Outfit Of The Week: The Zara Embroidered Dress


I did it again.

I used my lounge as a fashion shoot back drop. I quite like the way I’m managing to get an alright focus on my photos – I mean yeah, they could be glossier, sure. But they’re light, they get the whole outfit in, they’re not messy (aside from those OH HI WE’RE HERE television cables), and they’re so, so, so much easier for me to do.

There’s no trying to coherce people who REALLY REALLY don’t want to take photos of me into, well, taking photos of me.

Trust me, there’s nothing like begging people to take more photos of you from different angles to make you feel like a self-obsessed diva. And I’m not a diva, I just don’t want my knee fat curdling its way into each shot. So yup.

With the photos in my lounge you not only get to see me feeling comfortable because there’s no passers by giving me questionnable looks, it’s not fer-flipping-reezing, and I get as much time as I need to get them right – plus you get to admire my N64, and that’s really something.

So this Zara dress.

I bought it about 6 weeks ago as a maybe for my brother’s wedding, and, despite buying it in a large, it still comes up really short. Which, if I’m honest made me feel a bit unconfident about wearing it.

Even after I’d decided to go for something lighter in colour for the wedding, I was considering taking it back, because, well, ain’t nobody wanna see this much of my legs.


But then I realised I REALLY like the embroidery, like, it’s the best embroidery I’ve seen on the high street, and the seventies flared sleeves are incredibly sassy, so who gives a damn if it shows off a few inches too much of my thighs? I’m rolling with it.

So here it is, just before it was packed safely to one side into my pile of ‘DO NOT WEAR THESE CLOTHES THERE ARE BEING SAVED FOR TREK’ pile. Everyone else does this right? I’m about to do my last pre-holiday wash.

I’ve teamed it with my new Primark sandals (which, just FYI, haven’t given me any blisters yet despite having two very lengthy wears out of the house), a straw hat (picked up in Greece on holiday last year), and a chain bag – because obviously, life is all about chain bags.

Oh, and a hearty supply of leftover-from-the-wedding St Tropez fake tan.

Not sorry.


Hat – from Greece (similar here)

Dress – Zara, £45.99

Shoes – Primark (still in store)

Bag – Zara (similar here)

Lipstick – Relentlessly Red by MAC, £15.50


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