Getting New Spring Hair With Wella


Remember back in February when I uploaded a photo of my new brilliant blonde hair to Instagram? Well here’s a sassy little video showing how it went from bleurgh mousey brown frizzball to glossy blonde princess hair all thanks to Wella.

Earlier this year they launched their Couture Colour service which basically means you get a tailored appointment with a stylist who’ll talk you through everything from which colours suit your skin tone (I suit cold colours just FYI, which just goes to prove how aggressively bad my teenage yellow home dye jobs looked) to which colouring techniques suit your personality – uh huh it’s seriously cool. It involves comparing your skin with different pieces of jewellery and coloured card, as well as pouring over Pinterest-style montages to see which themes suit you.

They also use premium products and tools and make the whole appointment feel mega luxurious – it’s the ultimate salon experience,  definitely the sort of treat for when you want a complete hair overhaul, or it’s your birthday, or, well, you just damn deserve some time at the hairdressers.


And the other reason it’s just so insanely incredible is because, well, no-one else can have the exact same hair as you, so that’s always win-win.

I went down to their London studio to trial their new service along with a few other bloggers and vloggers and I’m being serious here – there were actual gasps when my hair was unveiled. Like the good kind of gasps, and my flat, fine, dull hair has NEVER evoked that sort of reaction before. EVER.

I worked with Dan Spiller who was is an insanely talented colourist and we decided that we’d go for a low-key ombre look, using balayage to pull in cool tones of blonde to give my hair a bit of a dreamy spring update.



I have to apologise by the way about the cute pink tone to my eyeballs in the video – it’s a combo of the 5.30am wake up call which always makes me look, err, a bit dead, and the fact that I had about 15 people watching me speak into a microphone which made me want to cry a little bit and made me feel kinda like I was in a year 9 drama class and wanting to melt into the floor a little bit. I need to up my confidence levels, right?

My favourite part about the whole Wella experience is that my hair still looks the same today – nearly three months on. Dan worked to ensure my hair colour was low-maintenance, something that a lot of fellow blondes will understand is megz hard, or WAS megz hard when we were relying on those sexy stripy highlights that grew out within a fortnight.

Some of the other girls opted for red tints or flashes of colour, but I love my casual blonde, it’s exactly the sort of hair I’ve been wishing for since I was about 12 and reading Mizz magazine. Yey to the hey.

Also, I felt a *lot* like a celebrity in a hair advert when I watched this video back and basically I might just hire a videographer to film my entire life and make me look this sassy and cool all the time. So thanks Wella, for making me look way more social media stalkable than I actually am, and also for giving me hair that *could* belong to a mermaid.

Couture Colour is available nationwide in Wella salons now for more info check out the website.

Oh and all photos that aren’t me clearly larking about in my bedroom with my sizzling pink bikini clearing hanging out of my chest of drawers are from photographer Pippa Wilson.

This is a sponsored post but all views are my own, obvs


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