About Last Night: The Absolutely Magical Boots Pharmaceuticals Petal Drop


I had a pretty damn good day yesterday. Like, the sort of day that makes you feel excited about your own life. The sort that makes you feel incredibly lucky and happy and good and magical.

You know what else is damn magical? I’ve only just noticed that there’s a unicorn on the front of a British passport. Mine’s sat next to me because I’ve just had to send off some details for an upcoming flight and wow, good work GB.

Anyway, yesterday.

Yesterday in London.

It started with a Shoreditch brunch with Trek America pal Hannah, moved on to getting my nose re-pierced (I didn’t even create streams of tears out of one eye this time, so yey to that), followed up by a few summer holiday buys on Oxford Street and coffee dates with PR pals and ended with that monumental petal drop with Boots Pharmaceuticals.

I really, really love London in the summertime, I really do.

Y’know, aside from the chaffing and sweaty back syndrome and random spots that appear on your cheeks JUST from being on the Tube for more than three minutes.

The theory of the petal drop – blasting a million coloured petals into the sky and on to passers-by-in in St Christopher’s Place – sounded like the most beautiful way to end a warm summer’s day in the city, and it’s fair to say it exceeded all expectations. Like, honestly. It was all kinds of sheer brilliance and beauty.

The drop was to raise awareness of insneezia – or, night time hayfever – which occurs when the temperature starts to cool and the pollen starts to fall from the trees, and involved me, alongside three other bloggers using actual petal guns to shoot streams of colour across the pedestrianised area just off of Bond Street. Boots Pharmaceuticals wants to show how you can take steps to keep your hayfever in check so it doesn’t stop you getting that good night’s sleep you deserve.

Lucie Loves Boots Petal Drop 39IMGP4864IMGP4879IMGP4833IMGP4829IMGP4839

(If you missed the actual event you’ve got a few hours left to take a peek over on Periscope here).

When we arrived, around 7pm, and I met Em, Lucie and Sheenie, we were completely overwhelmed by how many people had come down for the evening and how busy the area was. We were also completely overwhelmed by the petal guns because they were huuuuuuge and heavy. And OMG I’ve never fired a trigger aside from one on a water gun aged 8.

We were all completely moved by how involved strangers in the street got. People were filming videos, taking photos, scooping petals off the floor and throwing them back into the air, and then – when, after 30 minutes all the petals had finally been shot out of the various guns and canons – there was a huge round of applause. It was insane.

AND it was lovely to meet some readers too, including my Boots Pharmaceuticals comp winner who was off to spend a lavish evening at the Arch Hotel.

So now I’m off to flick through all the petal drop snaps on my phone and camera and pretend like I’m still there, swirling about in fluttering colour, rather than y’know, sat in my desk in my pyjamas thinking about food.

See more photos from last night using #PetalDrop and #SummerGoodTimes.

Some of the photos featured come courtesy of Lucie Kerley.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own, obvs

Lucie Loves Boots Petal Drop 81Lucie Loves Boots Petal Drop 37IMGP4822IMGP4849IMGP4871IMGP4885IMGP4867IMGP4909



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