The New Fashion App That’s More Addictive Than Pinterest


Every time I get an email about a new fashion app or website my heart weeps a bit.

They all get it so, so, so wrong and it’s instantly obvious that their baby, the very thing they’ve probably been slaving over for months, if not years, is never going to take off. It’s never going to be the next big thing. Because, let’s face it, aside from *maybe* ASOS if you really like window shopping whilst you’re commuting home, the chances are that you don’t have a single fashion app downloaded on your rose gold iPhone 6.

Nuh uh.

But Grabble, well Grabble is different.

When I first got asked to try it, I’ll be honest, I rolled my eyes a bit when I saw the words ‘fashion app’ without really reading what it was about. But I recognised the name, had seen it thrown around in tweets and on Instagram and had heard it used alongside that all important app buzzword – Tinder.

Because Tinder wins all the app awards. The simple swipe technology and clean and simple design has hooked an entire generation on internet dating. If you can go as far as calling Tinder internet dating (I mean I *sort* of met Chris from Tinder. Not really. Kinda.).

And it’s that clever use of seeing what ACTUALLY works for twenty-somethings, thirty-somethings and beyond that makes Grabble get me a little bit excited.

It’s like that time I was like people like reading lists, people share lists, I’m good at writing lists *becomes full time blogger thanks to lists*. Grabble have hooked onto something that just works. Like, really works.



So what is it exactly and how does it work?

It’s essentially an app that handpicks a tonne of hot new-in pieces from all your favourite brands and then lets you swipe left or right depending if you like it or not – then it saves all the things you like (which is great on it’s own for those OMG I HAVE A DATE AND NOTHING TO WEAR, WHERE ARE ALL THE NICE CLOTHES AT?! moments), but also sends push notifications when anything you like enters a sale.

Now, I’ve seen websites (not apps, mind) that have this similar sales angle. They’ve all made me want to cry – mostly because they try and suggest one of two things. Either a £650 dress that’s gone down to £525 – how on earth did you know? Or things like cheap plimsoles which are ALWAYS on sale because well, they’re hideous with a capital H. Eww.

I spent about 20 minutes swiping (it was supposed to be 5 – but like the headline suggests, all the addiction) and found at least 30 things I was suddenly desperate for. Including a watermelon clutch from Whistles, a navy suede skirt from Mango and the prettiest pom pom heels from ASOS.

There is designer brands too, but you can change the price bracket to suit you. I set mine at £70 (because I really like not having bailiffs at my door) and was amazed at the brands I found. I sort of expected it to be, well, a bit limited. Instead I got & Other Stories, Zara, Urban Outfitters and Topshop – and all the items the app decided to show me? THEY WERE ALL REALLY, REALLY NICE.

Surprisingly nice.

Dare I say it… Better than the edits you get in magazines nice.

My feed was full of sexy strappy shoes, boyfriend jeans in amazing cuts and novelty bags – it’s like it actually knew me. Although TBH Grabble does filter things depending on your preferences the more you use it – so there’s that.

I’m not suprised that it’s already been featured in Glamour and InStyle, because it’s hooked me in in a way which no fashion app has done before.

And the other gem about it is that it throws a few curveballs at you from brands you’ve never heard of before which means you get a world of new style possibilities. Dreamy.

So yes, go fly my pretties – download Grabble here. Just don’t come blaming me when you’re surrounded by a pile of online deliveries but can only afford to eat porridge for the rest of the month. My bad.

(One last FYI – later this month you’ll be able to shop directly from Grabble which makes like megz good. Oh and ONE other thing – you can follow them on Insta at @grabblegram and find out what other people are snapping up/getting really flippin’ excited over using #GrabHappy)

This is a sponsored post but all views are my own, obvs



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