 days.

If you like dark books, books that you probably shouldn’t like, then this is the champ for you. It has missing children, dead children, murder and a few nice twisted love stories to keep you intrigued. Plus, I had to read the last page about 3 times to make sure the ending meant what I thought it might mean.

Creepy but addictive and I want to read it again, so there’s that. Buy it here.


5. MAC’s Lady Danger

If you watched my NYC haul you’ll know I snapped up this classic MAC shade whilst out there as a replacement for my almost-gone orange red shade from Illamasqua.

It had its first wear this week and I was really impressed with how it went on – I somehow expected it to be a lot more drying than it was and even after a long day in London without lipliner it hardly bled onto my skin or budged at all. Nice work, lippy.

In all honesty I do prefer the actual shade of Soaked from Illamasqua, it has more of a pop of orange to it which I just love with a tan and blonde hair.

Don’t worry Lady Danger, you can stay. You seem like a good egg.


6. Bravissimo

When I was abour 15 I’d get my boobs measured releigiously, mostly because I was just desperate, beyond desperate, to go up higher than an A cup.

And then well, life got in the way. I knew I’d been lazy with my bra sizes, often opting for a 36DD or E because it meant I could buy them easily in New Look or M&S, rather than seek out a specialist store. Even though deep down I knew I was probably a teeny bit larger than that (a 34 F/FF to according to Bravisserz).

I was invited down to give Bravissimo a whirl as part of their #AmazingYou campaign and well, my boobs have never felt so well supported. All I’m saying is, I might not have to clutch them for dear life whenever I run down the stairs anymore, which is a real treat.

Plus, the bra I snapped up is all kinds of pretty, even if it could act as a cute double hammock for mine and Chris’s teddy bears. Oh the joy of having boobs that could knock out a small child…

7. Fresh flowers

But not just any fresh flowers, nope. Fresh flowers left on my desk for me to return to after Turkey by the one and only Christopher Coleman. He’s a good one isn’t he?

So yeah, happy moment of the week was arriving home after a 4-hour flight and 2-hour train journey to my darling boyfriend cooking me a three-course meal, buying me flowers and surprising me EVEN more with a big stack of my freshly washed and ironed clothes on the bed.

He’s a damn good one. I think I might keep him a bit longer.

My hormones are making me want to do a little happiness weep just thinking about it. Time to have a bath and watch Teen Mom OG, see ya.




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