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If you follow me on social media, it’s a no-brainer that I’ve already uploaded all my Trek America vlogs to my YouTube channel because I’ve been bombarding you with them a teeny tiny bit.

And if you don’t, then well, you *might* not even know I have a YouTube channel.

No but srsly, some of you don’t know. I get comments all the time from people like ‘have you thought about YouTube?’ or ‘HOW DID I JUST FIND OUT YOU HAVE YOUTUBE?’, so erm yeah, I HAVE YOUTUBE.

I’ve not been doing much in the way of editing, or even filming on anything sassy – just my iPhone, but I did get three vlogs worth of footage whilst out in the Wild West last month.

I’m planning on doing much more YouTube stuff over the rest of the summer and year. I’ve taught myself some editing basics and will be investing in a camera the minute I can pull myself away from spending every penny of disposable income on Essie nail varnishes and ASOS orders.

So yeah, if you’re bored and want to do something on your lunch break rather than read DM whilst eating a Pret salad at your desk, here are those pesky vlogs featuring myself and my travel pals.


(P.s. If you missed my Trek America blog post, that bad boy’s over here)


Day 1-4

So I meet a bunch of randomers at Gatwick airport, I get on a plane with them and then woah, I’m in Vegas with them.

This first vlog sees us tackle Zion National Park and dat camping lyf. It was hard alright.



Day 5-8

So we move on to Bryce Canyon and go horseback riding and all nearly die. Cute.

We also all get howling drunk in Moab and go on a Hummer tour (not drunk, obvs). Thought we did order Mexican food and try and get an Uber to Vegas at 2am, so there’s that.


Day 8 and beyond

We head on up to the Grand Canyon after a night with the Navajo tribe in Monument Valley and do an OMFG helicopter ride that makes my heart drop into my belly.

Then we go party down in Vegas as a trip finale and then I cry because I’m all alone. Poor me.

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