7 Friday Favourites: 5th June 2015


For some reason I was really resenting writing this post.

It’s my first Friday Favourites in a little while because of my jaunt away, and I guess I just came to be a little scared of doing it. OK, maybe scared is totally the wrong word, but I’ve just been dreading it. I sat down on the sofa to eat my snoringly dull pesto salmon salad lunch with a sneaky side helping of Pretty Little Liars and it took all my will power to not just stay festering on the sofa, falling behind with work.

It’s like when I was at school and would feel sick with dread before PE theory lessons, even though they were fine, easy, went quickly. Minds can be weird and annoying sometimes, so thanks for that unnecessary anxiety, brain, you’re a champ.

Cool story, Hannah.

I’m currently treating myself to a sip of cold, crisp Diet Coke and another layer of nail varnish for every few sentences I write, so it’s going well.


1. Minimalistic from Essie

Despite heading out on Trek America with very little spending money I was determined I’d come home with a few sneaky buys worth blogging about (I’ma do a haul video once I’m back from NYC).

On my last day in Vegas I headed out to a Wallgreens in search of a few Essie nail varnishes to take the edge off the whole being on my own in a hotel for 48 hours thang. I had a small breakdown over which shades to go for. I went up to the till twice and changed my mind and ended up sat on the floor with about 8 bottles in everything from coral to mint green splayed out in front of me.

I’m cute.

I ended up snagging a classic red in ‘geranium’ and this dreamboat – ‘minimalistic‘.

I’ve wanted a pale pink for months, but was concerned they’d all either come out with a shimmer worthy of the early noughties, or be really sheer and glossy, more like a French manicure shade. But minimalistic? It’s been on my nails since the day I landed home (two separate applications, mind). I’m obsessed.


2. Bathroom shelves

Here’s the part where I fully expect you to close my blog’s tab on your browser and never come back.

I’ve included effing shelves OF THE BATHROOM VARIETY on a favourites list. Good.

We haven’t touched our bathroom decoration-wise since Chris bought the house last year. And we’ll be honest, red, white and black is not on our list of fave bathroom colour schemes in the entire world. Heck, there’s not one single thing like it on my bathroom Pinterest board, nopes.

The bath taps were broken when we moved in, and every time a plumber fixes them they seem to break again a few months later – essentially they just don’t turn the water off and then OMG TURN THE WATER OFF AT THE MAINS BECAUSE THE BATH IS OVERFLOWING. But y’know what Chris did whilst I was away? He fixed them himself. For real.

So it’s the sentimental things behind these shelves that make them make the list. It’s the fact that Chris couldn’t surprise me with a new bathroom because bathrooms are HELLA expensive, but he could surprise me with a bathroom that didn’t look *as* hideous and a bath that could *almost* wash my jet lag misery away. Keeper.


3. & Other Stories body scrub

I’ve always heard such good things about the & Other Stories beauty line, but as one of those sad, sad people that no longer live in London, and as someone who’s not really into buying beauty online (I like to feel things in my hands, check out shades, stare at things for a bit whilst I deliberate), it’s not something I’ve had the pleasure of sampling.

Until now.

I was offered the dreamboatin’ Floral Memento Body Scrub (and accompanying body souffle – like a thick moisturiser) to try out and review, and obvs I jumped at the chance because LOOK HOW DAMN CHIC THE PACKAGING IS. Oh, and it’s peony scented which is <3<3<3

I came back from the States with peeling on my shoulders for the first time since I was about 19 because I’m an exfoliating glove whore. I swear by them, but y’know, girl gott a bit lazy in those bad boy camp showers. So this body scrub arrived on my doorstep at just the right time.

It’s lovely and thick like a salt, but sticks together much more (which means even if you drop a huge dollop on the shower floor, you can actually scoop it back up again which is nice) and then lathers up like a shower gel on your skin. It’s much more exfoliating and thick than any other body scrub I’ve used before, oh and just FYI Chris asked to borrow it, so there’s that for proof that it’s summin special.


4. Astrid & Miyu

When my blog first started making just enough money to go full time I got a bit over excited and signed up to Astrid & Miyu’s Secret Box subscription like some sort of flash socialite living in Chelsea. It costs £39.95, comes every 3 months and basically includes two pieces of gold-plated (or silver or rose gold depending on your style) jewellery worth well over the subscription costs.

The first time I got my initial bangle which I adore and wear nearly every day as well a simple band ring – and this time around I got this hunk.

