I Have Some Pretty Huge Travel News To Tell You


OK, so I’ve got something seriously *insert swear word here* exciting to share with you all.

Something I’ve wanted to tell you about for months because it’s mega. It’s insane. It makes me feel a bit like a celeb or summin.

Nopes, the book deal hasn’t come through (although I am thinking about dedicating some more time later on this summer to making this happen – one way or another), I’m not pregnant (although my period was two days late this month and I was like OH FOR FLIP’S SAKE, SRSLY?), and I’m not engaged (although there’s been a heck of a lot of people I actually KNOW doing this of late and it’s scaring me a bit).

I’m off to the USA this week. With nine other bloggers and YouTubers. For almost two weeks. And we’re doing Trek America.

I really, really, really, hate the word, but I feel like there’s nothing to better describe how I’m feeling right now than ‘squeeeeeee’.

*Punches self in face*

So, right, OK, we’re all gathering at Gatwick thisSunday (17th) before hopping on a plane to Vegas, which is where our trip starts. We’ve got a 10-day tour lined up – which includes dipping into Utah, Nevada and Arizona – and visiting three national parks, with a hike up the Grand Canyon. Oo-er.

I just Googled all the places we’re going (Vegas, Zion N.P, Bryce Canyon N.P, Moab, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon N.P) and basically stopped breathing for a small while. I feel a bit like I’m in a dream or summin.

I’m really excited as you can tell, but for some reason my mind is shouting SHIVERS SHIVERS SHIVERS. As in, the book that was sort of like Goosebumps. What even is my head? I feel like I’m thinking about a book where a group of youths got lost down a hole or something. I’m not sure how this is related. Good work, mind.

I mean, I won’t get lost down a hole, will I?

According to my itinerary, there’ll also be horseback riding (I mean, my camel riding experience in Egypt went SO well), lots of scenic walks and hikes, travel along Route 66 and a night in a traditional Hogan in Monument Valley. Go on, Google that last one.

I also had the option of delaying my flight home for a few days – so I have, and have booked in for two nights in the MGM Grand in Vegas on my own, because well, why not. I’m not entirely sure what my plan is, or if any of the other bloggers want to hang out with me, but we’ll see.

Obviously when I got the first email, back before Christmas, a little bit of sick nearly came out of my mouth with WTF. But as it’s got closer, I’ll be honest, I’ve had a few little fears trickling into my brain.

Firstly, there’s 13 nights away from Chris and Rudey which is the longest I’ve been apart from either of them ever ever EVER. Secondly, I won’t be able to be as quite ‘on it’ with my blog as I like to be, it means planning lots in advance and no spontaneous posts and traffic will likely be a little lower than usual which always fills me with waves of harrowing anxiety of OMG WHAT IF I HAVE TO CLOSE MY BLOG DOWN AND GET A JOB IN IPSWICH LIBRARY.

And thirdly, and don’t laugh – I’m scared of my clothes and my body in comparison to the other internet personalities on the trip. Like, what if I look like a bulbous blob of an elephant decked out in Primark’s finest next to this lot of toned hotties? AND WILL THEY LAUGH WHEN I VLOG ON MY IPHONE? Should I spend all my money on a vlogging camera? Should I just man the fuck up and stop being a baby? Probs.

But aside from all of the above, the main emotion in my brain is of sheer joy, The sort of sheer joy where you’re like BUT WHY ME? What have I done to get here? Why have I been chosen? It’s all a bit weird and hyper and surreal.

So yeah, obviously I’ll be filming the trip, and writing lots about it when I’m back and I’ll also be megz active on social media – but let me know if there’s anything you definitely want to see/read?

Should I get Snapchat?

Should I do a packing video?

Should I do an outfit post?

Should I do an ‘xx things I learnt on Trek America’ list thingy?

OH, AND WHAT SHOULD I DO IN VEGAS? Where can I get the sassiest, cheesiest, most American burger and fries of all time?

Anyway, enough rambling and hyperventilating, I’m off to search eBay for some new Levi cut off shorts for y’know, all that hiking I’ll be doing.

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