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As I’ve sat down to write this post there was a little pang of sadness about how little time I spend in my bedroom.

I’m at home ALL THE DAMN TIME and yet never in bed, in my bedroom. Back when I was a student I’d literally melt into the bed covers and become some sort of goblin character, hiding out in the dark whilst sweating out fumes of stale alcohol and mashed potato and Diet Coke.

And now? Well now I have a desktop computer rather than a laptop (so no *working* days from bed whilst accidentally playing the Sims on the side and taking spontaneous naps) and get this, we don’t have a TV in our bedroom. Sure, sometimes we dive into a bit of Netflix from the iPad, but mostly we get in our TV watching hours from the joy of our sofa, whilst wrapped up in a variety of blankets and duvets, because having your own sofa is such a damn luxury as you get older. That whole not having to share with flatmates thing is AMAZING.

Anyway, back to my boudoir. When I moved in last summer, Chris had got as far as painting the walls two coats of Dulux’s Chic Shadow (and was sleeping – along with all his old bedroom furniture – in the spare room). So it’s been a long old journey trying to make it into something that’s worthy of a few dozen likes on Instagram, let alone as bright and breezy and fresh as anything on Pinterest.

A couple of weeks ago BHS asked me if I’d like to take part in their blogger challenge – which basically meant taking one room in my house, £200 worth of BHS vouchers, and giving that said room a sassy new update.

I said yes because OBVS and went to town putting some new touches on the bedroom, which, if I’m honest, had just sort of been left looking a bit half-hearted and didn’t quite tie together as cutely as the spare bedroom.


So what did I get? First off, these amazing huge grey striped cushions (now only £15 each – so good), which instantly gave the bed a bit more of a hotel vibe, which is exactly what we’re all secretly pining for when we make our beds in the morning, right?

Then I invested in some new good quality bed linen, this fresh white said is not only incredibly comfy to snooze in, it’s SO good that it’s managed to get Rudey back into the habit of sleeping on the bed with us all through the night. Mega cute, but also means you can’t really move in the night without upsetting her, she’s such a diva princess.

One of my favourite pieces was the lamp – the industrial-themed silver and copper one that I’ve perched on top of some books on my chest of drawers. It’s currently reduced down to £64, and OK, I admit it, it’s also currently sitting in my room without a bulb in because who has time to remember to buy bulbs, eh?

I also bought this dreamy circular tray, because I’m a sucker for a tray, even if I tend to use them more for decorative purposes than actually carrying things. Good.

As well as these megz cute glass dishes which I sort of invisioned filling with granola and yogurt and fresh berries and pretending on Instagram like I actually eat breakfast from them. That, and maybe whipping up some cute individual sized portions of dessert for date night.

Finally, I bought a bin. I know, riveting stuff. But it is from the Holly Willoughby range and girl’s gotta have somewhere to put the endless new clothes labels that end up on my bedroom floor? Like seriously, what? I swear I hardly have any new clothes, where have they come from?

IMGP2914IMGP2918IMGP2930bedroom snapsIMGP2971


I feel like the pieces I picked are pretty timeless and can be used in pretty much any room in the house, which is a sweet, sweet joy considering I always get bored and like to move things between rooms.

I see those big stripy cushions becoming great floor cushions one day, whilst the tray will be busy serving up glasses of fruity Pimms in the summer – because duh!

I’m not sure what our next step will be when it comes to decorating this room – we’re pretty set for prints, blankets and cushions because I have a small (gigantic, universe-sized) addiction to buying them and I’m not afraid to admit it.

I’d like some more plants, and maybe a photo or two of me and Chris because we have NOT ONE SINGLE ONE IN THE ENTIRE HOUSE. Maybe we should take some selfies or summin, or I dunno – does anyone else have this problem?

Oh and also, what do you think would look babe’in in my room? Don’t recommend anything pink otherwise Chris might have an actual fit and ask me to just move into the spare room (jk, or at least I hope…).


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