How To Get My Evening Hair & Make Up Look


I think I must be getting better at beauty or applying my make-up or something because I’ve had a few comments recently about my night time and occasion make-up.

Maybe I’m just kinda ugly without my face on and people are genuinely shocked by the transformation.

Maybe people just aren’t used to seeing women who love make-up and getting made-up also do the complete opposite and go completely bare-faced on camera too. Because actually, aside from my close friends who I’ve seen the morning after a night out when their face is caked in day-old mascara, an unknown sauce and a splatter of vom, I’m not really sure what that many people in the online community look like without their layers.

When I was in Egypt we spent all day every day without make-up, mostly because it was too hot to even think about attempting to rub foundation into the puddles of sweat forming on our foreheads, but also because we were waking up at 5am most days and ain’t nobody got time for that.

evening make upIMGP3280

Let’s fast forward to day three of the trip, when our small group of four had all been hanging out 24/7 since touching down in Hurghada. We’d all sauntered off to our rooms separately to shower and get ready for dinner and had arranged to meet in the hotel lobby an hour later. So I did my usual make up and hair stuff – the same stuff I’ve photographed for this post – and headed down in a floral print ASOS number and black strappy heels. Another member of our press party was already there so I smiled at her and walked towards her and she LEGIT she looked me in the eye and actually walked away from me. She didn’t recognise me.

Even after three days of basically living together, evening Hannah looked so completely different to day time Hannah, she didn’t even know who I was. We all had a jolly good chuckle about it afterwards, obvs.

I’m still unsure as to what this means about my make-up less face. Awks.


Anyway, yeah, onto how I look like this…

I go in with my make-up first, and pull my hair back with a headband – or, if I’m away and have forgotton such a mega beauty essential, my glasses. Yes, srsly.

I start with primer, rubbed onto freshly washed and dried skin with equally freshsly washed and dried hands. I’m currently using a GOSH one because I love that the texture feels like a luxury moisturiser, but honestly, I’m sure they’re not even *that* different.

Next up I move onto my foundation. I’ve basically been wetting myself over Dior Star recently, I love that it has a pretty thick coverage and yet doesn’t feel at all cakey – if anything it feels really light and easy to blend. Although I have to admit, these photos have definitely made it look more powdery than it actually does in real-life.

I’ve really got into applying with a foundation brush and would definitely recommend moving the switch from your hands. No, but really. I just feel like the coverage is so much more even, and I tend to buffer the brush leftovers onto my hairline and jawline to help stop any skanky year 8 orange lines. (Which, when I’ve been holidaying a bit, I seem to get more because I go into a mild breakdown over which foundation shade is actually right for my skin…).


Here’s the bit where I might use my finger to dab a bit of concealer onto any spots, or spot scars, but I tend to save under-eye concealing for later on – after I’ve done my eyeshadow because I find it brightens my face and hides any spatters of stray metallic powder that have crumbled down my face.

Then I use a face brush with a pointed tip to apply contour powder into my cheek hollows. You know those little dips that appear if you suck your cheeks in? I’m using Seventeen’s palette because it’s mega affordable and the contouring shade is just about right for my skin once it’s got a bit of fake tan on. I sweep in upward line motions – going from the cheek hollow up towards my hair line – just under my cheekbone.

Then I sweep the same brush onto the sides of my temples and jaw line, very subtly because I find contouring TERRIFYING.

I use the same brush and sweep shimmer brick (either Bobbi Brown or Seventeen’s version – my Bobbi Brown one *may* have shattered in my suitcase when I went to Egypt, mega sad face, it was so new and hardly used) over the same places I’ve put contouring powder. I like my face to look fresh and glowy, especially in summer, so yeah, I use it strategically so I don’t look like an actual star has landed on my face.

I use a peach-pink toned blusher to just dust a little colour onto my cheeks, but again, I go easy with that because the HELLO I HAD A FIGHT WITH A BLUSHER PALETTE look is about as sexy as the I’VE BEEN MAKING OUT WITH A CONCEALER STICK look.

One of my current beauty faves (aside from Dior Star because babe’in) is the Tesco BD Trade Secrets Shine Highlighter, which again, I’ve mentioned before. It has such a dreamy gold glow to it, and I tend to dab it into the tops of my cheekbones and under my brow bone. It really helps get that healthy, dewy finish to my face.