Sadly, there was a note accompanying the jewellery (I got some earrings too) to say it was their last ever subscription box which made my heart sink with sadness and made me rush to the biscuit jar. It was a great way to slowly build up a dainty jewellery collection made up of quality metals and I’m sad that I won’t get a little bundle of sparkly happiness through my door in September (which just FYI is my birthday, sob).

So, if anyone else knows of anymore jewellery subscription boxes, do hook a girl up!



I never want to be the sort of blogger who comes across as braggy, and I know with two trips to the States within a month, it’s starting to look that way, but honestly, as of now, I have NO other trips lined up EVER.

Aside from my honeymoon to San Fran and Hawaii, but that’s been hypothetically locked away in my head since I was about 20, so that’s different.

Next week me and Chris are jetting off to NYC for a week and staying in Citizen M in Times Square. We’ll be flying with Aer Lingus as part of that competition that so many of you lovely, lovely people voted in a couple of months back.

It’ll be my fourth time to the city, and my first with Chris and I can’t wait to show him the place that’ll forever have my heart. Nor can I wait to sit down on Wallgreen’s floor and assess the Essie situation again. Because Essie.

If anyone has any idea of what we can get up to in the searing heet (it’ll be between 25 and 30 degrees) do let me know. I want cheap restaurants, places to explore and maybe the odd shop recommendation…


6. Una Brennan Clay Mask

I was desperate to get my hands on a good quality high street clay mask for my pamper night post a few weeks back, and this is the gal you guys recommended on Twitter.

It’s £10 in Boots which was the higher end of my budget, but I love it. It’s a lot less thick and cakey than the traditional clay ones I used to use from those sachets – instead this feels nourishing, light and moisturising on my skin.

I’ve been using it twice a week and have definitely noticed less irritating blemishes and under-the-skin spots than I’ve had in aaaaages, although naturally they’ve all come back to party on down on my face now that my period’s round the corner. You pores are cute, you are.

Snap it up here.



Considering I put up a brief post about YouTube yesterday you’re probably a bit like ‘bore off you boring person blah blah blah’, but I just kinda wanted to say that I am MOTIVATED for YouTube for the first time EVER.

And that’s quite something.

I’ve been trying to (very half-heartedly) push myself into YouTube for almost a year, and I guess, looking back, it’s pretty obvious that my heart wasn’t in it. Not even a little bit.

Being away with a film crew, and a whole tonne of successful YouTubers has given me the confidence to really knuckle down and better myself in the video world.

I’ve been playing around on iMovie and am teaching myself some basic editing skills – next up is the scary purchase – the vlogging camera purchase. THE HELLO, I’M EATING YOUR BANK BALANCE MWAHAHA purchase.

I’m planning on doing a lot of vlogging because it feels the most me, but there’ll be some chatty sitting down and doing-in-one-go sorta videos too. Things like GRWM and make-up tutorials don’t really appeal to me because i’m not a megz beauty babe, but I’d love to hear if there’s anything you guys would like to see?

So, err yeah, check out my channel here.




  • Amy

    Go on the skyline in NYC! We went in May when it was about 25 degrees and it was awesome.

    I think re the youtube videos, for me personally I’m put off by videos more than 5 mins long. I’m not sure if other people feel the same? Might be something to consider.

  • Kia

    Hi Hannah! I wrote a post about all my favorite places in new York a few days ago 🙂 You should take a look. And have fun, it really is the best city in the world <3


  • Josie

    Those rings…. *Heart Eyed Emoji* so pretty!

    Josie XOXO | Fashion Mumblr

  • nueyork

    The essie shade is so stunning!


  • Helsibub

    Go to Juniors by Time Square for a slice of cheesecake the size of your head, a grilled cheese sandwhich and a cream soda (not necessarily in that order)- The. Dream.

    Oh and p.s. Do more home and fashion hauls! X

  • Rebecca Milne

    I totally totally totally feel ya on the whole New York thing! That place has my heart too ❤️ One of my fave things we did when we were there was the high line which is like an old elevated train line that has been turned in to a big walkway. It had loads of adorable little pop up bars and food stands when I was there and some perfect spots for taking photos. I also loved hopping on the Staten Island ferry to see the Statue of Liberty because it’s free but you get some cracking views!

  • Take a walk along the high line at sunset! It’s a lovely way to see a different part of the city and a cute date for you and Chris. Take some Baked by Melissa cupcakes with you, they’re divine. Ate far too many when I lived there.

