Outfit Of The Week: The Best ASOS Jacket In All The Land


I did it: I bought the damn coat.

You might have remembered spying the ASOS beauty in last month’s fashion wishlist, and something mental came over me on pay day and I was like fuck everything, I’m spending seventy damn pounds on a coat even though it’s summer, sort of.

I always do this, I think everyone always does this – come over all fly and rich and like YOLO, I’ll get more money so what does it matter?, on like the few days after you get paid and then you’re like shit, crap, I need that money back to do things like pay for trains (why always trains?) and my phone and life.

So I’m just kinda enjoying that part of my life where I have no guilt over a £70 ASOS slurge. You wait though. Give it a week and I’ll be lying awake at night feel entiwned with anxiety over credit card bills and overdrafts and WHY DID I BUY THAT COAT. Uh huh.

Looks sassy though, right? I love it with my MAC Relentlessly Red lipstick. Such a merry little duo. Recks it’ll look just as snazzy with an orange-red lip too, and, any coat that works perfectly with both of my favourite lipstick shades is a complete hero.

I’ve gone simple with this outfit – Topshop ripped skinny jeans and a white shirt. Although, and mega apols if you’re reading this boyfriend, the shirt isn’t mine, it’s his – mine was all crumpled and was a suspicious blue shade. Although I’m definitely going to pinch his again, so yeah, might want to lock your wardrobe babes.


The cutsie little bag is from Primark and I *think* cost £3. It’s new and I haven’t used it yet, but it’s sweet and versatile and I’m a sucker for a chain bag.

The shoes are seriously old, but they’re M&S and they’re everything that’s right with M&S. They’re leopard, they’re SO comfortable, and they were a bargain £19.50 in the sale last summer. So yeah, they’re not available anymore, soz and stuff.

Back to the coat – it’s heavier and more coat-y than I expected. I sort of thought it might be a bit more blazer-y, but I still love it. It’s the sort of jacket that works well in any Brit wardrobe from about March through to October. It keeps out that weird summer Arctic breeze, and will look super dashing thrown on over spring dresses and sandals on those slightly nippier days. Plus it makes me look chicer than I am, so wins all round really.

OH, and you can get 15% off any Daniel Wellington watch order with code Hannahgale and is valid until 31st May! Yey.

P.S. Soz about the slightly out of focus full length shots, my camera is not in a great place at the moment :(:(:(


Jacket – ASOS, £70

Shirt – Chris’s from Topman

Jeans – Topshop, £38

Shoes – Marks & Spencer (old stock)

Bag – Primark, £3 (new in)

Lipstick – Mac Relentlessly Red, £15.50

Nails – Barry M in Peach Melba, £2.99

Watch – Daniel Wellington, £159



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