Here’s where I’ll usually finish off my face with a sweep of GOSH’s Prime ‘n’ Set – a translucent powder that keeps your make-up in place and totally rids your face of excess shine and oil, which is basically my face ALL THE DANG TIME. It’s one of the only products I’d carry out with me for touch-ups (aside from a lippy), because it just works absolute magic, seriously – and makes your make-up feel all fresh and new again in only a couple of seconds.


Next up, I lightly go over my natural brow shape with my MAC pencil – I’ve really started going easier with this recently, and have just started doing light strokes on top of what I already have rather than just drawing new brows basically over the top of my old ones. I tend to make them a bit longer too, and give them a nicer, neater point at the end becaause they’re pretty stumpy and awkward otherwise, bless.

EYESHADOWS. I swear by two shades. Both Bobbi Brown. One I mentioned recently which is New White Sand – I take a big eyeshadow brush and cover my whole eyelid in this silver/gold metallic dreamboat. It goes with every outfit and every make-up look and doesn’t crumble down my face or make a mess and is SO easy to work with. I don’t know if this makes sense, but once I’ve covered by eyelid in a few layers of it, I use the remaining powder on my brush to just blend a little more shadow right up to my brow. I like it to be a lot lighter compared to my lid, hence why I just use the remains on the brush.

Next I use Smokey Quartz, which is technically metallic brown but it has a greyish hue to it. I use a smaller brush and I start on the outer corner of my eye, blending it inwards. I’d say my eyelid is darkest on the outside and slightly lighter on the inside – like a subtle ombre. I never really take the darker shade higher than my eyelid crease, and I find it creates a really easy, simple and low-key smokey eye that doesn’t make your face look like you’re a 3-year-old playing dress up with some crayons, which is always win, win.

Then I use the only liquid eyeliner I trust in this ENTIRE world – Collection’s Fast Stroke Liner, which costs £2.99, has a perfect sized brush, and lasts all day. It’s everything. It’s been all I’ve really loved in the eyeliner world since I was 14, and I’ve realised recently that a lot of big beauty bloggers also swear by it, so it’s nice to feel like my budget choices are validated.


I finish off with a few lashings of mascara – I’ve not got a current fave. I used to have like three on rotation, and for a big night out I’d spend 15 minutes using all three for different layers, but honestly? CBA. I think the shadow and liner make more of a difference to the overall look, not cakey lashes.

Then I apply a lip liner and bright lipstick. Current faves are Bobbi Brown’s Watermelon, MAC’s Relentlessy Red (worn in these photos) and Illamsqua’s Soaked. All dreamboats, all full of sass, and all mega flattering on most skin types.

With lip liner I just tend to have three – a nude, a deep pink and a red, all budget from Superdrug, and make them work for all of my lipsticks. I just outline my lips and then blend onto my lip a little, before applying two coats of lipstick to make the matte colour stay on for longer (and to stop it bleeding into my surrounding skin).


Soz and that, I can’t do beauty tutorial videos, I’ve tried and failed and well, uhh, I thought it would be nice to do a bit of beauty for you whilst I’m away and feeling as unglamorous as it gets.


For my hair, well I tend to wash it the day before so it has a bit of hold to it. I also try and sleep with my hair in a plait to give it a bit of natural wave and movement and energy, because it can be kinda flat and dull.

Then I jam pack the roots with a bit of dry shampoo to make it look fresher, but also to give it something to hold the curls and give it volume.

Then I put sporadic curls in using a curling wand. I tend to grab random sections and just wrap the bottom two thirds of my hair around the wand and hold for about-5-10 seconds so I don’t get full on ringlets, just loose waves.

I finish up by tipping my head upside down and doing the tiniest spritz of hairspray known to man, over my waves, and by running a couple of pumps of hair serum or hair oil on the ends to stop them looking crispy and forced.

So uh, yeah.


Soz for rambling. Soz for not being a professional. Just trying to keep things fresh and spontaneous and OMG WHO KNOWS WHAT’LL COME NEXT FROM ME? Oo-er.

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