Friday Favourites: 8th May 2015


On a serious note, this post nearly never happened.

I just forgot.

Uh huh.

I’ve been busy trying to work ahead (because of this mysterious holiday I still can’t tell you about) and well, just forgot that Friday Favourites was a thing. Which is good, I mean, it’s not like they’ve been going on for months and months or anything. Srsly, Hannah.

As you’re reading this, I’m probably trying not to cry at the prospect of a five hour drive on rainy motorways as we make our way up to Preston for my brother’s wedding this weekend. I LOVE a good road trip, especially if I’m driving, but rainy conditions just make me all nervy and I bladdy hate that irritating spray that comes off of lorries, it’s terrifying.

So yeah, it’s Thursday evening as I type this and I’m just sat in a bright pink lipstick and grey sweatshirt whilst Rudey takes a little nap in the hallway as we’re waiting for Chris to get home from work so we can eat some dinner, pack and head off to an election party. Yup, this is an actual thing. Who knew?

I did vote just FYI, but not for the same party as Chris. Is that weird that we have different political views? I mean, one of us isn’t a raging racist and neither of us voted UKIP, but still.

At the last general election I stayed in Sussex on my own and slept with the TV on and woke up hourly to check the results. I’m so glad we don’t have a TV in our bedroom in this house…

(Update: I’m proof-reading this and it’s now Friday morning and WTF BRITAIN, WTF. I’ve had 4 hours sleep and OMG THE COUNTRY IS FALLING APART AND I MIGHT LEAVE AND I FEEL SO DEFLATED AND HIDEOUS.

Oh right, this is a post about favourites and not election day. My bad.


1. Wilkinsons succulents and cacti

Ninety eight per cent of the Bloglovin world is currently obsessed with these little green critters. They pop up in every other blog photo, oh and you only have to go on a sweet, sweet drive to your closest IKEA to snap some up. Which, if you’re most people, entails a long drive with a motorway and some car snacks and a lot of petrol and a lot of time.

You can get teeny tiny baby ones in B&Q and Homebase, I once saw some in Sainsbury’s, but my new haunt for snapping up new succulents and cacti? Wilkinsons. Uh huh.

Even in the Ipswich branch, which is saying something.

The plants on offer seem to change on a weekly basis. I picked up this lone little cacti one week, and then the next there was a whole shelf dedicated to £2 succulents in every shape and size. It’s a VERY exciting time to be alive. So now you know, and now you can join in on the prickly fun.


2. Primark sandals

I actually popped into Primark to swap a pair of faux suede peep-toe ankle boots I bought on a whim and decided I’d never EVER wear. I wanted to swap them for the tan heeled sandals I’d bought earlier in the spring (and then consequently ruined by covering them in some sort of greasy substance in Tuscany, sob), but they were long gone – so these happened.

I’ve actually had my eye on them for a little while (they also come in black) but I just had visions of them turning my feet into a mangled mess of flesh. I have been told that they do indeed turn feet into mangled messes of flesh – I so far have only worn my £10 bad boys for about 90 seconds whilst I Instagrammed them.

But they look pretty and I just plan on carrying plasters with me for the forseeable future – surely I’ll wear them in eventually?


3. Aussie Conditioner

If you want your hair to smell like happiness and holidays and health and sparkle and rainbows, buy this conditioner. It’s everything.

Yes, it makes your hair feel glossy and lovely like any good conditioner should, but it just smells like something else. You know when you’re with a group of girls and you can smell that one of them has really good hair? And you sort of want to be her? This smells like this. I’m obsessed.

I first tried it a few years back and totally forgot all about it, and have only recently been reunited with its loveliness. I refuse to use anything else ever. Oh, and it’s £4.99, so yeah, hardly hideous on the bank account.


4. Etsy print

I actually bought this a couple of weeks ago, but totally forgot to buy a frame until I popped into Wilkinsons (I just Googled and they’re trying to re-brand as Wilko, well that’s never going to happen, stop trying to make it happen).

I think I shared it on Twitter a couple of months back, and it just makes me smile. It did cost £18.50 from Etsy, so if you’re a bit of a cheapskate like me, it was a bit of a scary investment, but it’s the perfect piece of office motivation. Plus, it’s just megz pretty, innit?


5. Daniel Wellington watch

I won’t lie, me and Chris were lucky enough to be treated to new Daniel Wellington watches this week. And although I’m pretty haps about the situation (because it’s THE watch of 2015, if Instagram is anything to go by), Chris literally looked like it was his birthday and I’d bought hiw Michelle Keegan when he got his. Like seriously, he wasn’t even that excited when we found out we’d won the New York trip.

This is my second one – my first is the Classic Sheffield, which I wear pretty much every day – and my second is from the new Classy collection, which includes these cute gems for a bit of added bling.

If my sassy wrist has swayed you, then up until May 31st you can get 15% off online orders with the code: Hannahgale. You’re welcs.


6. Bobbi Brown eye shadow in New White Sand

I hate recommending things that I think are quite pricey, say for example, a £22.50 eye shadow. Like who has that sort of eye shadow money just floating about? But this is my favourite right now, so I had to mention it.

I’ve been playing around with a lot of different eye palettes recently and just stumbled back across an old, very much loved Bobbi Brown one, and this eye shadow. This eye shadow is pretty much all I daydream about in an eye shadow. Its so so sparkly and light and easy to apply (by that I mean it just sweeps on, doesn’t crumble down your face when you brush it on, and doesn’t look at all patchy – my eye shadow ALWAYS seems to be patchy).

So if you DO want to invest in an eye shadow, make it this one. It’s perfect for a bit of day sparkle (I always instantly get girl crushes on girls that pull off effortless day eyeshadow like this one), or for an effortless evening eye look with a bit of liner and lippy and that.

Basically, now that I’ve remembered it exists I’m going to wear it every day. Not even soz.


7. Homemade bircher

I love road trips, mostly because it means we can stop at Starbucks en route and scoop up coffees and bircher pots (although yes, Prets is yummy too – but it hasn’t *quite* reached Ipswich or the rest of Suffolk yet…). So after voting this morning all I could think about was eating a bircher pot, after four days of eating blah toast and butter for breakfast, it seemed like the dreamiest treat for what’s my Fiday, cos of the wedding and all that stuff I explained earlier.

So I Googled how to make it myself, I looked at a few recipes and a few pictures and tried to make it as true to my original one true Starbucks love.

I left some oats (no idea how much, maybe like a mug full?) in about 100ml of apple juice to soak for an hour. Then I stirred in cherry yoghurt until I was happy that what I had in front of me no longer looked like porridgey-sludge (I bloody HATE HATE HATE porridge. And rice pudding. And semolina. Ewww.) Then I grated in two apples. Then I topped it with a couple of walnuts, some dried raisins and cranberries and some pumpkin seeds and voila – enough bircher for two, and I didn’t even need to leave the oats overnight.

It was yum, I’m already wondering if I can just eat it the rest of it for dinner.


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