    My boyfriend DOES think red, black and white is a nice colour palette 🙁

    http://www.whileimyoungandskinny.com xx

  • Yay for more YouTube vlogs – love them! Watched all your Trek America ones yesterday, they were so good.

  • Definitely do the Skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Pretty typical NYC stuff but the tour of the statue is absolutely worth it! Also air conditioned museums in NY heat are a must. Try The Met!

    Rachel | http://www.currentlyrachel.com

  • Woo we are redoing the bathroom at the moment so totally appreciate bathroom shelves. The trip to NYC will be awesome. I want to take my boyf next year! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • That ring is reeeeally nice, and the bathroom shelves are very cute of him! And Essie is always amazing, I sit here with fifth avenue on my toes and merino cool on my fingers


  • Wendy

    I also LOVE New York. One of my favourite restaurants is Cafe Luluc, it’s in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn and does the most delicious pancakes I’ve eaten in my entire life. I also love Pies n Thighs in Williamsburg which does awesome fried chicken and mac & cheese with American biscuits. Both restaurants are super reasonably priced. If you want to do touristy stuff on the cheap, don’t do the Statue of Liberty tour, go on the Staten Island ferry for free and you get a great view of the Statue of Liberty and NYC coastline. Also go to Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory in Brooklyn Bridge Park – so delicious, and for pizza at Grimaldi’s right near by. Mexico Lindo in Manhattan is also delicious, cheap and probably the best Mexican food I’ve ever had. Enjoy and can’t wait to read the blog when you’re back 🙂

  • Kim

    Hey Hannah,

    It’s worth checking out Luckydipclub for a subscription box. Little surprises and a good price of £15 a month if you can nab a recurring one. Plus you get a bit of themed jewellry.

    Maybe check out her Instagram…very popular. She released a collaboration with Folksy this morning and 300 boxes were sold in around 20minutes.

    Definitely worth a look!

  • I’m glad you will be doing more Youtube videos, I enjoy watching them. Just seeing snippets of the everyday life of Hannah Gale is more amusing to me then the endless, samey GRWM videos that every blogger seems to do. Not that they’re bad but just not my cup of tea. I’m not much of a beauty babe either.

    Enjoy New York! xx


  • When you go to NYC definitely spend more time visiting the non-touristy sites – for example Brooklyn and East Village in my opinion were much more interesting than central Manhattan! Also – Shake Shack burgers, yum!! The bar in ACE hotel does really nice cocktails as well, and there’s a lot of locals there apparently, not just tourists 🙂

    Enjoy your trip – I wish I could go back as well! x

    Laura / Middle of Adventure

  • Kailey

    Two things you simply MUST do in NYC:

    go to a Broadway show (matinees usually don’t fill and you can find great deals online / through your hotel!)

    take the Staten Island Ferry at sunset – most GORGEOUS photo opportunities of the Statue of Liberty!

    ALSO – if you get one of those “hop on hop off” double decker bus tour passes (there’s always someone selling passes outside of hotels), you have a reliable way to get around the city without having to ridiculous taxi fares plus they stop at all of the touristy places 🙂

  • I went a few years ago and ate at Tick Tock Diner a few times! It’s near Madison Square Gardens and just felt so American! Would definitely recommend their breakfast pancakes! ?


  • I have been busily thinking of more places to recommend you for New York – I’ll send ya a message on Twitter when I’m done . Lots of love xxx

  • So super jealous of New York! Head to Joe’s pizza in Greenwich village for mega cheap yum eats, eat cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery and DEFINITELY do the High Line! Try and book tickets for Top of the Rock at sunset – cheaper than the Empire State and with views that will make your heart BURST!!!

    Sophie Cliff

  • Have fun in NYC, head to Greenwich Village — it’s my favourite neighbourhood in the city. I love Comedy Cellar and hanging out at happy hours.


  • I am looking forward immensely to seeing all of your NY posts 🙂
    Also, big fan of those rings!

  • I love that mask from Una Brennan, I have been using it as my go-to for the last year whenever I have a big flair up! Oh enjoy NYC with Aerlingus, they are my fav airline, they ring you if you’re running late for your flight, old school! Oh and I always go to Ellen’s Stardust Diner on Broadway when I am there, the food is so-so but the entertainment well makes up for it xx

  • em

    love your youtube vids!


  • Tanya

    That essie shade is so pretty!


  • That Essie nail shade is so dreamy! xx

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