Friday Favourites: 1st May 2015


Alright, so I admit it, this week’s favourites does have a bit of a holiday twist. But whatcha gonna do, eh?

I’ve been back in England for two days, and yesterday I had one of those megz productive days that make you feel on top of the world, like *maybe* you could be Hugh Grant as prime minister in Love Actually. I got loads done, and was being a super whizz at multi-tasking, you know when you kind of make it a game? Like OMG I’ve got about 3 minutes until my frying pan heats up, I’mma chop all my ingredients up, empty the washing machine AND fill up the sink. I love days like that where I’m SO on it. Worked til 7.30pm too, which made me feel like a hard worker who deserves this blog and success and all that – not like the fraud I feel like half the time.

I’ve also been a bit poorly, like, I spent Wednesday basically wimpering on the sofa after crashing at a friend’s on Tuesday night as I arrived back to Gatwick too late to get the train back to Ipswich. I mean, I won’t go into too many details about my mystery Egyptian illness, but it’s pretty much just a charming little stomach bug, so make of that waht you will.

I’ve been up since 5.45am (thanks Rudey, thanks Egyptian stomach bug) and have already downed two cups of peppermint tea, two buttery crumpets and two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. I’m watching it on UK time because as a mature grown-up I have no idea how to illegally watch the aired-in-America versions. Shit is getting seriously real, so if anyone has any ideas of how I can watch said season 11 episodes – lemme know (I just Googled to make sure this was the right season and saw the most horrific spoiler headlines of what I pretty much knew was going to happen and now I think I might go curl up and have a large scale breakdown, goodbye).

OK, so…. happier things. I mean, if it’s possible to think of happy things after what my eyes just read. Fuming. Heartbroken. FUCK MY LIFE.


1. Warehouse dress

The good/bad thing about doing a bit of freelance copywriting work at Warehouse last month was that I basically spent about an hour a day salivating at the new stock. So the first thing on my Warehouse COME AT ME wishlist was this dress. I bloody love a tropical print, I do.

I pictured wearing it in Egypt with long blonde waves, a black fedora, black and gold waist belt, black sandals and a bright red lip – so was confused and surprised to find I actually LIKED the tie belt that came with it. I hate tie belts, they’re so rancid, and yet this one, this one just works. I also liked my ponytail hair (which was 2-day old top knot hair crammed with dry shampoo at the roots and hair oil at the ends). So this HAS worked well.

You can also apaz just wear it as like an open shirt jacket thingy, so I’ll be trying that concoction soon too.


2. Piz Buin

I’ve been a long time lover of this sun cream, it’s just so damn perfect. Not only does it somehow work better at making me not do that whole y’know burn thing compared to other brands, it just smells good, and get this get this – has a light shimmer to it which makes you feel about as sassy as a VS model on a beach photo shoot.

I have a photo of me on my computer which our tour guide accidentally took of me whilst trying to work my camera and I’m in a bikini and look a bit like the lovechild of a VS model and a baby whale. So erm, not so sassy now.

OH, and it’s half price in Boots, so yeah, no brainer. And I like the spritz function on the bottle – it doesn’t make the lotion run out as quickly as those snazzy mist bottles but it’s still so much easier to use than accidentally pouring the entire contents into your palm.


3. Chockers heels

Erm, does anyone else see a chic Valentino sort of vibe going on here? I was lucky enough to be able to choose a pair of shoes from the Chockers website and went for these statement dreamboats.

THEY ARE TWENTY FIVE POUNDS. Just look at them, look look look. I wore mine with my boyfriend jeans and loose grey knit and felt so immediately effortlessly cool. Plus, the maze of straps makes your ankles feel megz supported and not like you might crumble and break your ankle should you encounter a pesky pavement pothole, which is always a nice bonus.


4. Dior Star

My babe of a friend Mary Hickey recommended this foundation to me before I trotted off to Egypt and the ajoining Gatwick Airport Duty Free, and OMG so good.

I tried out at least 8 different foundations on the back of my hand from the various counters – Clarins, Chanel, YSL – and nothing felt as RIGHT as Dior Star.

It’s their second heaviest foundation, so it has this incredible coverage and yet, there’s no cakeyness. None of it. It’s so smooth and light for a pretty heavy duty fella and I adore it. As in, yes I paid £26 for it, but it’s my favourite foundation I’ve worn in ages, so just ignore all my previous recommendations.

If you suffer from a few spots and scars and like a good bit of coverage without, y’know, looking like the sort of girl you’d have laughed at as a teenager, this is the sexpot for you.


5. Sabrina The Teenage Witch

It was actually Lily Pebbles who tweeted about watching Sabrina and I was all like WTF WHERE IS THIS TV GOLD? Turns out if you have the basic Sky package (like we do, OMG YES YES YES YES) then you have access to legit classic Sabrina episodes.

It’s on at 9am every day on PopGirl (I just searched for the channel) and I’ve set them up to all automatically record. I was munching on some chicken dippers and smiley faces the day before I left for Egypt (it was one of THOSE days) and happily taking in two episodes I’d never seen before – it was like my dream 10-year-old life happening all over again.

So yeah, thought it was best I fill you in on this exciting rainbow-coloured news.


6. Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit

OK, so I’ve had this budget buy floating about my make-up collection for a little while now. I’d heard good things about it from the bloggersphere, but on the day I attempted to give it a whirl it kinda just left my face looking like I’d had a horrific fake tan accident – the sort the DM would basically wank over.

Anyway, fast forward a month or so, and a bit of sunshine and a bit of gentle tanning, and my face had a totally different response. IT WAS INCREDS. OK, so I’ve just stuck to the dark shade and used a face brush with quite a pointed tip, but it’s totally transformed my make-up and my face, I’m basically Kendall Jenner. Srsly.

I’m just applying my Dior Star with a foundation brush, sticking concealer where there’s something big and hideous emerging from my skin, and then using my contour powder, before finishing with a light dusting of bronzer in the same places I’ve just contoured. It’s dreamy.


7. Makadi Sunwing Waterworld

OK, so there’s a whole post on Egypt coming next week, and heck, this wasn’t even the hotel I stayed in but OMEFFINGGODAMAZING.

There was basically five ajoining hotels at the complex I stayed in near Hurghada, and this was the one next to ours and it HAD A WATERPARK. The photo’s of the kids one which I didn’t have time to have a go on (though I so totally would have done because LOOK AT IT), but I did have gossips on the lazy river, squeal on the flumes and basically have a small heart attack on like, this death slide.

So yeah, had to mention this family-orientated hotel as part of the Red Sea Holiday resort I stayed in because the waterpark pretty much made my life, let alone the whole trip. It was basically like Guildford Spectrum and Thorpe Park had a love child. Yup.


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