30 Seriously Instagram-Worthy Buys For Your Desk


I was going to do another homeware round-up, but you know what? There’s nothing new out there, at ALL.

OK, I lie. There’s a pretty sassy cushion from H&M that says ‘when in doubt, vacation’. Which is pretty damn me. Aside from y’know, I’m not American.

After questions about starting a blog and breaking into journalism, my most asked question is about where to buy notepads and stationery from. Srsly.

So here ya go guys, here’s some of my favourite little pieces online right now.

Marks & Spencer is absolutely bloody killing it. I’m obsessed with their cute slogans and prints – some of their pieces have a real Kate Spade feel and are super affordable.

I’ve also included a few mesmerising pieces from KS even though clearly none of us can *quite* afford it. Sob. But it’s nice to have something to aspire to, am’I right? But seriously, Kate Spade is my homeware and office dream – I love all the tiny thank you cards and trinkets even more than the bags.

Except no, because this. Maybe there’ll be an outlet store in Vegas? please PLZ?


1. Amara set of four bowls, £28

2. Ohh Deer post-it notes, £3.50

3. Oliver Bonas copper desk lamp, £70

4. Paperchase watermelon tape, £2.50

5. Amara trinket tray, £20

6. Amara ‘You Are So Fucking Special’ leather notebook, £27

7. John Lewis storage boxes, from £2

8. John Lewis pencil set, £8.95

9. Marks & Spencer notebook set, £4

10. Kate Spade business card holder, £25

11. IKEA cactus, £3 each

12. Marks & Spencer lemon pouch, £8

13. Oliver Bonas wire candle holder, £16

14. Marks & Spencer ‘LOL’ notebook, £6

15. ASDA bunny lamp, £25

16. Paperchase lipstick highlighters, £7

17. Wilkinsons trinket box, £10

18. Paperchase fruit pins, £5

19. Marks & Spencer polka dot notebook, £6

20. Kate Spade motto vase, £51

21. Wilkinsons concrete ampersand, £5

22. Marks & Spencer notepad, £3.50

23. John Lewis post-it notes, £2.95

24. Marks & Spencer mini globe lamp, £49.50

25. Kate Spade trinket tray, £51

26. Ohh Deer Mean Girls pencils, £3.75

27. H&M gold tray, £14.99

28. Etsy haters print, £18.50

29. Etsy boss print, £18.50

30. Etsy love print, £18.50


  • WOW, I can’t believe how pretty everything looks. I’ve seen so many things with watermelons this month, I think it’s the ‘in’ thing at the mo. There’s t-shirts to clutch bags and stationary to absolutely everything!!! I saw a watermelong clutch in New Look the other day and paperchase have a cool watermelon make -up bag in thir latest fruity range. I want everything in your post!

    Nazira | Love Hijab Girl | Bloglovin

  • Ahhh I want it all!!
    Debs x

  • Gorgeous picks! I love the Mean Girl pencils!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  • I absolutely love stationary! I’m going to have a look at Marks & Spencer now. I am really liking Paperchase at the moment

  • Josie

    What a fun idea for a post – love that Oliver Bonas copper lamp!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  • I am loving little trays and bowls at the moment! No. 1 and 27, yes please!


  • I love all of these things!!! Totes agree about Marks. I went in for groceries the other day (just a few, because why-is-everything-in-there-so-yummy-and-expensive) and came out with a few new notebooks. xx

  • I want ALL OF THIS. Your lists always make me spend more than I should!

    Sophie Cliff

  • Love the M&S notebook set!!


  • Haven’t been in m&S for aaaages! Hannah, how do you get your images in one of those grid things?

  • Oh jeez, I need all of them…

  • I loved these! I’m a sucker for stationary so this post means I’m now probably going to go spend a small fortune on lots of new desk-things. Oops! I agree that Kate Spade is definitely the dream for homeware. One day, I will have a pinterest-worthy help…especially with this post to spur on my stationary splurging haha 🙂

    Tasmin | Grandiose Days

  • Going back to school was always so bittersweet. Obvs no more summer days spent on MSN but new school shoes and £30 worth of gel pens and stationary…. Wish there was the same excuse now. Sophie xx

  • Ooooh I love those M&S notebooks. I am nearly finished my latest work notebook, so I might need to grab a set and use one as my next one!

  • Melani

    I just discovered you today so I’m not sure what the Vegas comment is referring to, are you going there on holiday? But I just moved to England from Arizona where I was really close to Vegas and had family who lived there. I bought the handbag I am using as we speak at a Kate Spade outlet in Vegas so if you are going there you are in luck. ? just thought I’d share.

  • ASDA actually have some really cute homeware/stationary bits in at the moment, which really surprised me!
    Anything from paper chase is a must for me 🙂

  • nueyork

    There are so many beautiful things here!


  • Those plants just look amazing I think! So obsessed with your picks, I especially love the globe lamp. I am counting the days until I finally get to decorate my own space!!



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