Outfit Of The Week: The Serena Van Der Woodsen Ear


I know right, her ear.

I chose Serena Van Der Woodsen’s damn ear to copy. Of all the things.

I got half way through Gossip Girl whilst at uni and got distracted by the likes of One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy (and soz when I say this, the reason being – they’re better). So, just before Christmas I started up again, which is when I realised that damnnn Serena’s ear look is smokin’.

So yeah, here I am copying it.

The look basically entails scooping all your long blonde hair up into a tousled high ponytail and wearing a statement earring. That is it. But I’ve been struggling to find a statement earring that really shouts out to me for some time. Until these H&M dreamboats.

OK, so I wanted them in green, which were the version I spied online and included in a fashion wish list, but it was these white babies that were lurking in the Ipswich branch, and y’know what? I reckon I’ll get more wear out of them because they’re such a go-with-everything colour.


I picked up this dress whilst in store too, after seeing it online and including it in the same wish list. It’s super light and much more flattering in these photos than I ever expected it to be, which means it’s DEFINITELY coming with me to New York and I’m definitely going to pull the tag out and make it a keeper in my wardrobe. I won’t lie, it’s been sat, neatly folded, in the H&M bag it came in, sitting on my bedroom floor since the day I bought it because I was just so undecided. But I think I like her.

And, for those that have asked before – I use St Tropez mousse on my legs for that tan. Applied every single damn time with a mitt, it’s just such a good shade and such an even coverage. So, erm yeah.

Shoes are new too, from New Look. They’re real leather and super comfy and cheap (£29.99). I sort of assumed they’d hurt and cut my feet after just a few steps for some reason, but nuh uh. The heel is the perfect height for long nights in NYC this summer. I’M EXCITED. SEE YA.

Jacket –IL2L.com, £79.99

Dress – H&M, £19.99

Earrings – H&M, £4.99 (sold out online)

Bag – Primark old (similar here)

Shoes – New Look, £29.99

Lipstick – Illamasqua ‘Soaked’, £19.50

Nail varnish – Essie ‘Find Me An Oasis’, £8



  • Lizzy

    Hannah you are looking SMOKIN’. Seriously, your outfit game has been top notch lately. You really rock that coral red so well.

    • Kerrie

      Couldnt agree more!

  • nueyork

    This is such a cool look, I love how bright your jacket is! I understood instantly what you meant by the title before I read this post. x


  • jo

    I really like this. But I would reeeeeeaaaally like to see what the dress looks like without the jacket on? Pretty please? X

  • I love a good Serena Van Der Woodsen inspired ear! Great post, LOVE that dress.

  • Eve

    Love, love, love this outfit! The shoes looks so comfy & they’ll go with everything.

    Eve xo

  • Amy

    100% my fave out of all your outfits of the week! That dress is so dreamy and so is the jacket and so is all of it really!

    Amy x

  • I love this dress and the earings go great, I so stopped watching GG half way through too! Enjoy NYC x

  • I absolutely love this outift, especially the shoes! I feel like it’s not just a Serena ear but a Serena outfit. And her clothes are just mega


  • Rochelle

    LOOOOVE that jacket

  • Emma

    Looking lovely! I’ve just bought a very similar dress from H&M, love the material xx
    Glossy Boutique

  • Watching Gossip Girl was 100% my nearest time to dying my hair platinum blonde (it would have been horrendous with hindsight) but that girl has all the #goals. Also I love your H&M dress – glad I’m not the only person who buys the entire contents of wish lists. Sophie xx

  • Love, love, love the red jacket, gorgeous!

    Check out my GIVEAWAY | Little Lauren’s Blog

  • Rachel Marie

    Rachel Coco

  • Joanna

    £79.90 is like $160 Aussie dollars but this jacket is just lovely… buy or not to buy? Is it true to size? 🙂

  • Those shoes though, seriously. Even after 4 years in Australia I miss New Look shoes so bad.

  • Stacey

    You absolutely slay in this outfit, great post and you are looking fab! The dress looks perfect for walks in the summer, might just have to buy that badboy! X

  • I love those earrings, waiting for the day that I’m brave enough to wear them myself 😀 Just wondering though, what is the dress like without the jacket?

    And yeah I never made it through Gossip Girl either, Revenge started calling my name 😀



  • SUCH a sassy summer outfit!!! Love the earrings.

    Sophie Cliff

  • I’m seriously loving the jacket! I need to add some bright red to my mostly black and beige wardrobe- thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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