23 Of The Most Important Things On My Camera Roll


I screengrab a lot. Like a lot.

Chris has no idea that in the early days pretty much everything he said to me on Whatsapp was forwarded on to other people. My bad.

A lot of the stuff I screengrab now is less OMG LOOK WHAT {INSERT NAME HERE} SAID TO ME and more motivational quotes and style and food inspo.

So this is a compilation of that stuff, of the things that will probably shave a little a bit of my heart off if they were ever to be accidentally deleted from my camera roll or iPhoto.

I mean, it’s probably a bit of a weird post in the scheme of things, actually.

There’s a few personal photos too, a few of those photos that if you were drunk or having an overwhelming surge of hormones would probably make you have a little cry to yourself either with sadness, or my personal fave OH MY GOD I’M SO LUCKY AND SO HAPPY I MIGHT JUST HAVE A SLY WEEP.

That old bad boy used to be a tradition on my birthday whilst hideously drunk on love, wine and pitchers of woo woo – the wonderful happy drunk cry.

Anyway, here’s the favourite things on my camera roll. I feel a bit like you’re looking into my soul, so be kind and don’t tread on it or anything.

Oh and just a heads up, don’t judge on the quality of some of these – they’re screengrabs and so a *tiny* bit pixelated. This isn’t a glossy post, soz about that.


1. This, that reminds me to stop waiting ALL.THE.DAMN.TIME.



2. This photo of Rudey which makes her look like one of Jesus’s disciples.


3. This really important recipe for period days and crying days.


4. This gentle reminder about everyone on my Facebook friends list.



5. This, which fills me with magic and well, all the feels, every single damn time I look at it.



6. This photo of the Gales at my brother’s wedding earlier this year (Me, Chris, my brother Sam, his girlfriend Luisa, my brother Luke, my step mum and my dad).


7. This paragraph, which contains my single favourite thing I’ve ever written. That palace/quicksand line makes me want to fist pump every darn time. Good work, HG.


8. This photo from 2005 which reminds me how far I’ve come. I mean, it’s a classic. White eye shadow, over-straightened hair, fake vintage necklace, leg warmers, rara skirt and THAT belt.


9. This, which reminds me it was OK to be really shit at being a grown up when I trotted off to unviersity aged 18.


10. This photo of Chris smiling like he’s really happy, which he never ever does in photos. He’s a bit drunk and it was his birthday and he was in NYC, so yup.


11. This, which reminds me that my tired brain isn’t a brain that’s working properly. A tired brain will try and convince you of loads of negative things you’ve worked hard to get over. It’s OK to have an early night and kill off said stupid tired brain.


12. This, which I need reminding of every single damn hour.



13. This photo of Glamour’s Beauty Director Alessandra Steinherr, which reminds me how to contour when I feel like a brave woman.


14. This chunk from a Debrief article on mental health and being in The Priory. Which just sums up my head everytime i’m in a dark place.


15. This ultimate hair inspo because OMG SEXY HAIR.


16. This, which reminds me to hide my phone for the evening if I want to remain in a good mood.


17. This photo fo my nephew in an elf costume because DUH.


18. This, which helps me get out of bed on days when I really don’t think I’ll be able to.


19. This, which reminds me it’s OK that I have far less friends now than I did a few years ago.


20. This photo of my grandad who I miss just a little bit every day which makes me smile every time because I told him to sit up properly and stop looking like a slug for the photo. Mind my eyebrows and bad filter.


21. This OMFG wedding inspo.


22. This photo of Rudey and I where just looks like a tiny little baby and she looks like she’s hugging my shoulder and OMG TOO CUTE.


23. This, which reminds me to live a little bit every single day and to STOP SPENDING SO LONG PLOTTING MY FUTURE PLANS.


  • Lau

    Bloody loved this post! I’ve screengrabbed some of your screengrabs 😉

  • I LOVE this post. I’m now looking back through my iphone to pinpoint the screen grabs and photos that I would be devvoed at losing too. INSTANT HAPPY.

    Thanks Hannah!


  • Sophie

    Best post I’ve seen on the internet in a long time #love

  • Eve

    I loved this post! I’ve just screenshotted some of your screenshots ha ha!

    Eve xo | http://blogname.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

  • nueyork

    This is such a cool post and is so similar to the random stuff you find on my camera reel as well!


  • Helenka

    This has made me go all warm and gooey inside. Your wonderful ❤

  • LOVE IT! Really great, original idea!

  • Jess

    AMAZING. Great, original idea for a post. You look like Lauren Conrad so much in picture 20.

  • Loved this! Especially all the quotes, every one is relatable


  • I feel so uplifted and motivated now! I need to start screenshotting more stuff like this just so I have an instant feel-better tool when I need it!

  • Lauren

    I think we all have the contour photo and ombre hair photo in our collection lol x


  • I loved loved loooved this post! I totally feel the same way about some of the stuff I have on my phone!


  • Number 13 is so useful! Plus cats are adorbs when they sit on your shoulder xx

  • Heidi

    Love this. Your style of writing is everything!

  • Confession!! May have already screen grabbed a few of these, haha!! Cute post!!! We sometimes forget how much those little photos on our phone really impact our lives. I also recognise your brother, think I went to uni with him 😛 xx

  • Jess

    Love this post – and thought you might like to know that I have a screen grab of one of your posts that you posted just after a childhood friend killed himself. It reads ‘Go win at life, but don’t forget to confront the things causing you pain on your way to the top’. It killed me when I read it and still does now, but so inspiring. Thank you x

  • Loved this post! All of the screenshots about waiting for things to happen/not appreciating the moment are SO relevant for me- I am always asking ‘what’s next, what’s next?’ and it’s exhausting! X

  • hannah

    number 1 really made me think! I need to stop waiting too x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  • em
  • I love all the motivation screenshots, they’d definitely be helpful for me at times haha! Also gotta love the JK Rowling tweets : )

    Kathryn | nimblenote.blogspot.com

  • Loved this post! Such a good read x


  • I think this is my favourite post by you. It’s a nice twist on a get to know me better post. Also it’s nice that I’m not the only screen grab addict, so yeah, awesome post.

  • Fab, really loved this post idea and one I haven’t seen before! My phone, like most, is full of screen shots and I am constantly having to delete images to make room for more.

  • So many feels about this post. I SO often scroll back through my camera roll (mainly when I’m without wifi – what else is there to do??) and it gives me so many emotions. Thanks for doing something original – your content is the best girl. Sophie xx

  • This was beautiful to read and felt really personal and lovely. I like the idea of keeping certain things in your camera roll – I’ve never thought of that.

    Lovely stuff 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

    alicegibbs.blogspot.co.uk x

  • Such a refreshing read, so personal! Also nice to know Im not the only one who screenshots everything!

    Katy x x x


  • Loved this post!

  • Wow. I’m not one for inspo quotes really, but some of those made me feel all fuzzy and emotional at my desk all the way over here in Hong Kong.

    You’ve inspired me to write a post of some of the things I cherish on my phone.

    Thanks Hannah.

    Anahita x


  • I’ve screen grabbed most of your screen grabs! Number 14 is so so spot on.

  • Love this so much. I’m a major screenshot addict and always favourite the best ones so they’re in a separate album for when I’m in need of a boost. x

    Rachel | A Little Grey

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  • I screen grab a lot too!
    I have the most random stuff on my phone, a lot which has been sent through my group chat with the girls!

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