Outfit Of The Week: That Time Another Blogger Dressed Me


Uh, seriously guys, I didn’t dress myself in this post.

OK, that’s a small lie, obviously I put the clothes on myself, but y’know, I didn’t actually pick the pieces I’m wearing, they were chosen by me for the very lovely Lily Kitten as part of a campaign with In Post.

OK, one more small lie. I did choose the sweatshirt and the necklace, mostly because I was chilly on shoot day (the only day I could find time to persuade Chris to come outside and take photos of me for a whole three minutes in the street) and I wanted to give the outfit a spring edge because it’s been so damn sunny recently and this Primark sweatshirt brings so much joy to my life.

Firstly, what is InPost? It’s basically all your posting dreams come true. You know how the Post Office is inconventiently only open when you’re at work, so when you sell off all your life’s possessions you have to queue up along with hald of the UK during your lunch break and it’s sweet hell on earth? Well InPost is basically the other option you didn’t even know existed. they have lockers located across the country (like loads of them – my closest one in Ipswich was the petrol station up the road which surprised me) and all you have to do is drop your package off AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY because it’s 24/7 obvs and use the touchscreen to fill in any details before off loading said parcel into one of the lockers that’ll swing open for you automatically. It literally took me about 17 seconds. IT WAS AMAZING. (I was dropping off an outfit for Lily just FYI, which I’ll share the link to when it goes up on her blog).



Secondly, choosing an outfit for another blogger was the most fun ever. I think it’s something all brands should do. It reminds me of being 8 and picking outfits for my friends to wear whilst perusing Tammy Girl and literally spending all day just going in and out the changing rooms like we were legit in a teen chick flick. I could spend all day surfing the internet looking for cool things and then screengrabbing them and placing them next to each other to construct the dream outfit.

I love the way lily has picked absolute wardrobe staples for me – the pointed New Look boots are the perfect cut and I’d have never picked this Monki coat for myself but it has such an effortless-cool thing going on that I know it’s going to become an instant go-to. Chris very wonderfully told me that it’s the perfect funeral coat, so that’s nice.

But mostly THE BAG. The cat bag of dreams. It’s so unbelievably me and it makes my soul just a little bit happier than it was without it, which is exactly what bags should do.

I’d like to take this moment to apologise for the state of my legs – the sun had gone in which meant I had to brighten these photos a little and it also made my legs a nice neon shade of white, which is particularly flattering and fetching. Silly legs.

So erm, how do we make this styling each other for funsies a thing?


Hat – ASOS, £20

Coat – Monki, £75

Dress – Sister Jane, £43

Jumper – Primark, £6 (current stock)

Necklace – Adorning Ava, £22

Boots – New Look, £24.99

Bag – ASOS, £18 (this one has leopard ears instead)

Watch – Daniel Wellington, £159



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