7 Blogs I Always Read


I’ll be honest, I’ve never been much of a blog reader.

As someone who worked in digital journalism I was a member of the ‘bloggers are only in it for the freebies’ party. I guess I was part of that party because I didn’t know any better – there’s a general negative vibe against bloggers in every journo office I’ve ever worked in.

Looking back I guess it’s to do with jealousy and fear for your own job. Bloggers get all the same perks of the jobs as traditional old school journalists – press trips, getting to see their content published and the odd sample or gift card – but with more flexibility, no bosses and well, bloggers’ readerships and advertising revenues are only going up, whereas the same can’t really be said for traditional publications.

There’s this whole idea that journalists have worked their absolute bloody socks off to get to where they have in their careers, and that, well, bloggers haven’t. Having been on both sides of this argument it’s totally not true. I guess it’s just a different type of working stupidly hard – journalists intern, work long hours and please bosses they *might* hate, bloggers spend a lot of time reading research on how to make their blog grow and putting in sillly hours creating content and then promoting it. As much as it’s hard to switch off from a job in journalism (OMG THE ROYAL BABY IS COMING, I MUST HAVE MY FINGER LINGERING OVER THE PUBLISH ARTICLE BUTTON AT ALL TIME), it’s even harder to do so in the blogging world, and I don’t think the non blogging community truly understand this.

Anyway, now I’m a blog fan girl.

As in, I crush on people massively and follow them on social media and whenever they communicate with me I do that thing that single girls do when a boy they kinda fancy likes one of their Instagram photos. I basically have a small internal meltdown.

I’m exactly the sort of person I never thought I’d be. Mostly because I’m not 15 and waiting outside Zoella’s house to demand a photo, but y’know.

Anyway, the blogs that I read ALL the time. Sure, there’s others I follow on Bloglovin and Twitter, but these are the ones I actually physically type into my URL bar (I legit never knew this was what it was called, just Googled it to try and be profesh).


1. Gh0stparties

Kate is the first blogger I ever followed (OH HI THERE). I think she was following me on Twitter and favourited something and I was all OMG this girl has ALL the followers, she seems important, I should follow her back.

I’ll admit, I’m not as into beauty as a lot of other bloggers – gimme a nice pastel nail varnish and red lippy and I’m pretty haps, but Kate’s photography literally makes my eyes so damn happy. It also makes me push myself harder with my own photography on this blog, and I love that. I love that her blog makes me want to try harder with my own.

Oh, and also Kate’s flat is basically a Pinterest wank bank, so be prepared. And she has a cat, and so naturally I was always going to say nice things about her. (We once discussed over Twitter which Pokemon our cats would be, so there’s that).


2. Lauren Rellis

Lauren is one of my best friends. We met at Fresher’s Week over a library induction and some really lame jokes about loving libraries. Seriously, we’re riveting. We’ve holidayed together countless times, know all the words to Love The Way You Lie (there’s a reason I didn’t get a first…) and our Whatsapp conversations are mostly about cystitis. It’s nice.

Lauren’s blog has a similar tone to mine, mostly because we both write the exact way we talk – and we talk to each other a lot. She covers life and travel mostly – with the odd bit of sneaky beauty and bargain fashion thrown in because why not. Mostly you should read this post because there’s a photo of me dressed up in my cape to go and see HP at the cinema.


3. Write Like No-One’s Watching

The joy of Bloglovin’s popular page is that it makes you aware of people and bloggers you had no bloody clue even existed.

Charlotte is 27 and technically falls under ‘mummy blogger’ I guess. Which is an odd one because erm, well, you may have noticed that I don’t *actually* have any babies – aside from Rudey and my blog and oh, my lunch bloat.

I just love the way Charlotte literally puts her heart and soul just out there. She doesn’t hold back, she’s so damn honest and write’s in a way which just sucks me in. My favourite posts are the deep ones, the long ones, the ones which feel like I could actually just be sitting in her brain flicking through all her emotions. It’s such a welcome break from all the product reviews and smoothie recipes, it feels more like a published memoir than a blog, and I adore that.

We’re similar in age and I feel like we’re in a similar place mentally even if she’s a mum and I’m not.


4. Zoe London

Zoe’s another gal who followed me first and then I was like, this girl seems cool, I’ma see what she’s about.

Firstly, Zoe makes me want to do something fun and sassy and bright with my hair, rather than being such a basic with the same hair I’ve had since year 8 (true story). And secondly, I guess Zoe has a similar thing to Charlotte going on, in that her deep, personal posts just really suck me in.

I feel like it’s such a rarity in the professional blogging industry to find people who aren’t scared of saying it how it is, of opening up, of putting themselves on the line, and Zoe does that and it makes me really respect her, a damn lot.

She also writes about beauty I can actually afford and probs would pick up in Superdrug, which is always a bonus.


5. Sprinkle of Glitter

It’ll come as no surprise that Zoe Sugg was the first blogger I was really aware of, back in about 2011, and I just sort of thought of Louise as her mate. Like, it never actually occured to me that she *might* also be a blogger and YouTuber too. Good one Hannah.

I’l be honest, when I first started reading her posts and watching some of her videos, I found her too sugary, too Disney, too happy. And then I realised she was 5 years older than me, had a daughter, was married, and I kind of saw her in a different light. Just another gal making the most of what she has, making a living out of what she can, supporting a family, and since then I’ve became kind of fascinated by her.

The way she’s handled her break up in the blogging eye has been absolutely incredible, the babe deserves a HUGE round of applause and a giant hug. She’s become the sort of person who can write anything and I’ll still read it because she’s just hooked me into her life so magnificently.


6. My Milo And Me

It’s worrying that two out of my seven are ‘mummy bloggers’ isn’t it? Surely I should be reading things I can relate to, like a cat mum’s blog or whatevs?

I used to work with Susie at Look.co.uk a year or two back, and she’s really funny. Like REALLY funny. Like take my funniness and times it by a bazillion. She’s seriously relatable, and even if you haven’t had kids (she’s got one – Milo, who was born last October, am’I right Susie? Am’I?) you’ll still want to read the posts about baby and mum things. Honestly.

I mean YES, she seriously scarred me for life when she wrote this post, but whatevs. Oh, and here’s a fun fact for you, Chris got so incredibly twatted off his face at her baby shower playing spirit pong that he was sick down himself. So yup, that’s a real thing.


7. Velvetgh0st

Uh huh, so I know Gabby isn’t *really* a blogger, she’s known for her YouTube fame and for being gal pals with Zoella, but I had to mention her because her Twitter account just makes me so happy haps.

I genuinely adore her tweets. Like what, when have you ever said that about anyone ever? She also really likes Pretty Little Liars and One Direction and has a kitten, so I mean yeah, she’s basically like the younger version of me. Oh and she can reaaaaaally sing.

Gabs started a blog and posted six posts earlier this spring, so I’m hoping she continues it because just like Louise, I’m basically just obsessed with her life and everything in it and am like MORE, MORE, MORE. And well, I’m not *that* into watching YouTube video the way I am with digesting written content.


Anyone you think I’ll like? Hit me up, my Bloglovin feed is getting well too same-y.



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