7 Friday Favourites: 26th June 2015


Friday Favourites, you little lamb, you.

I feel bad, like I’ve abandoned this weekly round-up because I’ve been away so often lately. It’s a hard one to write up in advance because it’d often mean writing it within a day of the week before’s Friday Favourites and, get this, I haven’t *actually* got enough life favourites for that to work.

I mean, what I should probs do is just invest in a laptop so that I can work from wherever I am, but y’know, need dollar for that. It’s on my list though, promise.

This week’s been a sleepy one. After spending three weeks of the last month in the States with three different time zones out there alone, my body clock is all over the place and it’s had a hard job adjusting. Post-NYC it’s not so much waking up in the night or being on the wrong schedule it just feeling constantly exhausted, which a productive full-time blogger does not make. Sad face.

I’ve been mostly writing and getting up new content for this week as well as coming up with some ideas for next week because as of Wednesday I’m off again – this time to Turkey. YEY TO SUNSHINE. I’ve never actually been to Turkey so I’m excited to explore somewhere new, although not as excited about y’know, another time zone adjustment, even if it’s only an hour or two this time.


So, this week’s highlights…



She’s baaaaaack! After my last piercing fell out in my sleep (erm, thanks for that one pillow), I was waiting for my next blood donation appointment so that I could get it re-pierced. You have to wait 4 months after a new piercing to donate and I didn’t want to miss out on another appointment and y’know, that buzz from saving lives, so I held off until now.

I went the very next day after a hearty brunch with gal pal Hannah in Shoreditch. We ended up just heading to the closest one from Liverpool Station and went to East Side Tattoo Shop on Bethnal Green Road.

Sadly, they wouldn’t let us film, but the second time hurt like way, way, way less than the first. I didn’t even have a small river running down my face in the aftermath which was dreamy. So yeah, now I have a stud in my nose again and can pretend I’m hip and cool and young and fun. (I AM, I AM, I AM).

Currently cleaning it with cooled down boiling water and salt with a cotton bud and it’s looking pretty damn healthy and clean, so that’s dreamboatin’.




Err yeah, as mentioned above.

One of my pals was like to me this week: ‘WHY do you love giving blood so much?’

There’s no big answer. I made it a New Year’s resolution last year whilst living in London to give blood twice, and it’s just kind of become habit now.

This week was my 5th time and it’s something I plan on continuing to do – in fact I wish I could donate more or that there was something else that was easy to donate. It’s such an easy way to make a difference and HELP SAVE ACTUAL LIVES. Plus, it’s a great excuse to not give a crap about what you eat that day. I ate the hugest, cheesiest bowl of pasta before I ehaded off for my appointment and then crammed my mouth with ginger nuts immediately afterwards and inhaled a Dominos for dinner, talk about treating yourself eh?

But yeah, it’s not like I love needles, it does hurt a bit and it does still make me feel a bit nervy, but the knowledge that I’m helping people live longer totally trumps any of that.




This babin’ green shade was one I picked up in New York last week and it hasn’t left my fingers since, I’m obsessed.

I nabbed an apple-y green Topshop shade really similar to this from the LOOK beauty cupboard a couple of years ago and have been on the hunt for the same kinda colour ever since. I love that it’s more of a yellow base than a blue so isn’t as minty as most of the other pale green shades out there.

It’s just been released in the UK too as part of Essie’s summer 2015 collection, so you’ve got that to look forward to on your next accidental Boots splurge. Yey. (It totally looks yellow here, it’s not, it’s a pastel-y yellow-green).




When I was a teenager obsessed with eating salads and going on weird starvation diets, I found out that a local restaurant had launched a new summer salad that involved strawberries, mango, chicken and bacon and well, it touched me so much that I still remember it now.

I mean, I never actually got to try it because they pulled it off the menu as quickly as it appeared, but it made me think about strawberries in salads for the next decade, and here we are now, with a strawberry salad.

After Chris and I had been to see Jurassic World we fancied something really light after a week of beige everything in New York, and that’s where this little fella filled in the gap.

I mixed some rocket leaves with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and then tossed in strawberries, goat’s cheese and walnuts. It was heavenly and I will 5743567% be doing it again, so you better get used to it.

Next up: recreating that chicken, bacon, mango and strawberry mash up.




First off, I only paid $15 for this which means it’ll *probably* cost £9.99 when it hits UK stores which is pretty damn amazing and guilt-free and you should all buy one.

I’m obsessed with the fun print on this overshized shirt and it’s so easy to feel sassy and stylish when you throw it on over black skinnies and strappy flats, so yeah, that.

I’m pretty sure it will be in UK stores soon because all the New York stores were basically EXACTLY the same as the UK ones, with the same stock and layout so this shirt MUST be on the horizon.

And if not, well there’s always this £25 one which is on my wish list.





I went for my first run in OVER A YEAR yesterday. It was harrowing but brilliant.

It was a lovely, sunny evening and I very slowly trundeled past loads of other runners and it was nice. By nice, I mean horrible. I listened to Drake and tried my hardest not to vomit down myself or succumb to the aggressive pains in my chest and throat.

But I feel better for it, like it might be something I try and do again. And then maybe again after that.

I even did a gross spit in the street because my saliva was just out of control and then felt a bit like a vile chav, but that’s the running life for you. Ewww.




Someone asked me how I do my half up top knot the other day and I had to be honest and confirm that it usually takes me about 8 attempts to get it looking normal and not like I have a cocktail sausage poking out from my scalp.

I’m obsessed with this hairstyle because I get really flustered by my hair being in my face and yet am aware I look far prettier with my hair down rather than in a scraggly ponytail, so this benefits everyone.

Although I DO wish my hair was thicker so that it would look less like I have a bouncy ball on the top of my head, but y’know, what can you do. I keep seeing so many megz stylish versions of this on Pinterest and Bloglovin and it’s making me mega jel that my hair will never have the volume and lift to look quite as effortlessly chic as those damn street style girls.

But yeah, half up top knot for the win.




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