6 Boxsets You Need To Get Stuck Into


One of my biggest dilemmas in life is what to watch on TV. I’m obsessed with Teen Mom (and Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2, Teen Mom 3 and 16 & Pregnant) and love a bit of Crimewatch (legit not a joke), but I struggle to find actual several series programmes in which to really get me teeth into.

And when I say get my teeth into, I mean watch whilst doing the ironing or during a period meltdown when I’m confined to the sofa with duvet, tea and a small bank loan’s worth of chocolate.

So I gathered, if I’m struggling to find boxsets that I adore, the sort where the end of the episode leaves me basically twitching and hyperventilating for the next one, then maybe you guys are too.

I mean yeah, you could see your pals or go to the gym or read a book, but some days, most days, you just need an hour of downtime with a good boxset so that you can totally emerge yourself in someone else’s life rather than yours.

So here’s my all-time faves. Some are available on Netflix. Some are also available on US Netflix (if you’ve like, been naughty and edited your Netflix internet or whatevs) and some aren’t, so err yeah.


1. One Tree Hill

I’m going to offend a lot of people here when I say, OTH is most definitely, definitely, wait for it – better than The O.C.

I was a big Orange County fan a decade or so ago, and only got hooked on One Tree Hill when it was already in its 4th season in the UK. I spent many a night home from uni sharing a bunk bed with my younger brother staying up til 3am just chain watching it. We were hooked.

It’s like a classic teen programme based in school, but it just makes you think about life. It’s inspiring in its own weird way and it makes my heart happy. So happy in fact that when I was in Vegas on my own I got through 10 episodes on my laptop because IT’S ON THE U.S. NETFLIX. Planning to sneak off my iPad for more of season 9 when we’re in New York.


2. Grey’s Anatomy

The all time winner. My baby. My life. My happiness.

I hated the first season. My brother made us rent it out from Blockbuster as something we could chill out to in the evenings after our 12 hour shifts at a temporary summer job. That’s a real story. Blockbusters. Sibling jobs. LOLZ.

I found the 2nd season just as dull when he insisted on renting that out too, and then something just changed and I now rely on Grey’s Anatomy more than I do coffee. I would rather never have a latte again than have a life without Grey’s Anatomy and that is a fact.

It’s based in a hospital, but what makes it so much snazzier than a typical hospital drama is that aside from the weird medical dilemmas is this insane attachment to the characters. You become obsessed with them, they become your family, you love them.

Omg I’m going now, OK BYE.


3. Broadchurch

Yeah alright, season two was nothing on season one, but it’s still worth a watch.

I was hooked on the first season back in 2013 when it aired just after I’d moved to London. At the time there was nothing better than joining in with the Broadchurch hysteria on Twitter, it felt like being part of a community. Bless.

I actually met Olivia Colman just a week after we found out who the killer was (plot: small child’s body is found, it’s a classic whodunnit, but a damn good whodunnit) and was a bit drunk and delerious with happiness and told her I’d watched the final episode whilst drinking Lambrini in a leopard print onesie with my flatmates after a boy cancelled our date last minute. She was polite about it. Babe.

Anyway yeah, way better than The Missing.


4. Luther

This came up on my Netflix as something recommended to me because I’d watched Whitechapel and a few weird documentaries and OMG ALL THE GOOD.

It’s that classic serial killer kinda programme, starring Idris Elba (who I don’t personally want to mate with – but apparently other people do, so that’s nice), full of weird plot lines, mystery, death and oh, it’s based in London which makes for a nice change to all the U.S. based shows like this.

If you like Sherlock and Broadchurch then you’ll like this, I basically weed just a tiny bit when my iPad notified me that Netflix had added season 3 last year. AND season 4 is coming soon. Just y’know, don’t watch on your own in a dark ground floor flat like I did. Nope.


5. Pretty Little Liars

My current bae. The thing currently stopping me from being able to do any work on a Wednesday morning until the new episode is digested and thought about for a small while afterwards whilst lying in bed with a hot beverage.

This is another programme that sort of got left behind one series in because well, it’s a bit same-y. Then I watched the entire bloggersphere have a small breakdown over it on Twitter and I thought I’d re-join the party.

I mean yes, it is kind of annoying that you don’t find out who A is after like 3 episodes, but meh, you kinda get used to it. The programme basically centres on 4 girls trying to find out what happened to their missing friend whilst at the same time being blackmailed by an anonymous character.

Plus, it features Shay Mitchell who will basically make you want to drop everything and go and find her so you can stroke her sassy body a bit. Not in a stalker-ish way, obvs.


6. Orange Is The New Black

Middle class young woman in prison for accidentally sort of become involved in a drug ring during her experimental years. That’s the basics.

It’s set in a womens’ prison in the U.S., is based on a real story and it’s on Netflix. In fact, on the day this goes live, the 3rd season will have been live for a full 6 days so you’ll probably want to cut off a few fingers in exchange for never hearing about it again.

But it’s good, and funny and a bit dark and it’s everything right with television right now. I chain watched the entire first season in that lull between Christmas and New Year back in 2013 and it made my heart all the haps. It’s addictive and different and yeah, that.


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