My 10 Most Successful Posts Of All Time


OK, so before I go on with this post I have to say something – there is a running theme throughout my most popular posts. Like a really obvious one.

It might have something to do with lists. Listicles. Those creatures that have taken over the online playground of content. The things that creep into your Facebook feed in their zillions, the very thing that made you do a OMG BUZZFEED IS OMG OMG OMG back last year or in 2013 or whenever it was that you caught on.

So yup, lists have been the very gems that have catapulted my blog and my name into the land of ‘Oh, I think I’ve heard of her – the one with all the lists?’.

That’s me. List girl.

So err, here’s my most popular ones ever.

OK, lie. My most popular ones EVER on my blog. I wrote a flip of a lot of them for too, most notably about sex. You can read those here.


10. 36 Reasons Secondary School Was The Best Time Of Your Life

On a serious note – it wasn’t. And if you really believe it was then gurl, you peaked way, way, way too soon. It will take you right back to the good old days of coach holidays, Bunsen Burners and listening to all your hip and cool music on your MP3. The dream.


9. 27 Thoughts All Girls Have Whilst Getting Ready For A Night Out

This is mostly about shaving, wearing bodycon and that last minute – maybe I should ditch everything for pyjamas, x Factor and a curry moment. Except oh, you’re kinda a bit drunk and OMG TONIGHT’S GOING TO BE SO MUCH DANG FUN.


8. 34 Things That Were Only A Good Idea When You Were 18

I’m glad being 18 only lasted a year because otherwise I’d be dead. Either because of all the endless Apple Sourz shots and Woo Woo pitchers, by being killed in prison for not paying off all my debts for all the money I *thought* I had, or y’know, from all the McDonalds and doner kebabs. Srsly.


7. 23 Things That Happened At Every Teenage House Party

I’m amazed that this one made the top 10 – not because I didn’t love this post (it’s secretly one of my favourites) but because it didn’t make an initial impact. I’m guessing it’s the sort that’s just been ticking away discreetly in the background.

I won’t lie to you, I was THE house party queen as a teen. Ask anyone I went to school with.


6. 24 Unexpected Things That Happen When You Move To London

Ahh, the little sausage that started it all. The post I wrote on a whim after handing in my notice to IPC Media without a job lined up and feeling all the swear words. It’s the post that not only got me noticed at (hello, let’s DM this gal on Twitter and see if she fancies working with us – for real) but also the post that got snapped up by


5. 36 Things All Women In Their Twenties Are Obsessed With

This was easy. I looked at my Instagram. I looked at all the other bloggers I follow on Instagram. I looked at my friends’ Instagrams and certain themes became all too darn obvious. Ahem, black ankle boots and Diet Coke.


4. 24 Important Things All Women Learn In Their Twenties

Basically a summary list of my life. I thought back to every time me and my gal pals were hungover and wearing Nike trackies and smelling like day old orange VK on the sofa whilst watching Girls Of The Playboy mansion and thought about what I wished we’d known then. What we’ve learnt since. And then this babe was born.


3. 31 Thoughts Every Twenty Something Girl Has On A Daily Basis

this was one of my first big listicles after I made the leap from full-time digital journalist with a blog on the side, to 50/50. I look back on it now and think it *could* have been better, despite being shared in its tens of thousands.

I also got a little bit of negativity because I was stereotyping women and suggesting women don’t care about bigger worldwide issues. I get that, I get that, but I still think about avocados and ASOS every single damn day, so there’s that.


2. 17 Things All Girls Need To Remember At All Times

Here’s the honest truth about this post – I’d had a few big hitters and my traffic was starting to slow down and I was like MUST WRITE SOMETHING, ANYTHING. And this was born. It’s just a list of all the things I’ve learnt so far in my life really, and all the all-important life lessons I’d share with my former self and possible future hypothetical daughter.


1. 42 Things All Noughties Teenagers Will Remember

The ultimate nostalgic list. Mostly if you were a bit chavvy and wore a McKenzie hoodie and your hair slicked back with mousse and half a can of hairspray and reaaaaaally felt like summin special when you got your hands on a 10 pack of Marlborough Lights for a house party. Or, in other words 15-year-old me. That girl made the most popular list ever on this blog, go her.

Oh and Michelle Keegan shared this one on Twitter, no biggie.

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