Las Vegas And New York Haul


On the way home from New York, whilst attempting (and failing, because obvs) to sleep on a red eye flight, I started to compile a list of everything I’d bought in the States between that Aer lingus trip with the bee eff, and my previous trip, with the Trek America gang.

I’d have liked to have said the list was crammed with saucy designer numbers – maybe a Kate Spade bag, some Jimmy Choos, and y’know, half of Sephora because why not, eh?

Sadly the list is more Walgreens than Fifth Avenue, and erm, I may have bought some socks and some pens and some pants because I’m exciting and living my life wildly on the edge like that.

But hey, here you go, here’s a haul with some chirpy music to make you feel chirpy.

And, wait for it, a real nice piece of hair at the front that keeps separating from everyone else and doing it’s own little thing that makes me look both a little bit greasy and a little bit unclean, so that’s a little midweek treat for ya.

Update on the shirt – it’s STILL not online, but these hunky culottes that the model’s wearing in these pics are in store because I spied them in the Ipswich branch. Uh huh.

I have little more to add, and I apologise for my sad little short post but I AM IN THE AIR.

Ok, well no, I’m on a train to Stansted via Cambridge as you read this, frantically planning what to have for my airport lunch and wondering whether I’m reaaaaaally going to do some serious book writing on the flight, or nah.

Probs nah.

Probs nap tbh.

See you in a few days. Don’t look at my Instagram, it’s probs going to be crammed with ugly ice creams and beaches and sunshine and ewwww, yuck.

(It’s @hannahfgale if you’re intrigued by said hideous (omfg delicious) ice creams).

Oh, and can you subscribe to me on YouTube if you have time? I’ve learnt how to edit videos a bit and that now and would appreciate your love and support. Thx bbz.

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